Best website to book travel packages in India in 2020

Best website to book travel packages in India is mentioned here. India, as the preamble says, is a secular country, in fact, the only country where you will find diversity in culture and the way they portray their culture is exceptional. This heritage of India is what attracts the tourist from abroad; the geographical structure of India is in itself remarkable. From the cold snowy mountains of Himachal Pradesh to the peninsular land of Kanyakumari, there is a lot to see and explore. A country with 29 States and 7 Union Territories promoting each religion and cultural practices, with the second-largest population, I wonder what is not there to be seen!

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Everyone needs a vacation, then why go to some other country when you have so much to find out about your own Home Country. Choosing the place is a task and getting the right package for your vacation is one big challenge. The era where IT wasn’t much developed, there used to be a medium a local person in whose contact we used to book our accommodation and what they used to do was keep some amount into their pockets to gain some extra profit, well that is Human Nature! But with the advancement, we have now online websites where we can choose according to our requirements.

No one likes to spend a huge amount on a vacation package and get nothing out of what they expected. To avoid such a disappointment here is a list of all the exciting websites that believe in customer satisfaction and never let down their expectations.

10 Best Websites to book travel packages in India

Here are the best websites to book travel packages in India mentioned below:

1. Make My Trip

Just as the name suggests this website considers your vacation as one of their own as if they are themselves be traveling with you. This site steps into the shoes of the customer and looks at their requirements and accordingly plans out the trip. They are very responsive to customer’s queries and emergencies. They provide out best hotels, transportation facilities according to the type of your trip whether it is a private, official or adventurous trip.

travel packagesIn a scenario of postponing the trips or any cancellation, their assistance is very corporate, unlike the other competing sites; it is much hassle-free. They don’t charge for any kind of cancellation amount as well and the refund is processed quite fast.  You will not regret it when booked from “MMT”.

2. Yatra

This site provides the most affordable bookings be it flight, hotels, bus and train. With its amazing offers on hotel bookings, it compensates in with the travel amount. Yatra is more preferable in terms of reach the destination by flights. It has its good links with the few renowned domestic flights which fly across India.

travel packages in IndiaThis site has exclusive offers never-ending offers not just in the holiday season but throughout the year. If your budget for the trip is not up to the mark then this the best choice you can go with.

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3. Club Mahindra

Mahindra Group is just not limited in its automobile production, it has excellency in providing that perfect family leisure time and extremely remarkable hospitality. Mahindra Holidays and Resorts are well known for giving out perfect Family Packages which provides exciting offers for the kids in the family.

book travel packageClub Mahindra has its membership which provides packages to its members every year. Its 50+ resorts in the best location at vacation sites include all the stay and food giving the best from their side. The Mahindra Group makes the members as their Family and believes in extending out their Family by providing the best of everything.

4. Expedia

It has been a long time since this site came into existence; this agency gives our great offers and cashback on flight bookings. This also covers the booking of domestic/international flights, cruise bookings, car rentals, hotel reservations, and vacation packages.

best travel siteThis site has rarely received any sought of complaints regarding how any of their customers were unhappy with the service that they had provided. This site is much a low key travel agency, doesn’t make hype out of its advertisements.

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5. IRCTC Tourism

This is a Government Enterprise, and you can blindly trust on this one. Mainly it is for the booking or reservation of Indian Railways but it provides travel packages as well and much cheaper airfare. Being a Government Enterprise whatever you book from this site is directly in the hands of the Ministry of tourism, the investment that you make in planning out your vacation goes to the Ministry itself and not to any Private Agencies.

best travel websiteHowever, they do not; provide much Cashback offers or booking offers as much as other private Agencies do.

6. Goibibo

The only company that has offers for those who are solo travelers. This site gives most cashbacks, coupons, and discounts on whatever kind of booking you do.

best travel website in IndiaGoibibo also offers weekend gateways with their promo codes. They provide exciting offers on booking for a bus ticket, keeping in mind the fact that not everyone is expected to travel by air or by car.

7. Thomas Cook

This site provides the extreme and richest quality of services; their packages cover every part of the place that needs to be explored. If you have money why not to spend it and go for this company to have the most lavish vacation of your life.

best travel site in IndiaThis travel website has the best Honeymoon Packages providing the perfect destination to the newlywed couple. It has packages covering the parts of India as the Western Tour, the South Tour, etc. Thomas Cook gives the kind of experience that a person will always remember throughout their lives.

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8. Cleartrip

Cleartrip provides a clear trip to its customers. This company is only limited to traveling and has its best offers in the booking of flights, bus tickets. However, it doesn’t provide that good service when it comes to staying at the destination.

tour packages in IndiaThis company ensures from their side that the customer had a safe and sound journey, and didn’t face any sought of turbulence from the company side.

9. Ixigo

An e-commerce website that is suitable for booking if traveling in India. It is still a growing agency creating as many accessible links as it can. Its main investors are SAIF Partners and Make My Trip Ltd. This website also allows you to have a comparison between the hotels, flights, train tickets, and travel packages as well.

best websites to book tour packages in IndiaIt provides a customized trip planner and itinerary planner so the customers don’t have to face any problems. It’s not only limited to all the branded hotels it has tie-ups with non-branded hotels as well as per the financial convenience of the customer.

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10. Incredible India

Incredible India Tourism is meant to promote tourism in India by providing services all over the world. The Incredible India has been serving since 1998 and has packages from the smallest town to cover the whole of India. Its tie-ups are huge with all the other agencies and hotels as well as the travel agencies.

best sites to book travel packages in IndiaThis is a professional Industry of Tourism which not only provides leisure time but ayurvedic tour packages, adventure trip packages, etc. This industry is also recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

These sites are much helpful in understanding where can we invest our money, they provide an idea of how much the entire vacation will cost because for a middle-class person spending a lump-sum is a big deal and spending it on a wrong place is what hearts the most.

Traveling is an important part of life and no one should miss it to make it accessible for everyone. The Government of India had initiated the platform of “Indian Railways“. The beauty of 29 States should be recognized and preserved; the idea of tourism in each country is the only methodology that helps each country to grow in its economic sectors. That is why there is a need for providing out the best quality of hospitality and traveling services and the above websites are the best one to provide one.

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