How to quit smoking and drinking alcohol in 2020?

How to quit smoking and drinking alcohol? : It’s answer is here. “Alcohol consumption and smoking cigarette is injurious to health. It causes cancer”. One of the most famous lines you can see or hear in the starting of the movie or on cigarette packets etc. These are termites to our health which can slowly eat us up and leave us with nothing but with a sudden death. Around 84% of people in the world are addicted to smoking and drinking alcohol because people want to get satisfied temporarily. These things affect our liver, heart, pancreas, raise our blood pressure, cholesterol level etc but then too they are consumed because of their irresistible cravings. In a recent survey it was seen that ratio of people dying because of alcohol and smoking was more than the people who died naturally. These results are shocking but unfortunately this is the bitter truth of our world. People who are addicted to smoking are slowly heading towards a terrible end but if you want to get recover, if you want your life back then here are some ways by which you can escape from these bad habits.

How to quit smoking cigarettes?

Here are the best ways to quit smoking mentioned below:

1. Have positivity in yourself

Anyone can be addicted to smoking if he/she is going through immense stress and pain. No matter how depressed you are you should share your feelings with your parents, your friends, your teachers etc. you should not approach bad company because they will definitely drag you in the web of smoking.

how to quit smokingIt is a big myth that smoking helps fighting stress rather it is that friend who will always try to push you towards death; it can never help you to fight your anxiety issues. Before you start smoking you should thing about your family, their emotions and most importantly you should think about yourself.

2. Don’t lose hope

It might be difficult sometimes to get back your original confidence or original health by quitting smoking but you should always have courage in yourself to achieve that goal. Meet those people who got success in quitting smoking. Read and listen to their inspirational stories this will encourage you not to lose hope.

best way to quit smokingTry to deviate your mind from smoking to things which are full of happiness. Engage yourself every time in some work so that you cannot thing about smoking. Spend quality time with your family by visiting some good places and be happy.

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3. Talk to a doctor

Consulting a doctor can be a revolutionary step for you in terms of quitting smoking. Doctor can be a good listener as well as a good consultant for you; he will give the best advice on this which might help you.

tips to quit smokingYou can various medicines from a doctor like nicotine gums, lozenges etc. these medicines will help you fight symptoms like smoking cravings, frustration, anger, anxiety, depression, headaches etc. Doctor will keep a strict check on you which you yourself cannot do.

4. Throw cigarettes from everywhere

There is a possibility that you might have kept some cigarette packets in your car, bags, workplace, your clothes, behind the TV, under the table etc. remove it from everywhere. Cigarette packets might tempt you to smoke so it is important to take care not to deviate your mind towards cigarette.

ways to quit smokingEncountering a cigarette packet can ruin all your efforts to quit smoking. Your effort will pay you nothing if you started smoking again.

5. Be a part of anti-smoking community

Smoking is very injurious to health and by being a part of anti-smoking community can help you to quit smoking. These types of communities can inspire you a lot as there are various other people also who can share their experience of smoking and can share how they quit smoking.

how to quit smoking cigarettesFrom these communities you can come to know many ways to prevent smoking. You can create your own community and can inspire other people as well.

How to quit drinking alcohol?

Here are the best ways to quit drinking are mentioned below:

1. Talk to your dear ones

Drinking alcohol is a very serious issue and if someone is around you who is suffering from this or if you yourself is a victim then don’t hesitate to talk about it to your near and dear ones. It might be a bit awkward but atleast after it you won’t be fighting this battle alone.

how to quit drinking alcoholHave a sense of comfort to tell your current scenario to the people who care about you; this will help to fasten up your recovery for good health. These people will understand your feelings as they are concerned for you.

2. Remove all the alcohol stock

When you are trying to move on or you are trying to forget alcohol in that case if suddenly you encounter alcohol it might be possible that you start getting attracted towards it again. Its cravings might encourage you to forget your improving health and consume it more.

how to quit drinkingAlcohol not just kills a person but it affects a whole family. It is possible to get your life back but the only condition is to remove all the alcohol stored anywhere.

3. Avoid places where there is alcohol

It is good to socialize, to meet new people, have fun with your family and friends but if you are addicted to alcohol and you want to quit drinking then bars and clubs are not the desired places for you to visit. Visiting such places and having alcohol in front of you can be very tempting.

tips to quit drinkingIt can destroy your efforts towards quitting alcohol. Struggling for life is better than accepting death. Have some courage in yourself, have confidence that you can quit drinking.

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4. Improve your company

Many times it is seen that people got addicted to drinking because of their friends or the type of company they have. Say a big NO to these friends, they don’t deserve to be your friends because they are the ones who risked your life.

best way to quit drinking alcoholDrinking and such type of friends are temporary happiness which might fly after some time but true friends and your good health are your permanent partners; they will never leave you in any situation. So change your bad company to good company.

5. Install anti-drinking apps

These apps are basically designed to connect those who want to get sober or in recovery from alcoholism. Their motive is to rescue people from their situation so that they can again live their life in a better way. On these apps you can share your thoughts, feelings, struggles etc related to your addiction.

how can i quit drinkingYou can also track your progress on these apps. These apps are free for both android and iPhone. Some of these apps are Sober Grid, Sobriety Counter, Nomo, Alcodroid Alcohol Tracker, I Am Sober, Happify, and Coach.Me etc.

So these were some ways by which you can quit smoking and drinking.

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