Sites like Fiverr of 2020 : Top 10 Fiverr Alternatives of 2020

The top freelancing sites like Fiverr are helpful for freelancers to take freelancing projects. Many of us are looking out for opportunities where we can be appreciated for the talent we have. Some people cannot go outside and work but have so much to show out and can contribute to society by working from home. Freelance website is a platform for all those people who wish to earn out by giving out the services they have expertise in.

Over the internet we find many people who are working as a freelancer, such websites are good for the employers as well for those who give out the services as well. Anyone who is thinking of starting up their own work/business and wishes to find employees to work for them in that particular sector of the field that their business is about, such websites can guide them along with that provide them with the platform as well.

There is one website known as the Fiverr, which is much popular amongst the freelance platform but there are other alternatives as well to it. There are certain things and benefits that this site doesn’t provide if compared with it’s other alternatives. We provide you with other alternatives of Fiverr, which might be useful to you.

10 Best Freelancing Sites like Fiverr

The best freelancing sites like Fiverr are mentioned below:

1. UpWork

This website focuses on making communication easy between the freelancer and the employer. As per the requirements of the employer, they post up the job advertisement and the site connects them with the freelancers who are around them or worldwide. Accordingly, the bid comes and then they can compare out the qualifications.

websites like fiverrThey have an option of interviewing video calling or get in touch with the freelancer through the messaging app, so it gets easy for both the sides when it comes to discussing or payment fixing etc.

2. Guru

As the very name sounds, the oldest website that came in 1998 setting up the platform for all those seeking job and job providers as well. Was established with contracts limited to short term duration online, with time it now deals in long term contracts or even permanent ones as well. This website has the maximum number of freelancers registered and has been trusted by the majority of the job providers as well.

fiverr alternativesHowever, the posting up of job advertisement is a bit expensive as compared to the other websites and doesn’t provide enough sources to be in touch with the freelancers.

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3. Freelancer

The largest platform being used by around 25 million freelancers. Posting up the advertisement for the job is completely free on this site, the job providers receive a list of all those freelancers who match up with their requirements and the bill is given when one worker accepts their project.

sites similar to fiverrThe payment option is fully available to the freelancers either based on the number of projects done or hourly basis. They give up the whole budget information of the provider. They maintain the secrecy of payment to the freelancers with their much secure payment methods.

4. Envato

Specialised in web design to web development, having a basket full of talented workers who seek out projects under the clients. Much user-friendly and free posting of jobs by the clients is available. They focus on creating comprehensive communication by firstly giving out the clients the best picks from their basket.

websites similar to fiverrWhen the selection is done by the site the clients via the messaging app can contact the workers personally and if they both are ready to agree on the terms and provide the services the project begins shortly.

5. PeoplePerHour

UK based website, it is not easy for all the freelancers to get themselves registered on this website as they have a bit strict rules regarding the registration and further employment. They aim at giving out the job providers the best from their side and due to this reason they have grown much popularity within a few years only.

freelance sites like fiverrOnce a freelancer registers himself/herself on “PPH” site they have an application form to fill and then an exam, which after clearing and the application getting accepted only can work as a freelancer on their platform.

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6. Task Rabbit

This website provides up with unique service from their side, while all other websites of freelance focus on professional subjects this site focuses on the hub of all physical tasks. They have the option of posting up all the physical work like the housekeeping, lawn maintenance which all has to be completed on the very day itself.

best fiverr alternativesFreelancers seeking up for the tasks under this project will directly be shortlisted and then be allotted with the project work. They have to complete the work on the given day itself, else it will not be considered and payment shall not be granted as well.

7. MicroWorkers

A straight freelance platform allowing the businesses to post up their jobs, once posted the freelancers will be connected to them. However, there is no option of getting in touch with them via chat or anything else. Once the freelancers are hired they get up the payment as fixed and mentioned by the client, the employees have an option of withdrawing their payment through PayPal, money transfer or Skrill.

services like fiverrOn the completion of their project, the registered freelancers get their rating which helps them further when the clients are choosing them out.

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8. GigBucks

The hub of believing in taking at least 20% commission of the freelancers just like any other website. They allow the freelancers to set up their price and not a fixed price is shown for the freelancers. When the client lands up on that apt freelancer and the project starts the commission is directly deducted from their account.

best sites like fiverr and upworkTo get in the queue of highest bid you must complete the number of projects that is mention for that bid and get that many positive responses as well before you start up with anything.

9. SEO Clerks

Focusing on creating SEO services only, but has expanded to all other online marketing services that are available and freelancers have expertise in. The project cost for this work varies in between from $100-$700, totally depending upon how complex the particular project is.

freelance websites like fiverrOver this site, most of the freelancers who are registered are expertise in this service and give out the best service from their side.

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10. FiverUp

The exact alternative of Fiverr, but claiming a 20% less charge. The work and the paying of the freelancer increases as per the reviews and stars they get on their previous service. It is almost similar to the Fiverr freelance platform, however, you can hire people to play games from your side as well. This website is still in its growing process as compared to the other websites.

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Given the above list makes it easier for all others who are seeking to work from home. Many people are not aware of such websites being in existence, therefore a brief introduction for them is a necessity. You do not have to put in much of the efforts while registering yourself, there can be a possibility that you do not have any previous work experience. It is fine you do not have to feel low about it or be complexed by seeing others who have experience. You are just a bit late into this new world but you always have a chance to learn up. Go ahead with any of the freelance websites and show off your talent.

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