Best Job Search Engines of 2020 : Top 10 Job Search Engines of 2020

The best job search engines are mentioned here. This article is about top 10 job search engines that job seekers can use to find jobs and apply for them. Since everything is getting updated to the online version then why not job searching. Those were the days when we used to see into the classified section of the newspaper to search for a job that could match up with our resume/CV. Those days are gone, with the time we have travelled. Now it is all about getting everything done online. My personal view on this is that it is good, because you save a lot of your time and energy, and the same goes for the ones who are hiring the employees for their companies.

A very easy way where you upload up the documents they ask you to and then you are good to go, if you are shortlisted you receive a mail and then a telephonic interview or maybe an interview in person whatever they think fit. However, there are many search engines online that have job offers for all those who are seeking one. Below is a list of best job search engines that will probably assure you at least one job as per your resume/CV.

10 Best Job Search Engines

The best job search engines ae mentioned below:

1. LinkedIn

One of the most popular online recruitment website for job seekers, businessmen and other employers. The uniqueness about this website is about its format of allowing the users to post up their content on the profile and making their profile more attractive to all other employers.

job search enginesAs per the qualifications you have and the interests of yours, they give out a list of what all job offers are available for you and you can after reading about them apply for the same.

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2. Simply Hired

This search engine allows the job seekers to post up their resumes over 100+ job boards in just a few minutes, giving them a greater platform of opportunities. They allow you to post job hiring advertisements based on your locations along with the salary recruitment tool as well.

top job search enginesIf you are a company who seeks to have quality in your employees then this site will focus on this part as much as any other site does.

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3. Career Builder

This website has partnered with many of the job boards, which allows the employers to directly post out their job offers on the site itself. The seekers get notified with the job posting if it matches their qualifications and no further Hussle is made for them.

The most popular job search enginesThis site has been into existence from a long period and has gained the trust of many. You can compare out the salary with the other companies job titles.

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4. GlassDoor

The best thing about this website is the anonymous review comment that you can make on the employer’s company. To have a thorough search of the available jobs, you have to sign up first and then only you can go ahead with the type of job search that you have your interest in.

top 10 job search enginesThis website has gained it’s popularity much recently and it has been because of the reviews that it gets from the people who anonymously comment on. To an extent can provide out the job security that one wishes to see.

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5. GoogleJobs

Google has its name, the very name can bring out a surety in the minds of all those who are seeking out jobs online and all those who want to post about their jobs as well. This is the biggest search engine of all times, and now the section which is specifically for the job classified section will get its popularity on its own.

google jobs search engineGoogle is very well aware of how it has to stand up on its name and to maintain that standard it will provide full honesty in such work for sure.

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6. LinkUp

There are websites which are a bit slow in updating out their status regarding the availability of the jobs. What at times happens is as the companies have got the required number of applications and the job is given still they haven’t updated such record on their online recruitment website and all those seekers tend to apply it over and over again.

best online job search enginesThis website, however, with its data keeps up the record of how many application have been given and stops when the requirement is full so that other job seekers do no waste their time in applying for the job again and again.

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If you are an employer in the United States who seek to provide permanent employment then this is the website to post up the requirement of your company. This website gives out the best quality of employees who are willing to put on their 100% efforts in the job, and stand upon their words.

good job search enginesHowever, the only disadvantage is that it is limited to only an area of job seekers and employers and not all around the world like the rest of it.

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This is one website of which we have often seen much TV advertisements as well. Over the years it is the most visited website which has filters on to search for better recruitment for their company. The employers have an option of rating the employees on the site itself when their work is done.

monster jobs search engineThe “Monster” is made for small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses, as well as public sectors covering every inch of these fields.

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9. JOB

This website is all about taking care of privacy, found in the year 2001. They have much revolutionary idea of finding out a job for the seekers. Once the job seekers upload their resume and set out their preference of the job type, the site automatically pairs up with all those companies which are in the match of the resume without providing any sought of personal information of the job seeker.

The best job search engines listThe information is made available to the company once the interview stage is on. They believe in giving out rewards to the employers for giving job opportunity to the needy ones.

10. Facebook Job Search

Facebook the most happening social media platform can be used for finding a job is something that not many of us are aware of. But yes it is true you can link up your Facebook profile with the Facebook job search and then as per your requirement type of job be it full time, half time, short-term or whatsoever, you can easily search for jobs that are near you and according to your expertise.

top ten job search enginesAlthough it has one disadvantage that you may not be revealing out your entire professional site on a social media platform and linking this to Facebook for Jobs will not let them see your whole information.

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Considering these many options for finding out jobs is much to take in. You do not have to go for the entire list just suit what is more comfortable to you and apply for that one. Applying everywhere can be a bit of a problem because you will start receiving so many mails that it will get a bit difficult to manage them all. It is better to consider fewer options but be focused onto them and go for the right choice that gains your interest in. I hope you liked the list of best job search engines to find a job now.

 All the best!

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