How to attract a beautiful girl?

How to attract a beautiful girl? : The best ways to attract a beautiful girl are mentioned here. The feeling of being attracted towards someone, and you cannot resist yourself from not talking to them, or looking at them is all Human Nature to which some can control and some cannot. The whole situation is like a magnet, where the person to whom you are attracted has strong magnetic vibes and you automatically get pulled towards them. These magnetic qualities can be their physical appearance,  the way they live, or the way they portray themselves or anything. As long as this attraction doesn’t lead in negative ways or can harm the other person it is good, but the moment it turns to be troublesome to anyone of the person you need to recheck on yourself.

Making someone feel attracted towards you is not all the efforts that you have to put in. It is played as a ratio of 80-20, where 80% of efforts are from your side and 20% is from there as well.  Beauty is all about in the eyes of the viewer, and there isn’t any exact definition to it that what is meant by being beautiful. Here are a few tips on how to make a girl attracted to you.

How to attract a beautiful girl?

To know “How to attract a beautiful girl?” read the the below mentioned points. These are the best ways to attract a beautiful girl.

1. Don’t be over Confident

Being confident about yourself is different and being overconfident is different. Boys usually mix up with the two concepts and most girls hate men who are much over-confident about themselves. Confidence helps you to initiate a conversation and not be nervous about it and think of how they have to talk so that awkwardness is not created.

how to attract a girlAs seeing the over-confident boys they speak out anything and that always results in creating out an awkward moment. To start a conversation one must aim at making a comfort zone.

2. Avoid being a boring sports person

Boring men are not at all admired by anyone because then you feel like there is nothing to talk about with that person. You have to confine in that little space which is created by that person. Girls like boys who are much energised when talking because such boys can gain the interest of the other person who is listening to them and that is exactly what you need to be like so that she might get attracted towards you.

how to make a girl attracted to you

3. Do not be Possessive

Showing a possessive nature only makes girls run away from boys. Caring is much different from being possessive, a boy who cannot control his possessiveness cannot handle himself very clearly. No one likes to be chained up and possessiveness acts in such a manner that it makes the other person feel like they are chained up.

how to attract a girl without talkingYou have no right to take away anyone’s freedom, and no one is your puppet so avoid showing any sought of possessiveness towards a girl you admire.

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4. Be a man and not a kid

Girls are said to be more mature than boys, but deep inside the truth is that they are mature from outside but from inside they are a kid at heart. They love being pampered, and not only girls show this side it’s either to their parents or to the one they truly love. To be the love of their life you need to be her man, treat her like her father treats and takes care of her.

how to attract a girl in schoolGirls at times show real tantrums and they can be annoying but not everyone gets to see such tantrums so if a girl shows such tantrums to you understand you are special for her and try to maintain that. Be mature enough to handle the kid inside her, because outside she can manage herself well.

5. Make her Laugh

Have that sense of humour inside you to make her laugh. You don’t have to be her joker, but making her laugh is winning her heart. Laugh is a positive sign of how a person feels about you. A person’s way of laugh tells how much that person is comfortable with us being around.

how to attract girls without talking to themLaugh is a gesture which brings out the positive vibes from a person which brings happiness to others as well. A person who can make other people laugh leaves a positive impact on such people.

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6. Take care of your looks

Taking care of your looks is just not limited to your face, but your whole physique as well. You shouldn’t be looking like those lethargic boys, who walk like slow turtles all the time. No girl would get attracted to such boys, in fact not just girls no one will like to have a conversation with such boys. Get a proper haircut, keep your dressing sense updated such physical appearance do matter.

how to get a girl attracted to you

7. Understand her

When you want a girl to be attracted to you then you should be the one who should understand her at the foremost point. A basic understand needs to be created so that she can trust you and the bond can grow further.

how to attract a girl in chatMere small talks are not going to help build up the trust it is the person if he wants to gain the trust of a girl then he should be supportive and understanding to her no matter what.

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8. Be Yourself

Girls can easily get the knowledge if someone is faking out with them, and that turns into a disaster if she finds it out. Being yourself isn’t a bad thing if you want the girl to show her true interest into you then you should be doing the same as well.

how to attract any girlPlaying around with others feelings is not a joke, not a good thing to do. A person who can do things by being himself has much more power than any other over additions done by the very same person, remember that.

9. Allow her to talk

It should not be that way where the boy is the one who is talking always, and the girl being an introvert is just hearing him out what he has to say. A girl who is an introvert will definitely take her time to open up, so you have to give her that time and comfort zone to open herself and so that she doesn’t feel stick up between all others.

tips to attract a girlAllowing her to talk will make her feel relieved and then when she opens with entirely it become easier to handle.

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10. Preserve that eye-contact

There is always a girl with whom you will have the best eye-contact with. Such eye-contacts say a lot, in fact, at times they bring out the hidden emotions as well. Preserving the eye-contact helps in keeping up with the spark. 80% of the girls are flattered with the eye-contact looks if done properly.

how to attract a girl you likeWith all these tips you can put in your efforts, but then it is entirely upon the girl how she feels with you. Always remember that you cannot force your feelings upon anyone, forcing only results out in a negative way and that person tends to move away from you. It does take a lot of efforts to get someone’s attention but you need to be true at every stage and not play. The biggest hard work of all times is being true to yourself, this increases the respect that you have for yourself and in the end, the others will respect you too.

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There are certain boys for whom it is very easy to attract pretty girls towards them, but then there are who struggle as well. Nothing is that easy in this world, there is always a bit struggle, Attracting a girl towards yourself, understanding her and along with building an emotional attachment all these are much harder than they sound but where there is a will there is away. So don’t give up if you think you are on the right path. Go Ahead!

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