What are some home remedies for headache? : Top 10 Home Remedies

What are some home remedies for headache? :The natural home remedies for headaches are explained here. When a lot of home remedies are suggested for a disease, that means it can be cured. There are different home remedies for every disease but they can only be done if they are at small level. Sometimes for our stomach infection, headaches, sinus and for skin problems we often try some remedies to get rid of them. you can also read articles and some ayurvedic books, where you’ll get all the remedies for all the diseases. And they are really helpful and effective. If you continue it for like a weak, you’ll definitely get good results.

Headache is a common problem that is felt by every human on this planet. The main reason of headache can be lack water or food and if you take a lot of stress and tensions. Usually people have tension headaches because many of us take tensions and overthink a lot. That leads to tension headaches. There are remedies which we can try to get the relief. Here some of the remedies mentioned below. You can have a glance.

10 home remedies for headache

The 10 natural home remedies for headaches mentioned below:

1. Have ginger tea

When you have severe headache, sip some ginger tea. And you will feel a little bit relief from your headache. Ginger roots contains some naturally occurring oil which is good for our health. Ginger not only helps in headache but also is a good source for reducing nausea and vomiting. Also helpful in improving stomach performance, helps in digestion and fight respiratory problems.

natural remedies for headachesNothing can beat cold and headache better than ginger tea. you can even add honey and some peppermint in your tea that will give a good taste to your tea.

2. Acupressure

Acupressure is same as acupuncture. But acupressure is done without needles whereas acupuncture is done with needles on some acupressure points. So when you have headache, you can try acupressure. With acupressure, pressure is applied to some body points to get the relief. Use your right thumb and index finger and place it between the space in  your left hand thumb and index finger. And press it for like 4 to 5 minutes.

home remedies for headache due to gasYou can practice this several times a day. And you will definitely better. So you can try acupressure when you have headache.

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3. Proper sleep

Sleep plays an important role in maintaining our health. An eight hour sleep is necessary for our body. Too much sleep can also trigger headaches and will make you lazy. If you have a good sleeping schedule then there are several benefits to your body system. Your immune system will be working in a proper way and you’ll have a good metabolism.

home remedies for severe headacheA good sleep can improve concentration and this will help you when you perform yoga. And some yoga asanas are helpful in headache. You can do yoga when you have headache. This will give you relief from headache.

4. Drink water

Drinking water is not only good for skin but also helps in recovering headaches. Water can heal the pain and most of the people have headaches because of dehydration or they are empty stomach. Drink water as much as you can and never get empty stomach, empty stomach will definitely rise up to give you headache. To prevent headaches, stay hydrated and have good meal. Moreover, to prevent migraine drink more and more water and water-rich foods.

home remedies to get rid of headachesYou can also drink some healthy drinks like coconut water, juice etc. Migraine suffers are more sensitive to dehydration. A lack of water can cause blood to become thicker which will give rise to blood pressure. When you drink adequate water, your body maintains the blood pressure.

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5. Get some coffee or tea

You can have a cup of coffee or tea when you are suffering from severe headaches. As coffee contains caffeine, and excess of caffeine can affect your brain. Caffeine helps in preventing headache. It also helps in migraine and can bring you relief in minutes. Excess of caffeine can also cause headache and caffeine can cure your headache too. So it’s good to take a cup of coffee but not in excess. Moreover, caffeine is good for heart. It strengthens your heart muscle cells.

home remedies to cure headacheIt can also help your body more easily to get rid of the pain. You can not addict yourself to caffeine, as this will directly give impact to your brain.

6. Try massage therapy

You can do this step by your own. Give a gentle massage to your head, you can either use some oil or balm to get relief. Massage treatment can be made on a regular basis as it will give your body a optimum level of relaxation.

instant home remedies for headacheYou can also focus on neck, shoulders and head obviously, massage will decrease your pain and will give you relief from headache. Giving head massage will also reduce sleep disruption and muscle spasms.

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7. Exercise

Exercise plays an important role in our life. Doing exercise will keep your mind and soul free and fresh. And when your soul is free that is no tension, no stress and all. Your body will be free from  diseases like headaches, heart problems, stomach issues etc. Whenever you feel the symptoms of headache or even migraine, you may start meditating.

headache treatment at homeMeditation will freshen up your soul and will give you relief from pain. You will start gathering  positive vibes and you will remain healthy. Exercise will promote better circulation in the body and will keep the body in a healthy state.

8. Dim the lights

Sometimes, during headache we do not want lights, loud music and no excursion. Whenever you have headache, try to dim your lights and rest in a dark room. This will give relief from pain. There are certain people who are sensitive and should take care of such things.


best home remedy for headacheYou can take medicines or some kind of pain killers which will give you relief from it. Furthermore, you should work less on the computer screens when you have headache, as the lightening of the screen will give rise to your headache.

9. Use a compress

Both ice and heat can help in pain. For tension headaches, you may prefer warm compression and for migraine, you may go for cold compression. If it doesn’t suits you, you may switch it either. You can keep the ice pack on you head for 15 minutes and then put it off. And can repeat it until you feel better. If you don’t have ice pack, you can keep 4 or 5 ice cubes in a handkerchief in a small bundle and gently keep it on your head. For warm compression, you may use heating pad.

ways to get rid of a headache without medicineYou can use the heating pad either on your neck or on the back of your back. This will give you relief. You can also use hot water bottle for the same. This will definitely give you relief from the pain.

10. Take a break

Leave everything in which you are indulge. Relax yourself, drink water and have something to eat. Lie down in a dark and quiet room, where there is no disturbance. Give your body some rest. Sleep for a while, sleep will give ease to your pain. If you are at your work place, you can put your head down on your desk. Leave your work for some time. And relax.

natural home remedies for headachesDrink water as much as you can, dehydration also give rise to headaches and eat something. This will give you ease from headache.

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