What do women want in a relationship?

What do women want in a relationship? : Here is the answer. Relationships are not that easy to handle as it may seem like. As the word suggests,” a Relation” is created always when there are two people who want to make a bond of love and friendship. A relationship cannot happen if it is one-sided, it has to be from both sides to call it a relationship. Relationships are built on trust, love, care, Happiness which has to be preserved and polished. You cannot put orders on someone else by giving it the name of relationship or love.

There are certain expectations when you are together in a relationship and they somehow tend to only grow and this is how life works out. Probably it is not important that the other person will be able to stand on those expectations all the time, at times you have to tell them as well. The other person is not aware of what you are expecting from them to do, there is no harm in telling them or maybe guiding them, this isn’t a movie but an actual life scene.  At times it is said that don’t expect much so that you won’t feel hurt in the end, but this cannot happen when you are with someone there are expectations but you can just control on those which you are already aware of that this person might not be able to stand on them.

What do women want in a relationship?

In the case of women, they have a huge list of expectations from their men, and not everything can happen.  To understand “What do women want in a relationship?” read the below mentioned points. Following are a few things which talk about what women want in a relationship.

1. No Formalities

When you are in a relationship do not make it to that extent where you do things for each other yet they seem to like to be a mere formality. When you make the other person feel that I am doing this, or I am doing that for you will make her seem like it’s not something he is doing from his heart but just for the sake of doing it.

what women wantShe will not complain if you just tell her that you cannot do it. Do not let formalities get in between your relationship, they tend to spoil one.

2. Respect Each Other

When in a relationship, you must not forget this element of respect for each other. Everyone on this planet should be respected and a woman expects a lot from her man that he should be the one who should respect her no matter what others do.

what do you want in a relationshipShe believes in the fact that he will stand for her as she will stand for him throughout. Being respectful to each other helps you being respectful to each other’s work as well.

3. Give her attention

You have to agree on this fact that women require more attention then men do. They need to be felt secured and wanted by their men, all these things are a resemblance of love for them and they feel obliged about it.

what women want in a relationshipWomen, however, are of two kinds who is much outspoken and other who is an introvert so probably there are chances that she will not mention about wanting attention from her men, but her actions will speak about it. This is when the men have to understand what these actions are for.

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4. Listen To Her

There can be times when you cannot always listen to your partner or are just probably done with listening, but you cannot bluntly tell that on their face because it is heart aching to hear up.

what girls want in a relationshipYou have to give her time so that to listen to her, her talks may not be that interesting you can always end it up by having a mutual conversation but then don’t be a man who cuts the talks in between while she speaks out. A woman loves sharing her things with her man and mostly they are gossips.

5. Have Patience

We all know that women are moody, confusing and at times difficult to understand what they want, so in such a scenario they want their man to be patient enough to understand her up. Honestly, if you want to understand her in that situation then you have to take control over yourself and reconsider upon things on what she wants to say.

what a woman needs from a man in a relationshipThe real point behind this is that everyone has a different way of explaining things out, and probably she is not able to explain herself so in this you cannot be angry at her and tell her to be quiet about it.

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6. Personal Space

Giving out personal space is important in a relationship. Personal space doesn’t have a definition to it, it simply means a small little space to that person where they have privacy for themselves. Personal space can also include the using of each other’s phone, you are in a relationship it does not mean that the other person has full rights over your phone probably certain things in those phone are meant to be between the user of the phone and the person sending it.

what men need in a relationshipA man should respect that personal space and not take on his ego.

7. Show love in unexpected ways

This is a huge problem that people face in a relationship, some men cannot show love to their women but love her to the core. This needs to be understood, probably your woman will understand that you have a problem showing love out but once in a blue moon a small little effort from your side can surprise her in such a way that you cannot even imagine of.

what a woman wants from a man in a relationshipThe small unexpected surprises can bring a huge amount of happiness on her face and you will cherish it yourself.

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8. Speak Up your thoughts

Not speaking up your thoughts to her, will make her think about it for days and days which can result in over-thinking even. A woman wants her partner to speak up even if it is bad for her to hear, she wants such a relationship where they both can speak anything to each other without any hesitations. Well to speak up anything, there should be that amount of understanding as well probably in the beginning that understanding is not strong so you can’t say but then later on to get the bond stronger you should speak up your thoughts as she does.

what women need in a relationshipAlso, it is not important that you can tell her everything and anything you have your things too, so for that, you can make her understand about those things rather than hiding it on her face.

9. A Unique Intimacy

Being intimate as it sounds is not what you are thinking, it is being close mentally, emotionally and yes the one you are thinking physically as well. This intimacy where you both are close to each other emotionally and mentally should be with her only, have that uniqueness. She will not want to hear out those same emotional things from other people because that will not make her feel special if it is just not between you two.

what do women want in bedYou have to understand that what this uniqueness with her regards to you and must value it as she wants to be valued.

10. Vacations

Women love to be on vacations with their partner, you can see the unexpected behavior of her when she is out. Vacations are the best mode to make her happy and understand her deeply. By Vacation it is not necessary that it has to be you two, be with each other’s friends as well- The more, the merrier it is.

what do girls want in a relationshipVacations help in relighting the spark in every relationship which gets a bit dull after a time. This spark is important to survive, where you have the want to be with someone must go all way long. Take her to Vacations, and enjoy the spark she brings into your life.

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Few of the things mentioned above are basic ones to consider when in a relationship but the only thing is that with time people forget about it and then they think that this relationship is not going to work, and it’s getting dull etc. But in the actual situation, they just need a simple reminder about these things and they are good to go. In every relation there is one who is very mature and one who is not so much, it is always the mature one who has to understand the small basic things and speak up. A relationship cannot work if you cannot speak/communicate with one another. You are not strangers to each other that you cannot speak freely, in fact, strangers at a point to speak to each other.

For all those men who think that their woman is not happy when with them consider these things and I am sure that you will see the change as something out of these is missing out. So, I hope you enjoyed this article about “What do women want in a relationship?”.

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