How to improve English speaking skills at home in 2020?

How to improve English speaking skills at home? : Here is the answer. In this article we are going to discuss about 10 ways to improve English speaking skills at home. English is an extremely important language in today’s era. In this generation of high competition, English proficiency is an integral advantage. Both written and spoken English are equally important. While writing the correct grammar and sentences, speaking skills also matter a lot. Your pronunciation, sentence structure, syntax, each and every thing is noted whenever you go for interviews in multinational companies. English fluency always gives you an edge whenever you meet and greet people. People who have greater knowledge of languages are always one step ahead of people with only theoretical knowledge of their subjects. This article focuses on ten ways that you might use to improve your English speaking skills while sitting at home.

10 Ways to improve English speaking skills at home

Here are the 10 best ways to improve English speaking skills at home mentioned below:

1. Watch shows/movies with English subtitles

Try watching out for movies or television shows with subtitles. With improved listening skills come good speaking skills. Listen carefully and practice alongside the dialogues. The subtitles help you in learning correct pronunciations and spellings of words that are used in the featuring.

how to improve englishWatching Hollywood movies with subtitles can be extremely useful in learning the meaning of words that you listen. This way is quite helpful in improving all your speaking skills and listening skills along with your pronunciations and grammar.

2. YouTube lessons

YouTube is available all across the globe. Through YouTube one can learn new words, word meanings and it can be an aid for practicing your speaking skills. YouTube’s online classes are a new way of learning and practicing things.

how to improve english speakingIt has an extremely reliable and authentic teaching ways that may help you to learn and revise your speaking. YouTube will always be beneficial as you can repeat things and learn them without any particular time restrictions.

3. Music

Listening to your favorite English songs and humming them continuously can be of great help in managing your accents, pronunciations and help you keep your speaking skills on point. Reciting your favorite songs can make you speak English fluently and accurately with a great pace.  Read, recite and repeat the process each day everyday with a new song to help yourself learn the words and how to speak them.

how to improve spoken englishIt is a beneficial process to learn a new language. While the audio stays for longer time in your mind, it also helps you to improve your speaking skills.

4. Mirroring and practicing

Always practice your songs, dialogues, sentences and every speaking thing in front of the mirror. Make the mirror your best friend. Practicing in front of the mirror helps you boost your self confidence and is a very beneficial way of learning speaking when your are all by yourself and you are your own teacher.

how to improve my englishMirroring helps you increase your fluency and helps you to be presentable and precise with your speaking.

5. Read aloud

Find new and small articles and read them aloud. Reading aloud is the most important and a recognized way to learn, develop or improve any language speaking skills. Reading aloud and reading full sentences can help you speaking with correct grammar. It minimizes errors bases on tenses and syntax.

how to improve english speaking skills quickly at homeIt helps you understand the phonetics and usage of words. Reading aloud also makes you understand the pace with which you must speak or use the punctuation. It also tells about sufficient pauses that need to be taken or avoided.

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6. Mobile Applications

While ninety percent people have a smartphone with an access to internet connections, mobile apps can be highly useful in learning to speak English fluently. Mobile apps help you learn language free of cost and through the scratch.

how to improve your english speaking skillsIt teaches you to improve your speaking skills while you are at home just be a matter of few clicks.

7. Converse

Speaking freely with people around you can help you improve your fluency. Hosting dinners and parties with your social circle and making it a point to converse only in English can help you learn about the language with others a d help you improve. While conversing with people you can understand the mistakes you make while speaking and also improve your existing skills.

how to improve english speaking skills at homeIt is a very useful way of practicing and implementing the things that you have learnt. You can also converse and talk to yourself in English. Thinking and speaking in English will help you improve your skills.

8. Try Tongue twisters

Tongue twisters are sentences or phrases that may rhyme and are difficult to speak because they have similar sounding words and are to be spoken extremely fast. Sentences such as “Betty bought a butter but the butter was bitter so Betty bought a new butter to make the bitter butter better” are popular tongue twisters.

how to improve spoken english skillsSpeaking them fluently in a good pace can help you improve your speaking skills. Tongue twisters are helpful in providing an aid to speak similar sounding words faster and fluently. It is an old yet trusted way to improve.

9. Learn, speak, write and repeat

Learn a new word or a new phrase everyday. After learning something new each day form sentences and speak your sentences trying to use the correct grammar. After forming sentences and speaking them out, try to write and form short stories or diaries and then read them aloud.

how to improve english at homeYour own work will help you grasp better and understand better while you will also get to know your mistakes. Repeat the process until you think you have now gotten enough speaking proficiency of the language and how to speak it.

10. Practice

Remember that “practice makes a man perfect”. Practice as much as you can and always try to learn new things. There is no age bar or limitations of learning.

how to improve my communication skills in englishEach day if you practice and repeat and speak whatever you have learnt, there is no doubt that you won’t be able to learn or improve your speaking skills.

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The article though written through a subjective point of view is only aims at suggesting existing, used and trusted ways to improve your speaking skills. While some people might find it hard, some might find it easy. However, always remember nothing is impossible and you need to give your cent percent when you wish to learn or/and improve anything especially your language speaking skills. Remember, process and efforts are always very important and will always give you your desired results sooner or later.

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