How to get rid of pimples faster?

How to get rid of pimples faster? : Here are the best ways to get rid of pimples faster. More than eighty five percent of the people in the whole world suffer from acne. People always crib about pimples on their face. Pimples can sometimes be painful and at all times are the most irritating thing a person might suffer from. Pimples leave behind marks that may keep your face unclean and filled with lot of circled marks. The article deals with not only the problem but their solutions as well. The following are ten such points that might be helpful to get rid of pimples faster and avoid your skin from further marks or pimples.

How to get rid of pimples faster?

To know “How to get rid of pimples faster?” read the below mentioned points. These are the best ways to get rid of pimples easily.

1. Keep your face clean

Always try your best to keep your face clean. Try to wash your face regularly. Try to keep your face as clean as possible so that the oil doesn’t stay or settle over your face. There are numerous pimple clearing face wash that might help you in this process. Always choose the face wash that you think suits you the best as you know your skin the best and no one else.

how to remove pimples

2. Use a good face wash and moisturizer

Always try to wash your face with a face-wash instead of any random soap. Soaps might carry germs that might be the reason for causing pimples on your face. It is always advised to use a face wash and after washing your face use a moisturizer. A moisturizer will keep your skin glowing and after every wash, moisturize your skin regularly. Face wash and a moisturizer is equally important to keep out pimples and also to get rid of them faster.

how to get rid of pimples

3. Keep your hands away from your face

During the time you have pimples, keep your hands away from your face and your fingers away from the pimples. Never ever burst or scratch out pimples.

how to get rid of acneIf you indulge in this, the pimples might take longer to get away from your face and also leave behind marks that are extremely difficult to remove.

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4. Hot and Cold Therapies

Hot and cold compressions can be extremely useful during pimples. Dermatologists suggests that applying a warm compress over your pimples prevents it to spread and also helps in getting rid of it. It is like a spot treatment. After a compression use an anti-acne cream, suggested by your doctor to get rid of pimples.

how to get rid of pimples fastJust like a warm compress, you can use ice as an alternative. Ice/Cool compress helps in reducing itching and also cools down the spot of pimples and helps you to get rid of pimples faster without even bursting them or touching them.

5. Home remedies

If you think that your skin can be cured by home remedies, go ahead and use them. Remedies such as toothpastes, honey, baking soda are all kinds of pimple remedies that have been tried and tested. However, we suggest you to only use home remedies if your skin is well acquainted to these products and will not be affected by them.

how to get rid of red pimplesOtherwise you may not use the home remedies. Home remedies can be extremely useful to get rid of red pimples faster and in an easier way.

6. Avoid makeup items

When you have pimples, it is highly advised to avoid makeup items. Makeup may contain different types of products that might harm your skin further and increase the pimples. So whenever you want to get rid of pimples, go extremely light and easy on your makeup.

how to treat pimplesAvoid makeup to avoid any contact of your skin with inorganic and unnatural products such as colors, powders etc.

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7. Proper exercise

Exercise is extremely important for good health. Exercise is a common solution along with many other solutions to get rid of pimples faster. Exercise helps in burning excessive calories and also helps to excrete sweat and unnecessary oils of the body. Exercise keeps your body well maintained and also keeps extra nutrients out of your body.

how to cure pimplesWith sweat you burn extra fat and good and healthy exercise always helps in reducing pimples as you never know the real cause of the pimples might be over eating or an unhealthy digestion that might be cured with good exercise.

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8. Proper sleep

One must never mess their sleep schedule. As a child you need at least seven to eight hours of sleep and as an adult at least six hours of sleep is a must. Sleeping timely and completing your sleep will always be beneficial for getting rid of pimples and it is a long term solution.

best ways to get rid of pimples

9. Reduce the intake of excessive sugar and dairy products

While we agree that our body needs certain nutrients like sugar (sweet), protein etc., you have to agree that it doesn’t need excess of it and that to in an artificial manner. Pimples can occur due to some artificially sweet things like soft drinks and also occur due to some dairy products like cheese.

how to get rid of a pimple in an hourIf you think that you intake such products on a high and daily basis, you must try to avoid them. Excess of anything is bad and that is why it is always said not to intake too much of sugar and dairy products.

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10. Stress

Unnecessary and excessive stress is the cause of many problems. Some dermatologists think that stress is one of the factor that might cause pimples. As a human being you cannot completely eradicate stress from your life but you can certainly avoid unnecessary stress and to avoid so, you can meditate, go for walks and reduce your stress and get rid of pimples soon.

how to get rid of pimples naturallyThrough this article, the writer hopes that they have helped you to get rid of your pimples as soon as possible. Pimples might be a nightmare and that is why these ten solutions have been listed to help you fight your nightmares. The above solutions are tried and tested and are the ones that are a must to have a healthy face altogether. Keep in mind that the article is written by a subjective point of view. Hence, if you ever have a pimple that you think is uncomfortable,  contact your dermatologist immediately.

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