What are some things to check before renting a car for a road trip in 2020?

Things to check before renting a car for a road trip are mentioned here. Exhausted from your daily life? Go for a road trip. Road trip is the best way to boost up your mood. Spare your time from your busy schedule and make time to freshen up your soul. Moreover every person should go to some place where they’ve never been. This will encourage and will brush up your mood.  The main element of road trip is vehicle. So what if you do not owe a vehicle? You can try renting a vehicle. There are various benefits of rental car for the trip.

There is a comfort level for every person . If you don’t need a  car on regular basis then this option is best for you. You’ll be free from spending money on parking, car service, insurance etc. Waiting for a taxi to arrive as you travel. But, you can save your time with a rental car which will allow you to spend more time on your fun activities. But what are the things to check while renting a car on a road trip? So here are few things which should be kept in mind while renting a car.

10 things to check before renting a car for a road trip

Here are the most important things to check before renting a car for a road trip mentioned below:

1. Check proper documents

You booked the car and paid for it. When got the keys, you must check some documents of the car that are really important to go with the car. Make sure you carry the driving license and other papers  of the car. Moreover you must keep credit card with you as a form of guarantee because debit cards are generally not accepted.

things to look for when renting a carThe documents also include a damage report that lists any damage inside and outside of the car. Look around the car properly and if you find something missing, ask them immediately to mark.

2. Check the petrol tank

It is important to look whether the petrol tank is full or not. You can find the fuel type on the car’s dashboard. This will make you to keep a track of the fuel used in your trip. Inspecting your car will help to crack the primary issues.

things to know when renting a carAvoid refueling options. You must ask the rental company about the fuel consumed by the car.

3. Check the exterior of the car

Checking the exterior of the car means inspecting all the dents or any kind of scratch on the car before leaving.

how to choose a rental carSo that the rental company don’t think that you’re responsible for the damage occurred. Be careful  while booking the car.

4. Insurance

It is important to check the car insurance. Any damage occurred by you will be recovered by the insurance. You’ll be offer an expensive offer by the agent that is car insurance to cover the damage. Car insurance will help you avoid  consequences while driving.

important things to know when renting a carThis will cover all the bills of the car repair during any accident or any other damage like theft or fire.

5. Negotiate and upgrade

The upgrade rates are made by the sales person, they don’t exist. If you are looking for something big or unique ask for the upgrade offer.

things to consider before renting a carDon’t pay extra fee rather negotiate for it. Reservation will in fact help you in upgrading.

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6. Return timing

Be on time as the rental company may have more bookings with them. Return the car on time. So that no penalty is being charged on you.

important things to consider before renting a carBe focused and calm while driving. Time is the longest distance between two places, so manage your time and be punctual.

7. Extra fees

You’ll have to pay extra if you let anyone else drive. There is a fees for the additional drivers. The person who’ll drive will be registered when you rent a car.

car rentals near meEven insurance and fuel charges do come in extra fees. If you return the car with zero fuel, you’ll be charged for that too.

8. Inspect the tires properly

Make sure that the tires are in good condition. If there is any issue with the tires, report it to the agent and he’ll change or repair it.

rent a carCheck the suitable conditions according to your destination.

9. Check the engine

Start the car before leaving, make sure that the engine works properly. Also check the side mirrors, horn, breaks are properly working, lights  and other appropriate settings of the car.

rental carThese are some basic things to be checked.

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10. Door locks and windows

Do not forget to check whether the door locks and windows are properly working. Check the lock system , so that there is no chance of robbery of your details.

carTake care of the keys. Keys play an important role in this system.

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