Best Dating Tips for Men

Best dating tips for Men are mentioned here. Most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched but can be felt in the heart. And that’s love. Love is the most intense feeling known to human being. Everyone deserves someone who does not only make them feel better but makes them want to be better. Love is difficult to find but love is one of a kind. There is at least one thing in common with all the single persons; they want to go for date with someone beautiful at one point of time. It is just like, when we have something we don’t value that but after losing it, we get to know the value of that thing or people.

Being single is not a problem but it gives an opportunity to self love. But there are various benefits being in a relationship. There is a social support as well an emotional support from your loved one, you can avoid loneliness and can share secrets with each other. There is an appropriate time for dating. Like for driving you need to be eighteen or above eighteen then only you’ll be granted the driving license by the government. So like driving, dating needs good path and a good understanding between he couple.

10 best dating tips for men

Here are some best dating tips for men mentioned below:

1. Take initiatives

Be the first one to take initiatives. Women  are usually shy at these moments. Moreover you cannot always expect a woman to go ahead and ask you for going on a date. So you need to take initiatives. Be confident and step ahead to ask her for outing and even if she says no, accept it.

dating tipsDon’t force her for anything and let her make her own decisions. A confident man is always attractive and sticks to his words because he knows he’s right.

2. Sense of humour

Woman like guys who have a good sense of humour. Being funny is not an easy task, you need to be creative in thinking and enhance your brainpower.  Woman prefers man who are fun loving and makes them happy at every moment.

tips for dating someone newMake her day special; this may include taking her out at her favorite place or making her smile. A good humour will definitely boost up your connection with her. Moreover, a good comical aspect will increase the attraction towards you. A good sense of humour will reduce conflicts and will create peace in life.

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3. Personality

A well maintained physique will help you in impressing a woman. A good looking man is always attractive. The way you walk as well talk reflects your personality. Your personality represents your attitude towards life. A positive attitude towards life will help you impress her easily. Beauty gets the attention, personality gets the heart.

basic dating tipsSo it is up to you to make your personality charming and attractive so that it is easy for you to make her impress. Furthermore, developing personality will not only help you in dating a woman but it is beneficial for your concern too.

4. Be yourself

Just be yourself, don’t over do anything. Do not compromise yourself, you’re all you have. You may cooperate but do not compromise. There is a difference between them. Don’t pretend to be someone else, be genuine.

best dating tipsTrust your intuitions, it happens for a reason. It may come in any form, like gut feeling, dreams, signs from the environment etc. This will let you make better choices in life. Your gut feeling will help you in making smart decisions. Be what and who you are.

5. Compliment her

Complimenting someone will always make them happy. Compliment on her beauty and her dressing sense. As women are shopaholics and admires if someone appreciates their dressing sense. Complimenting your woman will make her feel confident and secure.

good dating tipsCompliment on her personality; make her feel different from other women. This will really help you in impressing her.

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6. Respect her family

Be good to her family. Family is the strength of every person not only a woman. Respect her family and you’ll start observing a positive result. Treat her family members, the way you treat her because respecting her family means respecting her.

successful dating tipsYou should know when to be serious and when to joke. You’ll sound weird if you talk funny on serious issues or vice a versa.

7. Ignore your phone

Off your phone. Talk to her and ignore your cell phone. If you keep using your phone, it will indicate that you are not interested in her. And that’s just a time pass moment going on. Spend your precious time with her, talk to her and make efforts in making her happy.

top dating tipsUsing cell phone in between the conversation will give a negative impact. So try ignoring mobile phone and spend time with her.

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8. Ask for her advice

Women usually enjoy being asked for their opinion about something. Don’t ask anything which is clueless. Make her choose between something related to her interest. Like ask her to give you advice about your dressing sense.

best dating tips for guysAsk her recommendations about novels, drinks, her taste in food etc. Asking for advice will gain trust and faith.

9. Common interest

Find your common interest and talk about it. When we have something in common, talking on that topic becomes interesting. Ask her hobbies, what is she like doing in her free time? And talk on the related topics. This will bring understanding between the couple and there will always be something to share together.

best dating tips for boysSharing common interest will increase bonding with each other. And will enhance the comfort zone between them. You can share pictures of your pet, if you both love animals; can share pictures of favourite restaurants, hill stations, gadgets and more.

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10. Listen patiently

Ask her questions and listen to her patiently. Listening will diffuse the conflicts. Whether you are agreeing with it or not, listening is good characteristic. Don’t interrupt her in between, let her complete and listen patiently to her.

best dating advice for menGive her full attention, listen to her and give her advice if she needs it. This will definitely help in impressing a woman. You don’t know how to love if you don’t know to listen. So listen patiently to her.

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