How to control anger?

How to control anger? : Here is the answer. In this article we are going to discuss about 15 best tips to control anger. You can use below mentioned best anger management tips to control your anger. Anger is a natural emotion which is experienced by everyone at some point of time. Experts describe anger as a responding emotion against a wrong doing or any action that is unacceptable by a person.

It can be wanted or even unwanted sometimes. We can even get angry when we feel irritated and not just this; anger can be a response after spending some time with stress and frustration.

Our actions and words when we are angry can affect the person near you. Usual ways of showing anger are seen as threatening, shouting or even as hurting oneself and the persons near you. So, it’s important for you to understand how to control anger issues?

When we get angry, the left hemisphere of our brain gets more stimulated and the cortisol level decreases. Other than this, the heart rate and testosterone production increases with increase in arterial tensions. Some people gets uncontrollable when they are angry, therefore anger management becomes really important for them.

15 Best tips to control anger

Anger management is a process of controlling anger and managing the ways to control it. Here are 15 best tips to control your anger:

1. Breathe

Whenever a person gets angry, the breathing becomes shallow and it speeds up gradually. In order to control your anger, there is a need to reverse this process. Therefore you must start breathing slowly and you should take up long breathes that too for several times.

how to control your angerThis will heal up your anger and all the instabilities in the body will get stabilize. Breathing is considered by the experts as the best way to getting your anger in control.

2. Distract yourself

Distraction has proved to be very important in anyone’s life. There comes a situation in life where we need to lose focus from one point of life for better.

how to control anger outburstsSimilarly there is a need to distract yourself to control your anger. People use various tricks to distract themselves, some of which are:

  • Start counting down to 50 or up to 50
  • Go for a walk
  • Observe nature and its components
  • Follow your hobby for sometime

Distraction from angrily situation calms mind refreshes your brain and makes you feel relaxed.

3. Exercise and meditation

Exercise makes a man fit. Meditation keeps a person calm and relieves stress. In order to manage your anger, one needs to perform exercises and meditations. This is one of the greatest advantages of exercise. Daily exercises make a person stress free.

how to control my angerThe contribution of only one or two hours in exercises can relieve stress and anxiety. There are many benefits of doing exercises, greatest one of which is anger management.

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4. Listen to music

Music is considered to leave fervent effect on your mind soul and body. It has a profound effect on all types of emotions specially anger, stress, depression etc. Soothing music gives you inner peace and fills your life with joy. It is said that there is always a heart string directly attached to music. Music can heal all your problems.

how to control anger and stressMusic sets Your Mind free from all types of tensions. Listening to your favorite music keeps you relaxed and makes you enthusiastic. Angry person have a very fast heartbeat therefore in order to slow down this fast heartbeat one can listen to music. Not just this, the hormone mismanagement when a person is angry is also improved with the help of music.

5. Stay quiet and take a time out

Whenever a person is angry it becomes uncontrollable to not to speak harsh words. Therefore, the experts believe that whenever the anger hits you, you must stay quiet and stop talking. This gives you time to collect your thoughts and formalize the situation and give it an appropriate end.

how to control anger issuesTaking a break is really important for anger management. In this time out you can think about the situation and gain more clarity about everything.

6. Write

Some people are in habit of writing down each and every moment of their life. This is also a technique of Anger Management.

how to control anger and frustrationOne can pen down his/her thoughts on a piece of paper to exhale out emotions. The main motive must be to express out emotions.

7. Follow what gives you joy

Following your hobbies provides you eternal happiness. Doing what makes you happy can provide ultimate joy to your soul. It can be in any form like singing, dancing, reading, studying etc. Everyone has one unique power or talent.

anger management tipsThe person who is angry and needs to manage anger must follow his/her hobbies. Art is considered to be an ultimate solution to all kind of problems out of which Anger Management tops the list.

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8. Forgive

Forgiveness is considered as a great action of empathy. This technique is quite hard but can give you stress free and joyful life. Forgiving and moving on with a smile provides you great piece of satisfaction.

anger managementForgiving someone needs a great courage and emotional skill if you can’t go for that, pretending to forgive can also be an option to set your mind free from stress. This can make you feel your anger to slip away from your head.

9. Understanding perspectives

There are always two ways to a situation, one way can be right and other be wrong but this can also happen that both the ways are correct in their own ways. In anger a person loses his control over his mind but for anger management one needs to take some time and think about the whole situation in a different manner because this may also happen that the other person whom you think is wrong may have a strong reason for what their action was. Therefore understanding other people perspective is an important step for anger management.

anger issuesUnderstanding other people’s perspective can give you a different story of the same situation and you can gain a new understanding about the situation.

10. Laugh and talk to a friend

Friendship is the most pure relation that we choose in our life. Talking to your friend can make you relaxed. Therefore, whenever you feel disturbed or you feel to be stuck in a situation, you connect to your friend for solution. Therefore, for anger management talking to your friend can be a great option to reduce anger because whenever you talk to friend you share laughs and moments of joy.

how to deal with angerA friend can make you realize if you was at any wrong side or can also make you realize your wrong moves.

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11. Rehearse your point and get immediate solution for it

Blasting in anger can lead to problems in your life therefore to prevent this, rehearse your point in your mind before you speak anything to the other person. This rehearsing time prevents you to speak anything that you should never say because at the time of anger you do not have control over your words. Another advantage of rehearsing your point is that you get time to clarify your thoughts.

ways to control angerAnother technique for anger management can be to find an immediate solution to the situation if two people have that understanding to connect to each other and solve the situation, the anger will not come up.

12. Therapy

Anger Management can be done by the help of any expert, doctors or an expertise person like counselors who can guide you to the right path away from anger. The expert can show you some excellent ways of getting out and controlling your anger in any situation.

how to deal with anger issuesGenerally, therapy is advised to those persons who you have great problems with their anger Management.

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13. Sleep well

Sleep has proved to be a perfect asset to any problem. A good sleep can heal all your tensions. It is advised to many people by the therapist to take care of getting an appropriate sleep. A good sleep relaxes your mind and controls your anger.

how to control temper issuesA sleep deprived person is usually seen to have problems with anger management and are seen to have stress and depression problems.

14. Prioritize your emotional asset

Expressing every emotion is not necessary. Also, outburst of anger in front of those who doesn’t care for your point of view and emotion can make you more aggressive. You should take care of your own emotions.

ways to deal with angerThink about what triggers your anger and why it heats up the situation. Get command over yourself and manage your anger accordingly.

15. Negate the negativity

Throw all the negativity out of your life. The proper anger management can only be done by negating out the negativity and negative people out of your life. You must ignore hanging out with the people who my you feel angry or who can trigger you.

how to calm angerAccept positivity and positive people who help you in managing your anger other than triggering it.

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