What is the best study tip that is really effective? : 10 Best Study Tips of 2020

The best study tip that is really effective is mentioned here. Spending our first 18 years in school, just to make our lives better and enhance our skills for further education. Studying is important as it gives student an opportunity to enlarge their study habits, learning skills, ability to write and many more. Education is our passport to the future, so to fly high every student need to study and educate themselves with utmost dedication. Education is necessary for everyone to go ahead in life and achieve desired goals.

An educated individual has ability to conceptualize  and solve problems in different fields. Studying daily needs dedication which require taking out time from your schedule and completing the task efficiently. Moreover studying on a regular base will increase confidence. You become what you study. So study hard and study smart. Studying with the best techniques and maintaining your schedule for the regular studies will make you accomplish your tasks easily.

What is the best study tip that is really effective?

An educated person can never be cheated and fooled easily. There is more value of an educated person than the illiterate person. It leads to built confidence and improve personality of an individual. Every parent want their child to be educated and for better result, here are few study tips.

1. Self Study

The first tip for effective study is to do self study. Indulging in self study will automatically develop learning skills. An individual must give at least 6 hours in a day and must sit in an isolated place so that there is no disturbance. Classroom education is not sufficient , students rarely learn in classroom so giving time to self study is must. When doing self study cell phones must be switched off so that you are disturbance free and more focused.

best way to study for a testSelf study is the most powerful tool to grow knowledge. It enhance deep knowledge and broadens thinking level. It motivates and gains self confidence in oneself.

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2. Active Recall

Active recall means recollecting or remembering the things that have already occurred. The “Active recalling” is really effective for better result. This technique is better than reading, it will automatically fit in the mind when recalling the stuffs. While practicing this , it feels like teaching someone.

best way to study for examsThe best way to recall the stuffs is to close your eyes and try recalling it in your mind without any help or looking into your notes. Remember the important points and don’t learn word to word.

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3. Take Breaks while studying

Taking small breaks while studying will regenerate the learning power of your mind and will work for longer period. Study for about 50 minutes and take 10 minutes break. This will really help you in studying for long hours. Studying without breaks will lead you to exhaustion. So to avoid stress and exhaustion take breaks and be energetic.

The most effective way to studyIn fact taking breaks between the study will not make you lazy. You can meditate, dance, stretch  or any kind of activity you like in that short break just to be energetic and focus after the break. Do not force yourself to sit and study for more than 1 hour without a break if you get exhaust early. A longer break helps brain to relax and recharge for the next task.

4. Exercise

This is the most effective tip that will generate activeness in you. When you are done with the study try doing some exercise to make  you active and fit. Doing exercise will make you fresh and free from stress or depression. It will regenerate the energy in you. It will improve your performance if you do exercise before you exam.

top study tipsA quick session of gym every other day can enhance blood flow of your brain and improve your mental health. Regular exercise will build your confidence and will make you more competitive in performing different tasks. This can even help you build good skills and will make you more focused.

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5. Make Notes

Making your own notes will help you learn concepts more faster. Handwritten notes are always helpful than notes on laptops or mobile phones. Making handwritten notes in the class will help you focus on your listening and writing skills. This technique will make you understand better and work efficiently. Try making notes with different colored pens so as to make your notes more attractive.

good study tipsNote making will help an individual work on their memory as writing notes will fix the facts in the mind. Try making diagrams and charts in your notes so as to remember it for the long period. Handwritten notes are always helpful as they create critical thinking ability. Notes help in recalling easily. It helps making your brain to mentally engage with the information.

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6. Sleep

Taking nap is important so as to give rest to the body. Sleeping on time will make you more fresh and you’ll be more into the study. When your body wakes up with fresh mind and good health you’ll automatically be more energetic and will work or more hours. When you wake up, make time for aerobics or yoga to make your body work for the whole day. Sleeping assist in improving your memory and taking a quality sleep will help you remember stuffs better. It makes the body more alert for the day.

best study tips for college studentsTaking a small nap in between the study will make your body feel fresh and will work for longer period. Adequate sleep is the key part of a healthy lifestyle. Taking a good sleep is equally important as eating healthy. A study in the early morning is always better than studying whole night. A human body require at least 8 hour sleep .

7. Drink Water

Drinking water in between the study will make you hydrated. And a hydrated body will always perform better. If your body is dehydrated you’ll suffer from anger, confusion and more stress. When your body is hydrated your mind will start focusing on the task easily.

top 10 study tipsDrinking water will maintain the metabolism of the body. Drinking water will improve physical performance and prevents headaches. Moreover reduces backaches. Students usually suffers from backaches while continuously studying. So drinking plenty of water will eliminate the backache.

8. Study Different Subjects In A Day

Studying different subjects in a day will make your mind fresh and more focused. Studying 2 or more subjects in a day will make you more productive than focusing on a single subject. Your brain will work more efficiently if you focus on multiple subjects in a day. Try making time schedules for the subjects. This will reduce stress and will make you more energetic. This will benefit you in revising the subjects periodically without taking sufficient breaks.

best study tips for studentsTry doing different subjects in the four sessions that is morning, afternoon, evening and night. You will be able to cover 4 subjects or can even manage revising 2 subjects in the four sessions. By giving each subject a two session period.

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9. Set Study Goals

Be specific while making study goals and accomplishing them. It will help you attaining a good performance in your work. Achieving goals will give you personal satisfaction. Plan a task to be completed within the particular period  and then take a short break to make your body remain fresh. If you believe it, your mind can achieve it. So try working hard and you’ll automatically achieve your set study goals.

good study tips for college studentsGive yourself some incentives so that you’ll complete a particular goal within the time period assigned. One can give incentives like treating yourself with chocolates or some snacks.

10. Test Yourself

Testing yourself to see how well you have worked further will let you find your weak areas and strong areas. This can be well performed by doing practice test. Try solving sample papers to look up your results. This techniques is basically done by one to check how much you know. Practice makes a man perfect, so when you are fully done with your work try testing yourself so as to make yourself more efficient.

top ten study tipsWhen doing self testing you get used to the format of the question paper and can test the time taken by you to complete the question paper. This will give you a idea how well you have performed till date. Ask your friends or family member to ask questions from you. You’ll achieve confidence by doing so.

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