Birthday gift ideas for dad on his birthday in 2020

The best birthday gift ideas for dad on his birthday is mentioned here. Parents are the form of God. We can’t imagine our life without parents. They both are our ideal. Our mother gives us birth. But our father also play a important role in our birth. Their sperm that reached deep inside in mother’s  fallopian tube, fertilised and then we get a life. Though our father is strict but he is humble and so kind  from inside.

They want their kids to be well disciplined, responsible that is the reason he looks aggressive but genuinely he loves his kids which is hidden behind his angry face and stored in the core of his heart and he never shows that how much he loves us. They can’t replace mumma’s love. But we all have a different place  for our father in our heart. Generally, he is strict for sons but he is the king for their princess (daughters). They love unconditionally and remain same forever. They never discriminate between their kids, teach us good lessons,  and bring us a capable person.

Their dream is to fulfill our dreams. They struggle for their kids. So many awakening nights they have spent for your safety. Only they knows our right or wrong. We can never gift them which is equivalent with regards to their service, unconditional love and giving birth. But you can make his day beautiful, enjoyable and memorable. Here are the list of 10 items that you can gift to your dad on his birthday.

Top 10 birthday gift ideas for dad’s birthday

The best birthday gift ideas for dad on his birthday are mentioned below:

1. Clothes

Yes! Clothes. Generally, a dad never purchase outfits for himself. He always serves his wife, kids & his family first. That is the day when you can buy some T-shirts or shirts or jeans or kurta pyjama, he will accept as a gift. And of course! he would say why did you spend so much or they was no need for this, but from inside he would be very happy.

birthday presents for dadOur motive is to keep our parents happy, so it is an good idea to bring him clothes. It may be formal or informal according to his choice. Ask him to wear that on the same day.

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2. Collage

Collage for memory or to throw a flashback on some moments to bring a smile on his face. This precious gift can be kept with himself in diary or hung on the wall in his room. Whenever he will see that, it would remind him of this day and you. Choose some candid pics for the collage. You can choose a led pillow or a revolver or on a tile.

birthday gifts for dad from daughter

3. Watch

Everyone needs watch to know the running time. If your dad doesn’t have watch then it is an another good idea to get him a watch on his birthday to make them punctual or to go with time. This also indicates that you wish for his good time. There are so many branded and customized watches available.

birthday gift ideas for dadIf you have good budget, then can go for fitness watch, which will tell him about his health and remind him to do something.  Any if you want to gift a customized watch, then you need a good picture or a title for the background.

4. Belt

Branded belts or customized belt for your dad is a fantastic idea. This is really common but a good collection in your father’s wardrobe. This is a necessary thing if he wears jeans or pants to make him comfortable. You can choose unique or customized design made up of good quality.

birthday gifts for dad from son

5. Bouquet

Flowers represent freshness. You can choose some fresh, beautiful, fragrant flowers to give your father in his special day. He will definitely keep them in a flower pot or can be used for a decoration purpose in his office or in his house.

good birthday gifts for dad

6. Goggles

In digital world, it is important to cover your eyes properly. You can see this world only by your eyes vision. Furthermore, eye wear are used to protect eyes from dust, rays, or any hazardous chemicals. There are so many benefits of googles. If your father works on computer, so goggle or eye glasses are the best option.


birthday presents for dad from daughterThis enables to work for an extended hours, clear vision and reduce eye strain. Choose a beautiful model of goggle for your dad which suits his face so that he can wear it to protect his eyes. If his eyes are protected then he can see this world.

7. Wallet

A wallet to keep his cash, debit card, credit card, identity card, Aadhar card, license, and cash. These things are meant to be organized all the time so that when there is need of any card there would be no mess in hurry. Choose a color of your dad’s choice and wrap it and gift it without thinking any more. Always remember never gift an empty purse or wallet.

birthday present ideas for dadPut some amount of rupees in the wallet so that his wallet will never be an empty wallet and always filled with cash.

8. Movie tickets

In this hectic schedule, your father does not have sufficient time to go for a movie for entertainment. Just buy few tickets or 2 tickets of an elegant theater and choose the comfortable seats. Keep in mind what kind of movie does he like so that he can go to watch a movie with his wife or his friends or with family according to his convenience.

best gift for father's birthdayAlso make sure that the time of movie doesn’t clash his important work.

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9. Perfume

Many people keep perfumes just for the sake of collection. They get  attracted towards the attractive and unique design of the container (perfume bottles) irrespective of the fragrance. If he also loves to collect, then you can gift a perfume  which would look good in his wardrobe with an amazing fragrance.

homemade birthday gift ideas for dad from daughter

10. Abroad package

This would be most exciting and surprising gift for your father. Going abroad for few days with new attires, googles, camera and much more and leaving the stress here. Everyone needs break from his hectic life for a week for relaxation. If you avail the package, make sure he has passport.

best gift for father on his birthdayIf he doesn’t have then go to passport office and fulfill the formalities and get it before time.

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Cake is a compulsion in today’s time. With delicious cake, thinking of a gift then there some ideas. If you are thinking of any other item like shoes of Adidas, Nike or any other then it is also a good idea. Know his footwear size, check the quality and give him on his cake day.

birthday gift for fatherYou can go for a long drive to spend some hours with your father.

Take him in his favourite restaurant and order his favourite cuisine.

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Or you can go to any resort with your father and your family for enjoying moments (in a pool, clicking pictures) and creating memories and sharing some secrets. He would definitely love this idea.

Another idea is to throw a party or arranging a “Satsang” for his birthday to pray for his long life. This will encourage your bonding.

You can buy any vehicle like Scotty or a car for him if he travels by bus or by taxi for his convenience.

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Office equipment or any stuff which is needed like diary or a pen or a pen holder.

If you have good budget then you may think of few grams of gold like a golden chain, broach, ring, bracelet.  Such things  can be held for a long time and can be use when needed.

best gift for papa on his birthdayHe needs and seeks your time, your love, your attention. Your successes is their success. Our dad is the only person who never feels jealous from your success. He works hard, struggles and arranges cash to fulfill your desires. He encourages you and guides you at every step. So, Love your parents, respect them, be with them when they need you and always bring something special for them. Let your father knows that you also love them a lot. Say I LOVE YOU DADDY/PAPPA and mean it.

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