Best Search Engine of 2020 : Top 10 Search Engines in the World of 2020

The best search engine is Google. This article is about Top 10 search engines in the World that are considered as most popular search engines other than google. Although, Google is a best search engine in the world. But due to some security reasons, people also like to use top 10 search engines discussed below.

We all are very much dependent on the search engines that work through out the web. These search engines have made our lives so easy that we are not at all in confusion with where we should go to search or get information about the same. However, with time there has been an evolvement of many other search engines as well, each of them trying to get the highest position and brand name. When we open up our PC or laptop, what we see on the very first area is internet explorer that directly links us to one default search engine that has been made in that Microsoft.

best search engine other than googleWith the help of these search engines, we can easily get the information and data about what we wish to find out. However, certain search engines gather our personal information as well, to which we at times have a security issue if they are in safe hands or not. Mentioned below is a list of all the search engines that have been frequently used by many users who come on the web to search out.

Top 10 Best Search Engines of 2019

The top 10 search engines in the world are mentioned below:

1. Google

Google has its brand name popularity at the top, no matter where you are in the world the very first thing that comes into your mind or probably when you tell someone to find this out over the internet is you use the word- google it!

google search engineStanding on its brand name and owning respect to its a user who lands up on the page find it very easy to search over it, as it is a much user-friendly search engine. Google, however, work very well on the chrome platform with an easement when it comes to downloading images and surfing the net thoroughly.

2. DuckDuckGo

If you are someone who wishes that their personal information should not be spread out to a third party then this website is best for you. They ensure that the given personal information is limited to them, not to the website.

top search enginesOver this website, your searches are all free from any sought of spy, who keep an eye on what you search out. All of your web browsing is safe with this website and not open to another third party.

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3. Yahoo

Yahoo has been in this search engine hub for a long time. Earlier it was used by the majority of the people and they were fine with sharing out their details as well. Its major competition has been with another Microsoft sponsored engine named Bing.

yahoo search engineThey compete with each other on edge to edge. However, with the news of the yahoo accounts getting hacked last year, it’s users have declined at a great rate.

4. Bing

Bing” is one website that supports and allows the opening of all types of image content on their site without any error. However, google at times is not able to open a few of the data that appears on the net and it can be opened on this search engine.

top 10 search enginesThis search engine has a bit less popular than google but has been supporting all kind of data that you wish to open up on this website.

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5. Wiki

The online encyclopaedia that you can find over the internet is just with this website. Straight from the scratch of the news till what is happening currently and how it has evolved till date. The whole data and timeline are given on Wikipedia itself.

most popular search enginesThere hasn’t been a single person who would say ill about using Wikipedia except for the fact that you have to read a lot in it as it contains out the whole story.

6. Ask

This website has its data providing system in the form of question and answers format. You can easily ask up whatever question you have and wish to have the research over and the answers provided by the site are much in the format of questions and answers.

best search engine for privacyAt least they try to keep it in that manner. Founded in the year 1995, archiving the data from other competitors websites into its own.

7. Baidu

As we all are aware of the google being the king of all search engines, this website is the king for the search engine in China. It has few of the basic services of cloud storage, maps and news. This best search engine was found by a Chinese entrepreneur for his country in the year January 2000.

better search engine than googleIt is accessible only to the people who live in China and not beyond that.

8. SlideShare

If you have a presentation to focus on and need e-books access or pdf’s for the information that you wish to have then this is the search engine where you might get what interests you. This has been successful in providing up information concerning what business work we wish to search for.

most used search enginesSlideShare website is all about where people make up their presentations and post up on here so that the others can have an idea about the same and give them easy access as well.

9. StartPage

Once the website that allows the link information to be available even if it is from google. It all cares about giving out the data once we have given you the data then you can easily check up on what has been managed and what hasn’t. The list of wanting something never ends.

top ten search enginesThis website has been able to get the data information from other places and search engines by having its URL as well.

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10. Excite

This website has been a quite low keep one. It can send out the messages, check on weather reports, and send emails as well, such are the kind of services that they are willing to give up. They try to be spontaneous over the news and other issues but haven’t been able to much success as much the other top 9 have the potential too.

best search engine in the worldThese were the few of the website that helps in getting up good data for the research that one believes to do. These websites mentioned are almost what one has heard over time, but the fewer ones which are country-based are only limited to that only and not with everyone. However, there are more websites as well which you will find more helpful than the mentioned websites as you are from different zones then probably they can figure out things in the library.

Have a good surf on the internet, hoping you find a good content as well.

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