How to write a CV for job interview?

How to write a CV for job interview? : Here is the answer. Curriculum Vitae is a formal Document presented in a company before hiring the person as an employee. Your Curriculum Vitae is the foremost thing that is looked into before calling for an interview or any finalized decision regarding the job. Employers want to see certain fields of the applying candidates and through these CV’s they can compare out different candidates and select out for the next round.

Usually one gets to know about CV and the method of drafting it out when they are in their High School. At that age not everyone is aware of how perfect it has to be and what importance it holds, thy draft it with a mindset of that age, which is more likely to be a kid-dish one. When we enter college, that is the time when we realize the importance of it and understand the perfect method of drafting it out, although exceptions are always there at every stage. A CV is nothing just a document that holds information which defines you out but in a formal, categorized manner. Following are the steps that one can consider while drafting their CV for a Job interview.

How to write a CV for job interview?

To know “How to write a CV for job interview?” read the below mentioned steps.

1. Don’t Mention the word “ CV” OR “Resume”

This is one mistake that often beginners tend to make while making a CV. Never-ever give your CV any heading that defines it out. Like in most things while drafting a professional document some kind of mentioning about that document is done, but when writing a CV you cannot mention the word “CV” in it as the document should be formatted in such a manner that it would speak for itself when opened.

how to make a cvIf your employer sees that CV is mentioned on that top of the document, they will not even consider reading or having a look from that point of time, it will directly be rejected.

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2. Put forward your aim

You need to gain their interest so that they should read your CV further, this can only be managed if you put forward your statement towards what your career objectives, aim and goals in life are.

how to write a cv examplesYou have to stand to show them how hard-working you are, and why will it be beneficial for them to hire you. Mentioning your aim is the topmost thing to be filled when drafting a CV.

3. Educational Qualifications

Writing about your education background is a must, all companies have certain eligibility criteria under them. Giving out educational information makes it easier for them to categorize the person. The number of degrees you have is what really matters to them and if those degrees of specialty match with their requirements then you are on the right board. However, you need not mention your class 10th and 12th results. It’s basically upon the person seeking out the employment.

how to write a good cvWhen you apply for a particular job they mention their requirement put that degree on priority which matched out with their requirement.

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4. Mention about your achievements

Everyone has certain kinds of achievements to talk about in their lifetime. Mentioning the same in your CV shows how active and how creative you are. Co-curriculum activities which we used to take part in during school times can be mentioned as well.

how to write a curriculum vitaeThey are meant to enhance your skills and the person reading them can be impressed by such achievements too, cause you never know what can excite out the reader. Achievements in some academic fields can also be mentioned, they all put a good impression over the employer.

5. Interests and Hobbies

You can also mention your interests and hobbies no matter how silly they are. All that you mention must be something that you like doing in your free time or has a past doing it out.  Hobbies are those activities which release out the stress from life and provide happiness and comfort to one.

how to write a cv pdfIf you have an interest in something like cooking mention it about too, no one is going to judge you. The aim CV is to know you, and the only way to make others understand is to write about yourself, your needs/requirements as well.

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6. Past work experiences as employee

You have to mention about any of the past internships that you have done, giving out the information of where you worked and in which field is really important for others to know. Your Past internships are your work experience where you get to learn what all you have to do. You always learn from your experiences it, no matter how small they are.

how to prepare a cvMentioning about the experience helps you when attaching out the certificates of internship as well,  which helps the new companies to know and understand what all you know and in which field you have worked earlier so considering this fact they can think that you are aware of that job.

7. Be Honest in what you write

Always remember to be honest when writing about your CV. If you fake out anything or right false in your CV it will only decrease your chances of getting selected. Being honest helps because the employers read at the CV and then they can ask anything from whichever specialization you have done, and in case whatever you mentioned is false then you have lost it in the trap.

how to make a good cvYou should know what you have written in your CV cause if questioned you have a proper and genuine answer of it.

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8. Focus on the length of the content

While writing a CV you have to maintain the length of your content, basically, you are not writing a paragraph on Myself in the CV. In the CV you are meant to write in points about yourself each point being related to the categories mentioned.

how to make cv for jobKeep it on point and should not be lengthy at all. The length of your CV matters a lot, no one is going to read a CV which is 2-3 pages long. Usually, a CV ends up in 1 to 2 pages, you don’t have to beat around the bush or extend it unnecessarily.

9. Check on Grammar and Spellings

Keep a check on the use of grammar and your spellings. It is suggested that when you are writing a CV it should be in the third person and not the first-person perspective. These are small errors that one should take care of as they don’t put a good impression if found.

how to write a professional cv for a jobHowever, there shouldn’t be much difficulty as you have to keep the length of the sentences small but still, a bit of check is a must thing.

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10. Be formal and Sound positive

Always sound positive with keeping your hopes and vibes high while writing your CV, like the way you write somehow or the other reflects it on the CV. If you write it just for the sake of writing out, the reader gets to know about it as it gives out that kind of vibes to them as well. You are writing a CV which will be presented in a known company, so it is a must to be formal and maintain the decorum of it as well.

how to write a perfect cvAbove mentioned tips are must ones to be followed to write a good CV. A CV gives an impression of how that person is going to be, so when you are being hired in a company you are all unknown to them so you have to keep it that way that they get so attracted, impressed by you that they have to take an interview as a further process. Reading a good CV also energizes the employers as well, because the recruiting process is a long one and there are not many good candidates to be followed up with.

Make sure you go step by step while writing a CV, always remember to categorize the things with the new topic heading so that an introductory to what you are about to mention is conveyed to the reader.  It is not important that you get selected for the Job interview in the very first time you will have to try more and more places probably, so just not lose hope upon this, be positive and maintain your focus.

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