How to start a text conversation with a girl?

How to start a text conversation with a girl? : Here is the answer. Curious about how to start a conversation with a girl? Then you have reached the right place. Guys, nowadays, find it really difficult to go on with the conversation with a girl. Thousands of thoughts keep running in their mind about how will she react to the text, will she get offended or will it make their first impression a bad one. A girl never asks so much from any guy just a bit of love, care, sincerity, and respect.  You need not worry about how to keep the conversation going on with a girl just follow the given steps and watch the magic going on:

How to start a text conversation with a girl?

To know about “How to start a text conversation with a girl?” read the below mentioned points. These are the best ways to start a text conversation with a girl.

1. Get in contact with her

Asking for a girl’s phone number is not as such a big task in real but in some or other way guys make it hard and a bit uncomfortable for the girl while asking for a phone number which ultimately gives nothing in your hands. You can either ask directly for the number or indirectly in ways like saying, “there is a video or a picture I wanted to share with you. I’ll send it to you but wait I don’t have your number. Can I have your contact number??” Be casual and make her feel comfortable so that she does not hesitate in giving you her contact.

how to start a conversation with a girl via textNowadays guys try to get a girl’s number from either her friend or from other sources. Let me tell you, this is completely a wrong deed and drops a bad impression on the girl if she gets to know about the way you got to know about her number. It is considered disrespectful in a girl’s eyes. Therefore, be confident and have that courage to ask her for her number. If she disagrees to provide you with the number, don’t use any disrespectful way to get her number either sit back and wait for the right time to ask her again.

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2. Text “hi” but with a twist

Everyone finds it so boring to reply to a simple hi or hello over the text. So if you are thinking of texting a girl you should never ever have to send a simple hi or hello. You must add on something to it like a question or a compliment to make her feel that you really want to talk.

how to start a conversation with a girl in textAlso, avoid asking boring questions like are you there or what’s going on rather ask something to know about her like her favorite things, movies or her hobbies or simply just compliment her profile picture if you want. Avoid asking questions for which you can answer only in the form of yes or no or in one word. This will make it easier for both of you to continue the conversation and go on with the flow.

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3. Talk relevant

Just go on with the flow. No one likes late replies especially girls. So be ready about what to say next. Don’t take too much time thinking about what should I say now. Do keep in mind to have relevancy in whatever you say with the previous text. Don’t go off-topic. Reply timely and relevant.

how to start a text conversation with a random girlThe fact is that slow and steady wins the race,  but here slow and steady loses the race. Slow replies can make a bad impression on her. This can make her feel as if you are least interested in talking to her which can prove to be really disastrous for you if you are into her. Focus on talking about the interests you have in common or talk about some incidents that you may have experienced or one of you have missed the incident.

4. Talk about interests

A good conversation is where both the people are enjoying it. It is better for one person to talk about the interests of others and share some memories or experiences. This keeps us the conversation going on fluently and you may also end up knowing each other well. There are many people who are very passionate about their likings and want to talk about them every time so if she is one of them you can ask for her interest and favorite things and let her speak whatever she wants to. This will make her comfortable and would let her create a positive impression of you in her mind.

how to start a conversation with a girl through textIf one point comes in your conversation where you disagree with her do not speak against her, don’t freak out rather try to change the topic or get this in a happy and enjoyable debate this will make your conversation funny and you both will enjoy it as well.

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5. Use emojis

Emoticons make your conversation more interesting and happy. Therefore using appropriate emojis and smiley faces in communication is very important. Whenever you are talking with anyone over the text, it becomes really boring to talk about anything without the use of emojis. Also, emojis can express various types of emotions and the feelings can be expressed through them very efficiently.

how to start a good text conversation with a girlNot just happy or sad but flirty or innocent emotions can also be conveyed with the help of emojis. So while talking to a girl it becomes really important to use appropriate emojis in a conversation.

6. Compliment her and be sweet

Girls usually enjoy talking to those who are really sweet and compliments her and accept what her flaws are. So if you want to continue with the conversation, you must put into some compliments for her with some sweet and cute messages that can make her smile.

how to start a conversation through text with a girlFor this purpose, you can share cute pictures and jokes which can make her laugh. Usually,  this is seen that girls like the guys who can make her laugh so if you are one of them who can make her smile you are on the right way.

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7. Don’t force anything to her

If she is not completely into the conversation, don’t ask her for replying fast or any questions like why are you not talking to me. These questions can annoy anyone. Therefore, for a better part stop texting her and don’t react to the part if she is not into the conversation. The matter of fact is that if she is not interested in talking to you, you should also drop the idea of texting her rather you should sit back and search for another girl whose company you can enjoy.

how to start a conversation with a girl over textConstantly getting messages from the person you are avoiding or you don’t want to talk to will definitely annoy and irritate a person, so, don’t ever drop constant messages to the girl if she doesn’t want to talk then let it be.

8. Be smart and confident enough

Once you start talking to a girl you just need to stand up smart and confident in front of her because once you lose your confidence you may lose the conversation. Girls usually do not like to talk to the person who is not smart enough to stand and speak about what they want to say.

how to start a conversation on text with a girlIn case you want to call a conversation with a girl, you have to be confident enough for whatever you speak and whatever you want to say. Confidence is always a perfect icing for the content you have to speak up. So, be confident, be smart.

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9. Remember your etiquette

We must always respect the other person we are talking to. Same goes with the girls if you are talking to a girl you must always respect her and never say anything disrespectful or offending. You must keep in mind your manners and etiquette.

how to start a text conversation with a girl examplesGirls love getting respect. If you are disrespectful in some or other way you may lose the conversation and may find the girl outside the box. Therefore, never ever speak anything offending or disrespectful during any conversation.

10. Wish her

While talking to a girl you must always wish and greet her every time you come to talk to her. Send good morning, goodnight texts. Whenever she calls off, wave her goodbye and tell her to take care of her.

how to start a conversation with a girlThese little things build up a strong positive impression in a girl’s mind which can and lend you a beautiful place in her heart.

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