Best Dating Advice for Women : Top 10 Dating Tips for Women

The best dating advice for women is mentioned here. There’s always this adrenaline rush when it comes to dating especially for women they are very cautious and think what to do and what not to do when going on their first date. So, here are ten best dating advice for women before going on a date, have a look.

10 Best dating advice for women

The best dating advice for women are mentioned here:

1. Remember they are nervous the same as you

If in your early relationship you were heartbroken then you might feel scared for dating another time. So, if you see him telling bad jokes or stammering while talking then you should try to ease up the situation.

best dating tips for womenRemember that no one in this world can really be perfect just like your dream prince but what matters is during date both should help each other to ease up the situation. Women are nervous but that doesn’t mean that men cannot be nervous, they can just be nervous just the same as you.

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2. You are not in a pressure to meet them again.

Many women are nervous and over think on the matter that what if they disappoint the other person? This should not be the case when you go on a date. The other person might feel a strong connection towards you and may want you, but on the other hand you might just not feel the same.

online dating tips for womenA date should always have an equal connection from both sides, it is not that he can force feelings upon you neither can you do the same. So, there is really no pressure upon you that you need to meet them again, it is okay to block that person if you feel he’s continuously disturbing you. Remember that you cannot force your feelings upon someone just to make them happy or slip away from the situation. Just go with what you feel.

3. Do not limit yourself and be open

Do not think and react just be open and be yourself. Don’t limit yourself, whatever is in your heart just speak it out. If you feel you like a divorced person or someone with a child just go for it, don’t limit yourself be free and choose the correct one for you. Stay open to divorced men and don’t hide your feelings just say it out to them which will comfort the situation.

first date tips for womenIn early times women used to feel shy when asked about dating a 40 year old man but in today’s world nobody really cares, it is all about your personal choice and your life. Don’t think too much about what the society will say just be normal and open with him and things will go alright.

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4. Buy yourself something good for the date.

Buy yourself a proper dress to wear on your date, the dress need not to be expensive but something in which you will look good and be comfortable. New clothes gives confidence and makes the date extra special.

dating tips for girlNow, if you choose to go on many dates with different persons then you don’t need to buy clothes for each date but just buy few nice ones to update your collection especially when you are trying to move on from your past relationship then fresh set of clothes are always needed so that it won’t remind you of your past relationships.

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5. Take time to think about yourself

Out of all things do take time and think about yourself and your interests. When on a date do not tell a lie to just slip away from the situation thinking that later it will be okay because if relationship starts progressing then this one lie of yours might hamper the whole relationship. We all know dating means knowing each other well and talking to each other but always think on how you are unique.

second date tips for ladiesBefore any date practice yourself alone as if you’re going to be interviewed and how you’re going to answer the questions and the kind of attitude you’ll have. Focus on what you are going to share to the audiences and you’ll use this as your story on your date.

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6. Do not start to fall in love in your first date

Your first date may exactly go as you thought, well planned and blissful. You may start having butterflies in your stomach, feeling like the whole word has stopped and it is only you and your partner under rose petals, but stop to remember that it is common for everyone to behave well on their first date and nobody is perfect.

online dating advice for ladiesLife is not a fairy tale to fall in love at first sight. Slowly as the relationship develops you’ll get to know more about your partner’s habits and lifestyle from which few things you may like or dislike, so it is advised to take time and completely know the other person’s flaws and habits.

7. Gather information about him from social media

You can gather information about his profession, personal lifestyle, etc from his social media profile like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Maintain a line of control while you are stalking him, don’t overdo it. You just need to find out whether the details they have provided you match along with his social profile.

first date advice for ladiesSuppose you come across the details of his past girlfriends or find him in any other dating apps which he used earlier, then you should not disclose these details to him until he himself comes out and shares about these to you.

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8. Do not rush to tell your parents

It is true that sometimes parents likes to interfere in their daughter’s life. They stay eager and wait to hear their daughter had met a good person and had a nice date. But don’t take them wrong, it is normal for your parents to show concern. If your date goes well and you’re happy with the person then don’t rush and tell your parents everything because this simple matter may leak into your family group.

first date tips for ladiesRemember that he will be dating you and not your family, if you’re dating life soon becomes open to your family then there will be lots of advice, extra concern and interference. You will feel that there is no personal space for you and your partner as there will always be someone at the back of you, this may affect your relationship with him. But when you feel that you need to gossip and share about your relationship then you can trust your best friend for this.

9. Do not over react

Just be calm and chilled up, enjoy the present it’s just a date. Do not laugh out loudly if you usually don’t do that just laugh normally. If you’re too nervous and anxious about how to react or continue a conversation with him then just frankly tell him about your problem, don’t put up a fake show. Being frank and open with your partner will make you feel better.

dating advice for girlsIf in this situation you see him responding or reacting very poorly then instantly believe that he isn’t the one for you as he is not showing interest in your details and not cooperating with you. It is always the best to have confidence in you but if that is forced confidence then the whole date will just be in vain.

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10. Be honest in whatever you feel

If your past relationship has left a deep wound in your heart then you may not want to date and start all over again, you may feel tired and exhausted from the dating life. Mostly in this case, it’s the women all over who face such problems and pressures like the pressure of family and society to get married once you have crossed a certain age. It is true that staying lonely without a special someone is really tough but what’s more heartbreaking and tough is when you forcefully stay with a person without any feelings exchanged just to make your parents happy and fit in the society.

best dating advice for women from menAlways be honest in whatever you feel for that person whether it’s good or bad or whether you want a break. Do not lie to your feelings thinking about the other person’s feelings, what matters in the end is you should be happy and it is always okay to take a break if you feel so. It is better to end now than never.

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