Best websites to get free legal advice online in 2020

Best websites to get legal advice online is mentioned here. My readers often ask me to tell them about the best legal advice websites. So, here in this article we are going to discuss about some best websites to get legal aid online. When it comes to the law, the very name has a very huge and heavy value in itself. However, the law is made for the people but the irony is that many are not aware of it. Law is according to the needs of the people providing them with certain rights and in return expects few duties from its citizen. When it comes to knowing about the rights, the citizens are not updated about it they know they have rights but they have no knowledge about how to apply them. Not everyone is going to read out those huge thick books of law to understand their rights so to make it easy a new platform is brought up.

Citizens can use the service of legal aid online as well. The main aim of the law is to provide a harmonious living in the society but if the citizens are not happy then they can object.  Online legal aid websites are the platform which helps the citizens to clear up their queries and guides them further. It’s not important that you have to consult a lawyer for petty issues there are certain basic things that citizens too should be aware of. Lawyers are there to help them up to the further process once they have been guided by online legal aid websites. You cannot expect in this world to be extremely nice and helpful towards your problem in face to face, though these websites are very much handled by lawyers only and they do give out the best, genuine advice to make the citizens see through the right and wrong.

As there are legal aid websites all over the internet to help out, we can provide with a list of the top best legal aid website to make it easier to search through.

10 Best legal advice websites

Here are the best legal advice websites mentioned below:

1. Lawtendo

This website provides with free legal queries, a minimal amount of payment to consult one lawyer or even send a legal notice to someone. They have an option of calling a consultant right away on the phone and talk to them regarding the legal problem.

legal adviceTo get answers of legal queries they revert in a maximum of 24 hours and not more than that. They have 24 hours running a facility of chatting with them. They cover almost 500+ cities giving out the best legal advice that anyone can get from.

2. Kaanoon

This legal Consulting website is active minute wise, they keep on posting up the questions which are asked by other people so that if something related to that matter is the question to be asked they can have a go through once. Else this website gives free legal consultant from top lawyers as well as retired judges also from all over India.

legal advice onlineThey respond to the legal questions in almost an hour and also provide up with consultation of 30 mins on phone with a lawyer.

3. Legistify

Covering approximately around 250+ cities this website is a start-up certified consulting website and has been able to get popularity better than the already existing ones. This website writes blogs on legal matters and gives answers to legal questions free of cost.

i need legal adviceIn almost all the website the legal question answer platform is of free service but when it comes to some online legal notice or registration or divorce petition then they too have a fixed rate up a chart for it. They even give an idea of the fee estimates for the type of case you wish to file off.

4. Lawzgrid

Coming into the competition to match up with the other, this website provides legal advice and consultation in 24 hours. However, they do provide a case manager and showing the fee/consultation rate of theirs. They have well experienced top lawyers doing the needful for the citizens.

get legal advice onlineEven if the case is to go to courts, they file the petition and visit the courts giving an online status update of the case concerned. They also have an online app service which is still being under processing to give better and fast response.

5. PathLegal

Pathlegal website just provides the legal advice upon the asked question. Their response time is of 40 minutes and the notify on it either on the mail or on the provided phone number of the user who asked the question. It covers limited cities but tries to help as much as it can from their side.

get legal adviceThey have an option of chatting online with the lawyers in response to their queries free of cost. It also provides the latest judgements covering over marriage, women etc. Questions asked under this site are available to the general public as a whole.

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6. Vkeel

This website allows asking their legal questions either privately or in public. Certain people do not wish to open up their case queries so this is a good option for them to ass this specification because with this they will be able to ask their doubts carefree.

where to get legal adviceThey have services like message consultation, call consultation, video consultation. There are not many sites online who give an option of video consultation this is a unique one to refer to. They have coverage in 600+ cities and yet growing.

7. Lawrato

This online is one of the trusted branch when comes to hiring out lawyers for cases. They have free service for legal advice and respond with the quickest and genuine answer.

free legal adviceThey have all top-rated lawyers from different states. However, their consultation time is a bit limited. Lawrato gives out a list of the top lawyers nearby to your localities as when entered on their website.

8. Vakil Pro

This legal Site is meant for online chatting with the experts to give out the best solution to them at the very moment. They do provide services where people can get in touch with the lawyer personally or first by directly searching about their matters and then up to their suitability can consult one.

free legal advice onlineThis website covers almost all the latest case questions and along with the amendments if done. They have not mentioned the time by which one can expect the response but the facility of char can be used to the fullest.

9. Vidhikarya

Another site destination which is much helpful to people through in giving advice and solutions of peaceful settlements. They have a corner for legal advice but a fee requirement before addressing out the issue.

free legal advice over the phoneThey include the consultation on call in that fee as well. In case to hire a lawyer for further proceedings they provide out the best possible quotation.

10. KanooniRai

This website gives their responses on message, call or on the online portal as well but within 24 hours. If someone wishes to schedule a call with them they can have a few minute talks but first, they have to send their case facts to them to get in touch with the expert on that matter. They have not mentioned any fee on their site neither the word free is mentioned as such.

how to get free legal advice online nowThey give on the answer to the problem with the similar case law judgements to provide strong back support of the same. Civil, Criminal, Family, Property, Consumer, Services, GST, Banking Law are the covered subjects by this website and providing advises from top lawyers and retired judges as well.

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The very idea of giving legal aid online itself is unique and much helpful for society. This saves a lot of time of the people and helps them to easily know and grab knowledge about the matter they are concerned about. There are many lawyers who are just for the sake of the name and don’t actually have the knowledge on the subject. In such a situation it gets very difficult to see and choose between the right one. By this online legal aid service, the people automatically get in touch with the lawyers who genuinely have the knowledge of the subject matter or getting a piece of advice from a retired judge itself plays a big role too. I wish this list of websites helps you get realistic advice over the subject matter you search for.

However, if there is even a 5% chance of getting a peaceful settlement then opt for that one rather than knocking the doors of the Courts.

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