Which fruit juice is good for Eyes? : Best fruits and vegetables for eyes

Which fruit juice is good for Eyes? : Here is the answer. In this article I am going to tell you about the best fruits and vegetables for eyes. The consumption of these fruits and vegetables in juice or any other form can improve your eye sight as well as can get you rid of eye problems.

Your eyes show the strength of your soul. Moreover, eyes are the most beautiful organ of ones body. You can see the beauty of other person by the emotions they show up through their eyes. There are various ways in which beauty is shown. But the best way is to look through our natural eyes. Take care of your eyes, by drinking good nutrition drinks and shakes to prevent the diseases related to eyes. If someone has cataract, they should consume some healthy drinks to reduce the disease and protect your eye surface. Eat and make shakes and juices of them to protect your eyes from pollution and  disease.  For beautiful and healthy eyes consume following drinks and you’ll get the results very soon.

Which fruit juice is good for Eyes?

Orange contains folate which is good for development of  fetal vision development. It is the best source of vitamin to keep the eyes as well as your health in a good condition. Orange juice is the key to good and healthy eyes as well as healthy body. So, orange fruit juice is good for eyes.

is orange juice good for your eyes

Best fruits and vegetables for eyes

The best fruits and vegetables for eyes are mentioned below:

1. Amla juice

Amla is rich in nutrients and is good for eyes and hair. It will help in digestion and improving your eyesight. Amla juice is best for improving eyesight. Also regular consumption of amla juice will help you in improving your system and maintaining your cholesterol. Amla is not only good for eyes but also helps in improving the other body parts.

fruits good for eyesYou can consume or drink amla juice regularly or if you do not like its taste you can have amla candies. They are good in taste and you can easily consume that. Moreover, you can mix Indian blackberries and bitterguard juice to make it more healthy. And it will taste better.

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2. Spinach juice

Spinach is best source of protein and is a superfood. For making the spinach juice tasty, You can grind the spinach and add some salt and sugar. It is also advised to mix up all the green vegetables and make a juice of it. You can consume iron and calcium, spinach is the rich source of iron. You can consume it regularly to stay healthy and fit. It is also good for diabetes and cancer prevention.

fruits and vegetables good for eyesMoreover, for diabetes consume fruit juice as much as you can. As fruits contains natural sugar and is good for your health. Those who have poor eyesight and the number of eye is not getting stable. You can consume spinach juice daily. Moreover twice a day to get the positive results.

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3. Berry smoothie

The berry smoothie is good for eyesight. You can consume it daily. But not too much of this juice as it is heavy, it may imbalance your digestive system. Berries have some nutrients in it. And is rich in vitamin A, contains antioxidant which helps in improving the radicals of the eye. Those who have cataracts, berries are the best for them.

fruits and vegetables that are good for eyesightThey should drink berry smoothie if they have cataracts and also any problem with the eye. Also helps in improving the eyesight. You can consume it everyday for better results. You can also consume berry in the form of jam or candies. If you do not like the berry smoothie. Also you can add ice cream for better taste.

4. Orange Juice

Orange contains citrus in it and is excellent source for eyes. It will help in improving your eyesight. Orange contains vitamin C which is good for blood vessels in the eyes and keeps the eyesight strong and prevents cataract.

fruits that are good for improving eyesightYou can consume it twice a day, it is healthy and will help you to improve your vision.

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5. Aloe juice

Aloevera is a mixture of different vitamins like A, B,C and E. this is the key source for radicals. It is also rich in iron and magnesium which are good for your vision. As aloevera is bitter in taste, so you can add some sugar or honey and some squeeze some lemon drops in it to make the taste good. And if you have hair issues or dark circles under your eyes, you can apply aloe gel which will give you relief from these problems.

fruits and vegetables that are good for the eyesThis will help you in improving your eyesight and prevention of cataracts. You can drink aloe juice twice a day and you’ll get the results.

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6. Coconut water

Coconut water is the best drink for improving the vision as well as your health. It plays important role in staying healthy, you can drink it twice or even thrice a day. It is that healthy. The coconut water will not only help you improving your eyesight but will play a key role in improving your digestive system and is also good for diabetes.

best fruits and vegetables for eye healthIt is potential for preventing cataract and more problems with the eyes. You can consume this drink and stay fit.

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7. Carrot juice

Carrots are the best for improving and making your eyesight stable. If you have high power glasses, carrots will definitely help you to prevent cataracts and make your power at normal stage. you can also add lemon, sugar and some masalas to make you carrot juice taste good. In fact carrot juice is good without all these stuffs, you can drink it without adding anything in it.

best fruit juice for eyesCarrots are good source of vitamin A and contains  antioxidants which is good for your vision. Vitamin A protects the surface of the eye and contributes to strong vision. So you can drink carrot juice regularly to prevent any problems with eye.

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8. Drink milk

This dairy product is good for the eyes. Dairy products like milk and yogurt are really helpful which makes the surface of the eyes strong and gives nutrients to the blood vessels. Milk contains vitamin A and zinc which will help you to stable your eye power. You can make tea or coffee anything and add more milk to it.

best fruits and vegetables for eyesYou can consume this dairy product regularly to stay healthy as well as to make your eyes strong and free from any diseases. Zinc will help your retina and is a good mineral for night vision. You should drink milk not only for improving your vision but also to improve calcium in your body.

9. Green leafy juice

Green vegetables are good for our health, and green leafy juice will help you to improve your vision.  This will help you to brighten up your vision. kale is a green leafy juice, which is highly rich in vitamin and zinc. This green leaf juice will make your eyesight sharp. And the antioxidants presents in kale are usually not present in most foods we eat.

best fruit for eye healthKale will help your eyes from damage like pollution, smoke and also from sunlight. So you should drink kale juice regularly. You can add sugar or some honey to make it better. and if you consume it daily, you’ll see the results soon.

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10. Broccoli juice

Broccoli is rich in “Vitamin C” and you can make broccoli and brussels juice to improve your eyesight. This can help you to protect your eyes and make your eyes strong. It contains antioxidants which will help your eyes and will protect you blood vessels from dirt and pollution. You should consume broccoli juice daily for better results.

fruits that are good for your eyesI hope now you have got understood that “which fruit juice is good for eyes?” and what are some vegetables that are good for your eyes.

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