How to become a flight attendant?

How to become a flight attendant? : 10 steps to become a flight attendant are mentioned here. Career as a flight attendant may not be much popular, however the importance of a flight attendant can’t be down-rightly ignored. Whenever a passenger boards a flight, his interaction with the flight attendant is what puts him at ease. They are the ones who make sure that all their passengers are completely comfortable, have no worries or problems. Most importantly, they shoulder the responsibility of making everyone feel safe aboard and enjoy a risk free journey. This is primarily the reason why flight attendants are made to attend preflight briefings on flight details (as they can’t take the risk of ignoring even the minutest of details).

Ranging from ensuring that emergency equipment and tools are on board, serving (or sometimes selling as well) snacks and beverages, taking care of passengers with special needs, making sure adequate supplies of refreshments and drinks is there to giving emergency instructions to passengers and assisting in cleaning the cabin between flights, these are the various day-to-day duties of flight attendants. As per the guidelines of The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), flight attendants are required to receive rest of 9 consecutive hours following the completion of one duty period and prior to the start of their next duty period. While new flight attendants must be flexible with their schedule and location, senior attendants can enjoy control over their schedules.

What are the basic skill requirements to become a flight attendant?

Typically, flight attendants must possess the following skills:

  1. Communication Skills – Flight Attendants must be able to interact politely and respectfully with their passengers. They should be skilled at communicating clearly with their fellow colleagues as well as passengers.
  2. Physical Fitness – Since on an average flight attendants are required to work for 12 to 14 hours per day, they must have the stamina to stand and walk for a long period of time. They may be even sometimes required to carry the luggage of passengers as well.
  3. Attentiveness – Flight Attendants must be aware of the various needs of the passengers and should be able to provide for the same. They are required not to be oblivious of the potential risks that may arise during the journey.
  4. Quick decision making ability – Flight Attendants must know how to handle emergency situations tactfully and effectively while maintaining a cool head.

On a positive note, Flight Attendants get the opportunity of travelling across the globe, which rarely does anybody get. They are lucky enough to experience the culture, rich traditions, exquisite sights that we can’t even imagine.

How to become a flight attendant?

So now it’s time to know what all it requires to become a flight attendant. Read below mentioned points to know “How to become a flight attendant?”.

1. Understand: What does a flight attendant do?

Before deciding about taking up this as a career, you must have a proper knowledge about what all is expected from you as a flight attendant and what are your daily responsibilities. So research well before you think of pursuing it as your career. For example, this job requires you to be calm and patient with the problems of your passengers.

What does a flight attendant doYou must know how to tackle emergency situations efficiently and act wisely in the direst of situations. It requires physical stamina and decision making skills as well.

2. Evaluate: Advantages and Disadvantages of becoming a flight attendant

A Flight Attendant’s Job is usually for 12-14 hours per day and requires you to possess enough stamina to work at a stretch. You may even be required to work on weekends. As a fresher, you may not enjoy the liberty to choose your location and schedule. Moreover, flight attendants are also required to follow stringent rules and regulations with regard to their uniform, hair and makeup (which must be according to the norms of the airline company and should be such that it advocates professionalism). If we see the positive side, this job can turnout to be very rewarding for those who have a wanderlust.

flight attendantYou get to travel different cities and nations across the world (either for free or at a very low price). Therefore, you need to consider all the positives and negatives before pursuing this as a profession.

3. What qualifications do you need to become a flight attendant?

Age requirements and Education Qualification: In order to apply for a Flight Attendant’s Job, you must have attained 18 years of age. You must have passed high school or possess an equivalent General Education Diploma (GED), which is an internationally acclaimed test. Some of the jobs may require you to have a college degree. However, all these job employers of airline agencies demand 1 or 2 years of work experience in customer service (be it in restaurants, resorts or hotels).

What qualifications do you need to become a flight attendantThis is because airlines prefer those candidates who are quite proficient in dealing with public, have no fear of communication and are confident enough to deal with any situation that they face. For the purposes of dealing with matters on International Flights, you may be required to be fluent in two or more foreign languages as well. You can gain an added advantage if you have a degree or diploma in marketing, hotel management, communication or tourism. It will fetch you some brownie points during interviews also.

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4. Submit your resume to get hired

With technology advancement these days, everything can be done in a jiffy at just a click. You can visit several airline agencies website who are known to have posted job vacancies. Build up a strong resume that truly reflects who you are.

what are the requirements to become a flight attendantIt is advisable not to go overboard with stuff. Then apply for your desired jobs after making sure you meet the set criteria. Be crisp, precise, clear and honest in your application. You can try applying to more than one agencies in order to improve your chances of selection.

5. Health and Fitness

Airline Agencies have their rigid criteria with respect to height and weight of applicants. The height range for flight attendants is generally between 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 2 inches (this is slightly higher for male flight attendants).

how to get a job as a flight attendantSo it is important to make sure you have a sound health, strong eyesight (generally your vision must be correctable to atleast 20/40) and you are not obese/overweight because otherwise you will be rejected straightaway in the medical test even if your application gets selected.

6. Learn to ace your interviews

Once your application gets selected, next obstacle in front of you is to pass the interview with flying colours. How truthful you have been about your personality in your application as well as resume will be put to test here.

how do i become a flight attendantGood communication skills, endurance, ability to make quick decisions and to be patient with the queries as well as the needs of the passengers are a few desirable traits that the airline agency will be looking for in their prospective candidates. Hence, it is essential to be confident and don’t let anxiety to reflect on your face. Some of the interviews may require you to pass a written examination before appearing for a face-to-face conversation.

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7. Embrace Rejections

Do not feel dejected in case you face rejections as they are just a part of life. Make sure every rejection turns out to be a learning experience for you and is instrumental in shaping you into a better individual. Give it another try after polishing your skills. Master the skill to ‘Let Go’ of the past and prepare yourself better for future challenges.

how long does it take to become a flight attendant

8. Pass various compulsory tests

You are required to pass multiple tests including medical tests, your background check, criminal history records check and a pre-employment drug test.

how do you become a flight attendant

9. Complete Training Program

After you have been hired by the company, you are required to undergo a 3 to 6 weeks airline provided flight attendant training program where you will learn how to handle emergencies and performing other duties.

becoming a flight attendantOnce you successfully complete this training program, you will be awarded with Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) after your employer’s approval. This will make you eligible to work on a flight.

10. Be Professional

You are expected not to follow any tacky trends (like having body tattoos, upper ear piercings or overdone makeup). As a professional, you must strictly adhere to the norms set by the airlines.

how to become an air hostessSo this was all about what necessary requirements you must fulfill in order to pursue your career as a flight attendant. Hope you find this article resourceful. Thank you.

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