Best business to start with little money in India : Top 10 Business Ideas of 2020

The best business to start with little money in India is mentioned here. Every one needs money for his survival. Without money we cannot imagine the world. When we buy any product or service, we pay some consideration in exchange of it. The whole world is after money for his living and to fulfill his basic needs and desires.

To run a business, one needs capital. Some businesses need huge amount of money to invest and some need small amount. It varies from business to business. Well in some cases little amount invested, gives high return in future just like companies. It all depends on hard work, dedication and will. It is always preferable to start with little amount so that there would be little risk, and you would not suffer too much in case of loss.

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You can’t do anything without creativity. If you are creative, you can earn money and nobody can replace you from your job or in the market. Main things is that first LEARN then EARN.

10 Best business to start with little money in India

When you want to start business with little money, you have various option to start even without empty the pockets and sitting at home. The best business to start in India with little money investment are mentioned below:

1. Tuition centre

 Tuition centre will cost the least amount as per the perspective of business. Qualified teachers, or interested students who want to do internship or take experience can start providing tuition to the students. Initially start from lower level and slowly take it to the higher level. It would cost least or no cost for pen and a marker or a board. Start taking classes for spoken English if you have proficiency in it because it is in trend to speak foreign language.

best business to do in indiaStart developing the habit of saving from the first student of their fees. When number of students are increasing, then you can think to open tuition centre with smart classes, air conditioned and well furnished to impart knowledge or online tutorials classes. In this way, you can maximize the profit.

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2. Blogs writing

Just by writing your thoughts or imagination start making money by blogging. This is the easiest job to make money for beginners specially. When you are interested in blogs writing related to fashion, travel, music, lifestyle, fitness, beauty tips, sports or any other , you have to pay for domain name once only which is around ₹3000.

best business to start with 15 lakhs in indiaAfter registering and customizing, and choosing template, start writing online. Once people started liking your blogs, you account balance will start increasing.  You can write and publish your blogs on Instagram also.

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3. Youtube channels

If you are talented in entertaining, or you have some good ideas in the field of arts and crafts, sports, if you know about life hacks, and if you think you are good motivational speaker, then this job is best for you. Housewives share their food recipe or and some kitchen tips.  People search for yoga, new songs, movies, new recipe, makeup tutorials, stitching blouses, DIY, decoration tips, etc. So there are billions, trillions of users who learn something new from this for free of cost and the person who posts will receive the amount by YouTube channel through online payment.

best business ideas in india with low investmentThere are so many people who earns in crores just for a single videos. It’s all depends upon number of views and likes. It is easy to make a video on any subject (provided  it should not be related to the subject which may be offensive) and posting it on YouTube channel. Your video should be interesting and must take feedbacks from viewers to update your channel.

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4. Choreography

Many people like dancing and many students eagerly want to learn the steps. One thing you need is sound system and a little space. If you are talented in any area of dance like kathak, hip hop, western, classical, tap dance, break dance, salsa or any other, start choreographing at home or else some other place or institute wherever you want.

best business to start with little money in indiaYou can charge per song or per hour. It is your choice. It is an easy way to start business and includes minimum cost. In fact, you can do it online through YouTube channel.

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5. Boutique

In this era of fashion, people like unique and customised design for their outfits. They like to wear that dresses which are stitched by their designer. You can hire a tailor and install a powerful sewing machine in your boutique. Always come up with new designs according to  fashion and trends, different and unique prints and choose good fabric. They don’t like to buy clothes from market because they think they are common and have shown to many customers already.

business ideas in india with low investmentActors and actresses have their personal designers and wardrobe like Priyanka Chopra, Amitabh Bachan, Aishwarya Rai Bachan, and many others. Their designers earn handsome amount for their new designs.

6. Parlour

If you are interested in making money by providing services like make up, hair cut, wax, threading, spa, massage, nail art, facial, clean up, manicure, pedicure, at your  client’s home (like urbanclap is providing home service) then this is for you. Charge for the service you have provided and giving them some tips.

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Usually customers want their make up done by their own products because they believe in their brands they are using, so you don’t even need to carry a bunch of makeup products. And thus, you don’t need any physical place to run your parlour if you don’t have sufficient amount. You can choose to be a personal artist of celebrities.

business ideas in india for beginnersOnce you have earned money by providing home services and have made permanent clients, then you can think for good and big salon. In order to provide various facilities and keep clients satisfied, you must have good knowledge about brands, hair style, new trends. Later, Create your own app to book appointments and offers to make customers aware of it just like Lakmé does. If you have done a fabulous makeup you share share it with your friends on YouTube, whatsApp and by instagramming for making new customers.

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7. Photography

It has found that many people are interested photography field. Photographers are needed specially in weddings, ceremony, or in any other event. Girls only listen to photographers at that time and give multiple poses because they want their best snaps to post on Facebook and Instagram. Now a days, you don’t need a DSLR camera, because there are so many apps available to filter the image and graphic designers.

new business ideas with low investment in indiaIt needs your keen interest and a good vision for photography. You just click the moment with a good quality of camera from your phone and share it and earn money.  If you want to sell any product online on amazon, Instagram, Flipcart, Snapdeal then you need a high quality camera to click the best images of the product in order to attract customers. If you can’t buy DSLR, then EMI option is available. You can pay easily in 10 or 12 months from your earnings. Later on you may have your own company for photography once you become famous in your field.

8. Property dealer

For being a property dealer, you don’t need so many properties to buy and sell.  For this, you must have acquired knowledge in properties available at different places. You can contact the person who wants to sell their home or any premises and then you contact the buyer who is interested.

small scale business ideas in indiaYou are just dealing as an agent or a broker and taking commission. It is again an easy way to start this business without possessing in physical form.

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9. Event manager

“Wedding the season..” , It has been observed that now a days people hire a event planner who manages everything from engagement to Vidai. Like from where  to buy Bridal dress or a gown and a  suit for bride groom? Who will apply Mehndi and appoint an artist? Which venue would be suitable for wedding?  What kind of gifts should we give to our guest and bridesmaids? Everything related to catering service, decoration according to theme, jewellery, etc.

best business to start in india with low investmentNow the parents wants to enjoy every moment of wedding, they don’t want to miss that beautiful moment of their children. They want to be free without any headache regarding any arrangements. They give service charge to the event manager according to the total cost. Manager’s job is to get the thing done by the staff and arranging things from different departments at the prescribed time.

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10. Fitness instructor

Many people are conscious for their health. They go to gym and hire fitness instructors for 6 abs, great muscles, body, and personality. Instructor’s job is to give instructions to their clients in any gym for an hour. It doesn’t need a huge amount to run this business.

business to start in india with 1 lakh investmentHave some knowledge about the equipments to work out on it. Give them a diet chart and check whether they are following it.

Top Small Business Ideas

  • Career consultant who works for imparting knowledge to students about the various fields or streams according to their interest and scope in the future.
  • Pick and drop service like über or Ola by registering in the app and start providing service.
  • Meal or tiffin service for PG students.
  • Online sales of products through social media or selling from home like sarees, Kurtis, articles, accessories , etc.
  • Working as an insurance agent.
  • Network marketing like Amway, Modi care, oriflame, etc. you need to receive order from customers by showing booklet or brochure provided by company and earn commission.
  • Do research on any company or facts or theories which should be unique just like Amul milk company  paid 11 lacs to a student of IIM for her research.
  • DJ services in wedding or on an event.
  • Interior designer possess good ideas for interiors of home or office, they don’t need any capital to invest in this. They want customers to avail their services.
  • Hobby classes like painting, mehndni, yoga classes, music classes, etc.
  • Providing a session to inspire students in auditorium and charge for an hour and record it and post it online as motivational session sessions.

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Earn money to live with standards , serve the society , and develop the economy.

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