Best News Website in India of 2020 to get today’s latest news headlines

Best News Website in India to get today’s latest news headlines is mentioned here. People like to use best news websites in India to stay updated about latest Indian news. There are some best news sites in India available on internet that can help you to come across today’s news headlines in Hindi, English, Marathi, Punjabi and other languages. The benefit of using top news sites of India is that they only deliver absolutely correct current news update.

Top 10 News Websites in India

Here are the best news websites in India that you can use to know about today’s latest news headlines. Millions of Indians use these best news sites in India to stay updated about current news updates.

1. Times of India

The Times of India is one of the largest sites ever that gives out information to the Indian citizens on a daily period, that’s why its ids one of the very popular sites on the internet. It is due to the right information and the accurate facts that it has become one of the really popular sites on the internet.

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The site is a really promising way to get news about the local happenings as the journalists and reporters are always reporting and putting out amazing news to the citizens in the country.

2. NDTV provides one of the best news that is available on the internet to the people of India. Thus, it is another really popular news source for the viewers in out country. NDTV is a uprising news source that has its advantages that make it different from the other news agencies.

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The site is well updated with all the various types of information’s that is available to the people, the site is a really good help for people who do not read the news paper as everything is available only the person can just directly scroll through the article.

3. India Today

All of the latest news and Bollywood gossips happen here. India Today. It is one of India’s most referred site to the news or any other related topics. This website is always up to date and has all of the nice information that can help an individual to be all caught with the happenings and hence it is a trusted source of information.

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The journalists that work for this company are all really educated and well known in the news industry hence making it one if the best news sites to refer to.

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4. The Indian Express

Probable one of the sites that has it all in its store. The site is a good way in which a person can actually help and grow a nice happening on the daily affairs in this country. This site is extensive and used by many people in the country.

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The facts are real and they try to stay away from the bogus news that makes the country unstable, hence they also educate the people of India via the correct information on their site. The Indian Express has been around for quite some time and due to that it has become more and more popular.

5. News18

Some of the most ground-breaking and best news comes from this news channel. The site is free to use and gives the people a lot of knowledge on the current happenings in the country of India.

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News18 has been around for quite some time and has served the infinite Indian citizens with what they so call accurate news. The site s easy to use and the people can go through the various types of article’s that are on the net making it easy to stay up to date with what’s happening.

6. FirstPost

The writers of this site claim to be the first to publish any article for the people and because of that it is a really nice way in which a certain kind of thing can take place. The site is filled with various types of content that makes it really popular amongst the people in India.

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The site is good for people that are always on the prowl for new and fresh news that is worth the read. Hence due to that this site is on this list due to its speed in putting out posts and updating the people.

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7. Business Standard

A site that is ready for the people to bring out the best in business and its news. The website specially targets people interested in knowing business news. This is believed that it is made for the people who are more money minded.

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It provides the best business tips and information by following which investors can progress easily. Hence, the site is really useful and keeps the people who are businessmen updated all the time. This makes it really a good news website to know about stock news.

8. DNA

The website DNA has everything covered for their reads. It is one of the most used news website in India on the internet. It is one of the most powerful news source, that provides really good information on the types of news that you want to know.

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This website has been around for a long time and has been used by many of the Indians. “DNA” is a good source to refer in time’s for getting the right information hence it is trusted by many. The site is working 24/7 and has a really big team trying to stay up to date.

9. Deccan Chronicle

It is one of the most used and preferred news website in India. As the people have become used to of seeing content from this top news website.

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It has become a really trusted source of information on the internet for them. So, visit this website to get current latest news updates.

10. OneIndia

This is your one stop location to get the right and best news related content on the internet. This website shows different kinds of news from sports to even entertainment and politics.

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Hence, this makes it a really good site to refer to for news information.

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