How to impress a girl on chat? : Best way to impress a girl on chat

How to impress a girl on chat? : The best way to impress a girl on chat is mentioned here. We are living in an age of digitization where everything happens in the tap of a button and there is an instant connection among people who are sitting across the globe in different corners of the world. Long gone are the days when hand written letters held a lot of warmth and feeling of attachment from the loved ones. The trend catching up lately these days among the current generation is instant connection in the touch of a finger by use of several chatting based applications on their smartphone devices like Tinder, Whatsapp, Facebook and Snapchat etc. So the question that often arises is how to impress a girl on chat.

How to impress a girl on chat?

To understand “How to impress a girl on chat?” read the points mentioned below. Here are the best ways to impress a girl on chat conversation. Everyone looks up for a way to impress a girl that they have been trying to talk to, but having got a chance to chat with them gives them a best shot at the chance. But many always ponder about the fact what could be the thing a girl looks up to when you chat with them. So what are the best ways to get it done. Here’s the 10 things one needs to follow to get started.

1. Be yourself

It’s a common perception among the youth that being a person who they would like to portray to get the attention of the girl will help them in building a strong impression. While this is something any guy would try to do but the case is not exactly what a girl looks out for. A girl always appreciates someone who is always comfortable being himself.

how to impress a girl on chat in englishWhile chatting with girls one needs to remember that an image created by portraying a fictional character doesn’t go a long way when it comes to developing a friendship in the initial stages and thus leads a big conflict of the mindset of the two people involved in the conversation. Maintaining one’s own individuality and perception always helps in sound relationship in the long term.

 It’s as simple as if you like vanilla and you feel strawberry is not the type you love, there is nothing wrong in doing so even if the girl is crazy for strawberry.

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2. Be confident

While chatting with a girl it becomes imperative to be confident in the tone of your language of what you intend to speak to a girl. Words like maybe, I think so, I guess often used in any decision making conversations or something that holds importance to a girl often shows signs of not being confident and thus creates a bad impression while you try to put your thoughts to the other person.

how to impress a girl on instagram chatA girl always appreciates vote of confidence in your tone when it comes to any kind of discussions that matters to her and is something important in the life of the girl or in general. If in confusions precisely state your point by mentioning that you are not aware of the matter or you are not sure about the thing and it would be wise to take help of someone known to the case rather than you.

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3. Don’t keep bugging always

Chatting with a girl on a regular basis is good but bugging her too often for every little detail is always bad and thus is a big NO if you want to create a healthy relationship with anyone. Remember girls really value if you give them the space that they need in their life to live their life and along with that they can create a space for you as well. You are a part of their life and not everything in it. Bugging them every now and then and always asking them every little detail of what they do, whom do they meet etc. can be something that can ruin something good which has developed over the time.

how to chat with a girl and impress herIt’s as simple as the fact that a free bird eventually if it roams the entire world eventually comes back to the same nest at the end of the day . If you are good enough for her and give her a good vibe she will look up to you to talk to you when she needs you.

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4. Be honest

It’s a long said proverb Honesty is the best policy and it sells to date. If you are honest with your thoughts and life in general you will always find a place in her heart. Remember a lie said to impress her or settle the situation just eases the situation and makes her happy for the moment but always creates a void in the long run. So anything built out of it doesn’t pay in the long run and can be devastating when it comes to a long term relationship.

how to impress a girl on fbBe honest with whatever you feel about yourself and your partner and she will connect to you a lot more even if it is painful at the moment. This is a quality highly appreciated among the girls and they certainly look up to this in their partner.

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5. Show care and ask her about her life

You need to show them the care that they seek for .Ask them about their life, their job , their struggles and so on. Girls like to talk about themselves and seek for this among their partner. Have a genuine sense of feeling for them and their life. The love and the care that they receive from you is of paramount importance and they will always come back to you and reciprocate it the same way that you intend to give to them.

how to impress a girl in chat conversationA simple message beginning with Good Morning and what’s the plan for the day also helps. Don’t go overboard to express yourself that you don’t let them speak about themselves. Giving them the liberty to speak and express what they seek also matters and thus should be your approach.

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6. Engaging in sexual chat

Engaging with a girl in a sexual chat at the very beginning is a big NO for anyone. You have to be patient and understand the feeling that she is going through at that moment and make sure she is not left unheard of her issues if you feel she needs your attention.

how to impress a girl through chatMake sure to give her enough time to the relationship that you build through time and then eventually when you get to feel she needs tour attention where you have never ventured for, you may talk to her about the stuff that everyone wonders about. Remember she should be comfortable talking to you about the stuff that you have always wanted to have, so give it due time to take into effect.

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7. Remember things about important events

If there is an important meeting or an event that she is about to attend to make sure to drop a text reminding of the things that she needs to remember before heading out for the day. They like being prioritized when it comes to the work. So make sure to drop a text or two to show our concern about them when it comes to important days.

how to impress a girl by chatting on whatsappAlways wish them luck and make sure they don’t feel left devoid of your attention if there is something big coming up in the days ahead.

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8. Don’t use cheesy lines

Don’t prefer using cheesy lines every now and then to grab their attention for anything. That makes them feel you are not being yourself and not honest in your approach as well. So make sure you intend to be yourself and always talk from your heart what you intend to tell to them by being yourself and comfortable in your own skin.

how to impress a girl while chattingIt’s okay to not to be a guy who has never been you your life but rather be the one whom you always have been.

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9. Ask them about their perception

While chatting make sure to ask them about their perception about anything that you feel she should always share with you. Having them to talk about something which you have developed a perception of your own is always healthy and it gives you a thought process of how the girl thinks and what are the similarities or dissimilarities among both.

how to impress a girl on whatsapp chat with exampleThis gives them a sense of feeling being asked for and this they will always appreciate this in long rim. Valuing their opinions also matters a lot and they will always feel and reciprocate the same to you.

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10. Having a good sense of humor

Remember no one likes to talk to someone who is utterly boring and never cracks a joke on his own. You need not be funny always but make sure to laugh often and share jokes and amazing experiences of your life which you would like to share.

how to impress a girl on facebook chat with exampleHaving a good sense of understanding will need having a good sense of humor to understand their jokes and knowing that they also look up to you for the same. Crack jokes most often to lighten up a situation if you feel it’s getting bad and you are good to go.

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