Sites like GoDaddy of 2020 : 10 Best GoDaddy Alternatives for Domains and Hosting of 2020

Sites like GoDaddy can help you in buying domains and hosting plans at cheaper prices. There are many other similar sites like GoDaddy that people use to buy domain names and hosting plans that also provide good customer service. So, I thought I must tell you about some best GoDaddy alternatives for domain names and hosting plans that you can also use to get great deals while creating and developing a website.

The world is constantly changing and so are its markets. We are adapting according to it as no matter what spiritual motivators tell you, money is honey. Everyday entrepreneurs from all over the world are thinking of launching a startup company to prosper in the world market. The struggle to find a registrar has been made very simple and easy with the help of the internet. Nowadays you can find hundreds of online portals that will help you find a suitable domain name for your very own website. A domain name is the other name for an address. Just as every house has an address, every licensed website should have a domain name of its own. Below is an article that comprises of a list of 10 online registrars that you can use to buy a domain name for your website.

10 Similar Sites like GoDaddy

Here are some other similar sites like GoDaddy that you can use to buy domain names and hosting plans at cheaper prices. These best domain selling sites like GoDaddy can be used as GoDaddy alternatives for domain names to get a domain name right now.

1. Dream Host

It can be understood that buying a domain name can be a hectic task. However with the help of Dream Host such tasks can be completed in a jiffy. It lets you use a control panel for managing bills and tech support.

other sites like godaddy

You can use Dream Host to operate websites that only run on an Ubuntu operating system. Charges are very less and you also get to enjoy a domain renewal service with the website.

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2. Host Gator

With Host Gator you can easily host web services for third party websites. A user is allowed an unlimited bandwidth service so that you receive maximum opportunity to spread the word as far as possible. It offers 3 kinds of plans for beginners, professionals and eCommerce stores.

web hosting sites like godaddy

With easy to use interface, Host Gator also offers great decent reseller plans. It is one of the best sites that entrepreneurs can use with ease of access.

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3. My Hosting

If you are looking for services for shared hosting, this is not the site for you as My Hosting only caters to small personal websites. It will provide help to you based on the kind of operating system you have.

similar sites like godaddy

My Hosting is also known for its unbelievable charges per year. It has gained much popularity in the recent years because of its cheap plans. If you have access to Microsoft Exchange, you will receive virtual servers and e-mail services.

4. Name Cheap

People often use Name Cheap as an alternative to GoDaddy. If the question is why one should choose the services of this website, it is because they the website can be thoroughly used in case you want to host your private e-mail or host third party websites.

godaddy alternatives

Registering on this website comes with a minimum charge that is way cheaper than what any other online registrar has to offer in today’s market. You can avail a plan ranging from a year to 5 years as well.

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5. Fat Cow

Why should you use Fat Cow? This can be answered keeping in mind the two most important factors that almost every buyer has in mind. It offers you absolutely free registration services along with free domain transfer services. Moreover using Fat Cow means better control and flexibility over your domain.

best godaddy alternatives

The website offers unlimited bandwidth for use once you register and has a stock of hundreds of templates to choose from before you set your domain name. In case you are wondering about mailing services, Fat Cow offers unlimited mailboxes for making your experience worth remembering.

6. iPage

The best reason to use iPage is you can build and market your website as it grows. There are a certain number of services that iPage offers you absolutely for free for earning your trust. With the help of the website you get free domain name registration, 30 day cash back guarantee, free e-mail address and web building tools along with the access to hundreds of useful apps online.

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With the help of iPage you can also monitor and track your business transactions. There are plenty of other reasons to use iPage which surface only when you register.

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7. Gandi

Gandi is pretty strict when it comes to the selection of domain names for your website. Its powerful algorithm identifies any offensive word or phrase that you may use as your domain name and will readily discard it. But using Gandi has its own perks.

best alternatives to godaddy

Once you visit the website you will come across a multitude of domain names all with an assorted price tag attached to it. This is because Gandi lets you do a full comparison check in case you have trust issues. Another interesting fact about the website is that it allows you to resell your domain absolutely free of cost.

8. Name

This American online registrar can help you create your very own website as well as register a domain name for it. You can sign up on this website to receive free notifications, good discounts and several other products online.

godaddy domain alternatives is an ICANN accredited online domain registrar that looks after your privacy and provides necessary tools that can help you build a website, execute web hosting operations and it also offers provides you with free SSL certifications.

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9. Hover

There are a lot of things that you can do by using Hover. First of all, Hover lets you choose from more than a hundred extensions, hence, making it possible to choose any kind of domain name according to your preference. Secondly, Hover lets you create your very own e-mail address which you can use to send mails to other companies and also to your clients. Thirdly, not just creating a domain name but also personal homepages and access to portfolio tools is among the services that Hover offers you when you register on their website.

alternatives to godaddy domain registration

It is also known for extending its support to other people and organizations who aim at bringing change through the Internet.

10. Green Geeks

Green Geeks promises to be one of the best, fastest, most secure and eco-friendly online registrars to exist among the hundreds of websites on the Internet. It offers a number of hosting services including WordPress, Shared, VPS and Reseller platforms.


The website assures to return back 3 times the power consumed in the form of renewable energy. For faster page loading and to ensure maximum redundancy, the website uses SSD Storage arrays.

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