10 Best websites for finding the song lyrics : Find song by lyrics of the song

Best websites for finding the song lyrics are mentioned here. The power of music has changed completely throughout the ages.  Music completes our life, by adding some color in our bad times. Music encourage us when we are sad or depressed. Listening to music can help us to recall and  increase our learning ability. When we are in our room in the night with dim lights, what do we do? We usually hum or sing a song in a very low voice.  So music plays an important role in our lives. Music is something which is pleasant to the ears and accompanies us in our pain and joy.

If you have craze for music, then listening  and singing the  song will be amazing. Many of us have a hobby of listening and singing songs, then you should visit the websites mentioned below.

10 best websites for finding the song lyrics

Here are the best websites for finding the song lyrics mentioned below:

1. Metrolyrics

Metrolyrics is the best website for song lyrics. You can find the latest releases. It comprises of the  top hit song lyrics. You can also play the song on the website and can catch up the lyrics side by side. So If the music is good, the lyrics will automatically sound good.

music lyricsMoreover, the singer do counts in this field. Metrolyrics is simple to use, you can simply type the song on the search bar and the lyrics will appear.

2. Lyrics Mode

Lyricsmode.com has extensive collection of songs from latest to the oldest songs. You can listen as well catch up the lyrics of any song of your choice. You can discover songs on this site as it shows top 100 songs on its homepage. So if you’re not aware of the latest songs you’ll discover them easily here.

best lyrics siteThis website is good for those who have less time to listen to new songs, they can discover here as well listen to the songs of their choice. The search function is also easy, nice layout  and the site is surrounded by few ads.

3. Let’s Sing It

LetsSingIt.com is the website for song lyrics. You can search the song in the search bar, not only the song but you can search the song by the artist or lyrics of the song. So it is simple and easy to find the song lyrics on this website. Many of us have a hobby of listening to retros, classical, blue, anime etc. So this website has access to each and every type of songs.

best lyrics websiteThis website also provides workout tracks, we always need some background music whenever we do exercise or go for running. Music helps us in our fitness activities.

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4. Lyrics

This one here presents you with clean, impressive websites with minimal ads. You can find each and every feature of the music here. You can find the songs by the artist and the lyrics. Even the artist biography, discography and pictures are available.

song lyricsIt is the best place to find out the lyrics for every song. Latest songs, top hit and most popular songs are displayed here. When you listen to the songs with good lyrics, your mind remains in a moderate state and free from stress and anxiety.

5. Lyrics Planet

Lyrics planet has its best feature in the lyrics of old songs. The homepage of this site also has access to latest and top hits. So, you can go to the search bar and search any kind of music. This site also presents few ads, links to other sites and Billboard top songs.

search song by lyricsListening to the songs, may help you with sleep quality. As songs makes our mind relax and freshen up our souls. Whenever we have bad mood, we prefer to listen songs to feel fresh.

6. Lyricwikia

Lyricwikia offers you a wide collection of song’s lyrics. You can search any song in the search bar, by song title, artist, album or any genre of the music. This best music lyrics search engine also offers the cover picture of the artist that you are looking for the song.

best music lyrics search engineThis site also presents the music chart of the genre or any album. The users can also sign up as this site is  wiki. And it is easy to use the wiki approach.

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7. AZLyrics

AZLyrics the name itself suggest that this website has every lyrics of the song starting from A to Z. This best song lyrics search engine has all the song categories like Punjabi songs, telugu song, English songs and more.

best song lyrics search engineYou can search any song on this website and you have the results with you. Singing songs on a regular base will enhance your learning and verbal skills . And also enhances your verbal intelligence.

8. Lyrics Mania

LyricsMania is  the popular website among the song’s lyrics. There are more than one million songs feature on this site. The site focuses not only on finding the words to songs, but also listening, watching, and background music.

find song by partial lyricsThis site has clean design on the lyrics page. Music brings positivity in our lives. Furthermore, music entertains us while driving and traveling.

9. Song Meanings

Sometimes we are unable to catch the lyrics of some songs, because they are deep. There is nothing to worry about. You can go to the website named “Songsmeanings” and can search the lyrics of that particular song.

find me a song by lyricsThis website also allows the users to give feedback about any issue related to the website. Whenever we are depressed, the only thing that boost our soul is when we listen to our favorite songs.

10. Lyrics on demand

This one here presents the best lyrical songs. And has some cool features like search option, recently played, now playing and the lately played. There are various types of music you can listen to. This site also provides you to search your song by the album, artist, lyrics and you can also search it with the bio of the artist.

search music lyrics by words in songThis site also provides the latest news about the songs and the upcoming song videos. So that’s a cool feature about this website.

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