Adopt a pet for free from 10 Best Pet Adoption Websites

Are you looking to adopt a pet for free? Then checkout the best pet adoption websites that are very popular for finding pets for adoption. I have used many top websites to find pets for adoption near me. I am a pet lover and as we all know that it is unfair to buy and sell pets. Pet trade must not be done so now all those popular pets for sale sites that were used for buying and selling pets are now allowing users to adopt a pet for free.

No need to visit pet adoption centers near me

In past days to adopt a pet for free I used to visit pet adoption centers near me but internet have provided me ease. As it is now very easy to find free pet for adoption near me on best pet adoption sites where pet owners post pets for adoption ads. All I need to do is choose my location and the sites that I am going to tell you about shows ads related to pet adoption near me within the distance chosen. We can easily select the pet whom we want to adopt and can leave message to pet owners by showing them interest to adopt a pet for free. We can also contact the pet owners who have listed their pet for adoption on these popular sites by using contact details given by them in the ad posted.

Getting a pet for adoption by individuals is better than getting pet from pet adoption centers as it is not necessary that pet adoption centers are available at every location.

Best Pet Adoption Site

Nearby Me 2 is a best pet for adoption site that allows users to find pet for adoption near them. Pet owners can post free ads for advertising pet for adoption. So, due to this many individual pet owners enlist their pet for adoption by using free classified ads.

Top 10 Pet Adoption Websites

Here are the best pet adoption websites that you can use now to find pet for adoption near you. I also join some pet adoption events near me using these best free pet adoption websites that keeps me updates about pet adoption events also. You can also checkout for pet adoption events this weekend near you by getting information from below mentioned sites. Joining a pet adoption event is helpful to complete pet adoption search because lots of pet owners join pet adoption events to give their own pet for adoption. So, visiting that kind of event will help you in finding the best pet for adoption.

1. Adopt a Pet

Adopt a pet is a best pet adoption website that can be called as one stop solution for pet lovers. Well you can get tips related to different pets by reading their interesting articles related to pet keeping. You can get a pet either from rescue center or from a pet shelter for adoption.

best pet adoption website

All you need to do is just visit this pet adoption site and search pet for adoption according to your choice like pet type, size, breed and color. They automatically enlist available pet for adoption matching your interest from different pet adoption centers and pet adoption shelters.

2. Pet Finder

There are more than 200k pets listed on this website. You can adopt a pet for free from your nearby locations by using this pet finder site. Pet finder is a pet search engine that searches for pets for adoption within the location of user and enlists all pets who need home

adopt a pet for free

When you will search for any kind of pet for adoption on this website they enlist pets from different adoption shelters and animal shelters.

3. Viva Street

Viva street is among best free local classifieds websites where you can search for pets for adoption in your local area. Pet owners often visit it’s pet classifieds section where they can post free ads for advertising their pet for adoption.

pets for adoption

You can visit to those advertisements and can contact the pet provider. When you will reach to this website you will come across to lots of animal classified ads that you can filter according to the pet that you are looking for adoption.

4. Petco

Petco is an another one stop solution for pet but this website have more features related to pets. You can not only adopt a pet for free but can also buy pet supplies at very cheap price.

adopt a pet

The another best thing that I liked about this best free pet adoption site is that you can also get some local pet services like pet training and pet healthcare, etc. So, visiting this website among all the best free pet adoption websites discussed here can be worthy for you.

5. Get Your Pet

To get your pet for free you need to adopt pet by get your pet website that is popular worldwide for adopting pets. You can get your pet very quickly from this pet adoption website where pet owners and pet adopters meet for adopting a pet.

best free pet adoption websites

To adopt a puppy for free you can visit to puppies for adoption category and if you are looking to adopt a cat for free then cats for adoption will be the category that you need to visit. You can visit to other pet adoption categories too according to type of pet that you want to adopt.

6. The Shelter Project

This website have the aim of helping animals who needs home by providing information to website users about pets for adoption in their locality. The shelter project name itself represents that this is an online project working on providing shelter to animals who need home.

pets for adoption near me

You can take pet to your home by adopting them using this site. It enlists pets for adoption from your nearby animal shelters and pet adoption service providers.

7. Best Friends

It is believed that pet is a best friend of human because they are quite loyal towards their owners. So, getting a best friend from this website is possible. You can find pet for adoption in your area by visiting to this pet adoption search site.

find pet for adoption

To find a pet for adoption for free on this website you need to create an account and use their pet search tool that is very quick.

8. Pet Smart

You can join pet adoption events this weekend near you by visiting to this pet for adoption site. It always provides latest information about pet adoption events. You can save a pet life by adopting them. Adoption of  a homeless pet is a very good activity. You can adopt a pet online for free if you love keeping pets in your home.

adopt a pet online for free

Pet smart is a nice platform for getting pet services also like salon services, training, pet hostel boarding and pet hospital services. You can also buy pet food and pet toys from this pet adoption website.

9. Animal Human E Society

This is an electronic society of animals and human on internet where human shows kindness towards animals available for adoption on this website by adopting them.

pets for re-home

You can find pets for re-home on this website easily as they have many pets listed available for re-homing.

10. Olx

Olx is among the best free classified sites in the world. This website have pets for adoption classifieds section where pet owners often post free pet classifieds ads. So, the people living in the location where advertisement of pet for adoption is posted comes to know about pet available for adoption near them.


You can adopt a pet for free by visiting to the pets for adoption ads posted on this site. It is very easy to contact the pet owner. Pet owners can post free pet classified ads on this website. So, they also need not to worry about any charges. Because, the free classified sites allows users to post free ads online on internet.

How to adopt a pet for free from these best pet adoption sites ?

Well the common process of adopting a pet for free from these best pet adoption sites is just visit to any of the top pet for adoption sites discussed above. Then create a free account by doing new user sign up. After creating an account search for pet that you are looking for to adopt. Mention your choice while searching for pet for adoption on their pet finder search tool. The website will display pets available for adoption from your nearby location. The listed pets can be from different animal shelters, pet adoption centers and individual pet owners. You can contact the person providing pet for adoption by using contact details mentioned in posts related to pet for adoption on these top sites. After that just visit the place for adopting pet and submit the required documents as well as pet adoption fee. Get all the medical certificates related to pet while pet adoption. In this way you can adopt a pet for free.

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