Best Dog Breeds in India of 2020

Best dog breeds are mentioned here. We all have heard that dogs are called as the man’s best friend and this is true as a dog cares and loves you unconditionally and will always stay happy with you, no matter what. There are more than 340 breeds of dogs in the world and cross-breeds are uncountable. So, if you are thinking of getting yourself a pet dog, then you must know about the traits of the dog, that have been running in his breed since earlier generations.

So, to help you now about some of these things and to know that which dog would suit your personality, the best, here is a list of some of the best dog breeds that you could get in India and would be the right choice for you and for your future family.

10 Best Dog Breeds in India

Here are the best dog breeds mentioned below:

1. Golden Retriever

If you are looking forward for a loving and obedient pet, then a golden Retriever is the best breed for you, as they are the best dogs for when it comes to be a family dog and are very friendly, devoted and are fully devoted for their master and family. They are very easy to train and would make great family dogs. The Golden Retriever dogs come in cream and rich golden colors and have a water resistant coat of dense wavy and straight hair which requires regular grooming.

best dog breeds for familiesThey have an approximate life span of about 12-15 years and become full sized dogs in about 2-3 years itself. Golden Retriever dogs are medium sized dogs and love to swim, a lot. They have a height of 20-24 inches and are very outgoing, loyal and eager to learn dogs. They also make great watchdogs too. This is among the best dog breeds for families.

2. German Shepherd

This breed is considered as the most intelligent dog breed and also has great sense of feelings of their owners. They could sense the mood of their master in just an instant and would do anything to make them feel better. They are good for all kind of jobs, ranging from being a pet dog to a guard dog or military dog or even police dog. German Shepherd dog breed have an average life expectancy of 10-13 years and become full grown dogs in about 4 years.

best small dog breedsThey are very loyal towards their owners and family and would go to any extent to save them from any sort of danger. They are very loyal, obedient and courageous too. German Shepherd dog may grow to 25 inches tall and weigh around 35-42 kgs and can be easily trained too. And if not trained well, then they might emerge as being aggressive too.

3. Labrador Retriever

There can be no other dog breed that would be more compassionate and friendly towards your family and they make the best dogs who get along with kids and little infants. Labrador retrievers and Golden Retrievers are of the same hierarchy and belong to the same ancestral family. So, there are many similarities in both these breeds and both are one of the best family dogs in India. They may grow to about 25 inches of height and can weigh around 65-80kgs too. Females are more heavier than males. Labrador Retriever dog breed require high quality food and regular grooming too.

best dog breeds for homeThey love to swim too and love to live in a little cooler temperature. Labrador Retriever adjust well with the Indian climate and also get along with strangers very well. This makes them one of the top desired dog breeds in India.

4. Pug

They are really small and look very cute. This breed became famous also because of a Vodafone ad and since then the company has been using this dog as its symbol for advertising the products. This dog is one of the most famous and loved dogs in India. It is among top 10 best dog breeds as this dog breed is very charming and quiet and also make great show-dogs too. It is not good for being a watch dog or police dog but it makes a great house dog.

best dog breeds to ownThey have a life span of 12-15 years and are very small and is playful and affectionate with children. A pug dog may grow to 15 inches height and do not weigh more than 10 kgs. Pug dog breed love to stay in cold spaces and get a little annoying in summers and are majorly good for small apartments.

5. Dachshund

This dog breed has an interesting past. It was used to hunt small preys like rabbits as this dog’s structure allows it to enter inside rabbit’s cave and pull it out. The Dachshund is a very small, energetic and active breed. These dogs are very intelligent and smart enough to know the mood of their masters and love to cuddle and stay in touch with their masters.

best dog breeds in the worldThese dogs are quiet and once they see a stranger twice or thrice, they don’t bark at them. It is among the best dog breeds for children as they are very playful and love to stay active, a lot. Dachshund have an average height of 5-9 inches and have a life span of 14-17 years. They are of 3 categories- short haired, wire haired and long haired. They are great dogs for kids and for new masters.

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6. Beagle

If you are looking for a dog for your child, then this dog breed would be the best option for you as beagles are mostly famous for how convenient and easy gong they are, with little kids and infants. It is among the best dog breeds in the world as they are very fun loving and energetic dogs. They love to go on walks and could do that for more than thrice a day. Beagle dogs are small to medium in size and might feel like being quiet and shy dogs, but once it gets to know you well, then he won’t ever let you not play with it.

best dog breeds for kidsThey may have a height of 12-14 inches and can weigh from 25-35 kgs. Beagle have a life span of about 12-14 years and are really fun loving dogs and always love to play in grass and move around.

7. Rottweiler

I could easily describe this breed in just 3 words- loyal, strong and intelligent. You won’t ever need to judge its loyalty as they are one of the most loyal dog breeds on earth and could go to any extent to save their master and family form any sort of danger. Its protective nature among strangers is what makes them aggressive. They might look as dangerous but are one of the most loved dogs on earth and are very intelligent too.

top 10 best dog breedsIt is among the best dog breeds for families as they have great sense of emotions and could understand your mood and do stupid things to light you up. They have a life expectancy of about 9-11 years and could weigh around 50-60 kgs. They can even shoot up to 65 cms height. Rottweiler require a lot of love and care and must be trained since the beginning or else you might get aggressive vibes from it later on.

8. Pomeranian

Pomeranians are the best companions for little kids and go easily with anyone new also. They don’t like to be man-handled and also bark a lot. But their cute voice always makes you fall in love with them. They are comparatively small in size and are very intelligent, social, active and playful dogs. It is among the best dog breeds for kids as they are extroverted and are always ready to interact with other dogs. It has a white layer of thick hair on it which requires great care and regular grooming and being white in color, it needs to stay clean every time.

best dog breeds for beginnersThis dog breed is available in different colors too like grey, tan, brown, orange. Pomeranian weight about 2-4 kgs and could shoot up to 20 cms. They have a life span of 12-15 years and might be the best dogs for Indians.

9. Dalmatian

They belong to Dalmatia (Roman Province) from Dalmatae tribe. They get their unique name from this. Dalmatian dogs became famous throughout the world because of the picture 100 Dalmatians and 101 Dalmatians. These dogs are fully white and have black spots and patches all over their body. The Dalmatian is among the best guard dog breeds as they are very strong, healthy and athletic dogs and also make great police dogs and watch dogs. Dalmatian dog breed just cannot survive in very cold weather and so, are great for Indian temperature.

best dog breeds for couplesThey require regular exercise and would become lazy and dull, if not met with their perfect living situations. This dog have a great height of about 50-66 cms and could weight about 20-30 kgs. They have a life span of about 10-14 years.

10. Doberman

They are very courageous and dogs and belong to the working category like watch dogs, guard dogs, police dogs. They could also be great family dogs but then they must be trained well in advance and should be taken great care of if you have a kid in your house. Doberman dog would do anything to save their masters and if any little infants are around. This dog breed belong from Germany and are one of the most strong and fearless dogs on earth.

best dog breeds for childrenThey don’t even require much grooming and don’t shed much hair too. It is among the best dog breeds for home as they are the second most preferred dogs for police and military dogs, after German Shepherd. They have a height of 60-65 cms and can weigh up to 34 kgs. They have a life span of 10-13 years and look like some royal king.

Other dog breeds for families

 Apart from all of the above mentioned breeds. There are many other dog breeds for families that would make great pet dogs and watchdogs, such as Great Dane, Boxer, Indian Pariah, Caravan Hound, Bulldog, Indian Spitz, Saint Bernard and many more. Now-a-days you could even buy a dog from any part of the world and it would be delivered at your doorstep.

Any breed would make a good dog, until unless the master takes care of the dog since day one. The dog should be trained well in its starting days with its master. You must also be financially and emotionally ready to bring a dog home.

I hope that you find the best dog breed for you and the dog that shows and represents your character. I wish you a very happy pet-keeping and wish that you get all the love from your dog and return the same.

Thank you!

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