Best Travel Websites 2020 : Top 10 Travel Websites of the World

Best travel websites are mentioned here. Before reading on further, just take a while to sit back and think- When was the last time you traveled or went for an amazing journey? (be it as a sole wanderer or with your partner/friends/family members). If your trip has been quite recent, you may still be cherishing those amazing moments you spent there. However, if it has been quite a while since you have been on a trip or a journey, it is time to take some days out of your dull and monotonous schedules so as to create special memories.

top travel sites in the worldBy the way, it is not just for memories that we go traveling. It is something beyond that. It is about the bond that you share with people you travel with, the unique taste of cultures and traditions in different parts of the world as well as the experience and confidence you gain out of the whole journey. Traveling, afterall, is by far the best form of freedom that never even gets old. It is fun to travel and discover new ways and values. This is what makes our lives more worth living.

We, as humans are blessed with the ability of seeing, listening, communicating and learning from experiences. That is something which will add more strength and vigour in our lives. So why not put our abilities to good use? Go on journeys, interact with people belonging to different communities, share your own experiences with them, learn about their traditions and practices. Trust me, this is surely gonna turnout as a rejuvenating and enriching experience for you. Try to make sure you don’t miss out on these opportunities. It is wise not to think traveling as a sheer waste of time and money.

best travel sites in the worldI literally feel really bad for those who do not find any joy in traveling and think of it as an extremely dull and boring experience. Answer me this- How can you stay confined within the four walls of your houses? Seriously guys, there is life beyond that and you need to live it, not just merely exist!

Benefits of traveling are countless

Not only does it refreshes your mind, body and soul, but also boosts your energy levels. All in all, it is a good exercise for your emotional and physical well being. You tend to forget about all your worries, anxieties, difficulties and problems when you are out with your close ones traveling. Interestingly, traveling to distant places has healing powers. It relaxes you and fills you with all the positivity. Altogether, you feel as if you are at peace with yourself primarily because your mind is off your day-to-day activities. You may even learn new languages and experience some completely new and delectable cuisines. These moments will be an ultimate bliss! For most of the people, stepping out of their comfort zones is not easy.

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However, when you travel independently or maybe as a part of an organized tour, you enter into a completely different world where you must manage everything all by yourself. This is something that transforms you and and shapes you into a more confident and self-reliant individual. Moreover, one of the best parts about travel is the fact that you get to establish friendships and connections with people across the globe. And who knows, you may go on some incredible adventures with them. One thing is for sure-You will have your next Instagram story!

10 Best travel websites

So, now that we have chatted enough about traveling, it is time to explore 10 best travel websites who promise to give you an exotic travel experience. Here is a sneak peek:

1. HomeAway

This is a widely acclaimed website that was founded by Brian Sharples and Carl Shepherd in 2005. HomeAway offers 2,000,000+ vacation rentals (of villas, cabins, farmhouses etc.) across 190 countries. Their sole aim is to make your entire journey easy, enjoyable and memorable. Hence, they will take care of all your essential needs starting from booking to staying and ensure safe payments.

cheap hotel booking sitesYou can subscribe to their newsletter in order to stay updated about vacation rental deals and packages. You just need to visit their website, enter your destination and then browse through various spaces that suit your style and are pocket friendly as well.

2. Momondo

Another poplar website, Momondo, was founded in September 2006 by Booking Holdings. It is an amazing search tool for finding cheap flights, hotels and rental cars (although its specialty is cheap flights). This website allows you to compare the prices with other travel booking sites and then enables you take wide decisions.

best website to book flightsThis website also provides you valuable information like the cheapest and the most expensive month to travel to a particular city.

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3. Kayak

With its products available in 18 languages, Kayak is a very famous travel website that allows you to see where you can go on your budget and assists you in searching the perfect travel plan for you accordingly. With the help of this website, you can book your flights, cars and hotels at affordable rates. You can even track your flight status at just one click.

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4. Airbnb

Founded by Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, Nathan Becharczyk, Airbnb is a U.S. based company that aims at providing a memorable travel experience to its customers. You just need to enter your destined location, check-in and checkout dates, number of adults, children (age 2-12) and infants (under 2) to start searching for accommodations that are well within your budget.

best website for cheap flights

5. Jetsetter

Founded in 2009, Jetsetter allows its prospective travelers to book hotels with ease and confidence at their choice location. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. They provide expert knowledge regarding the world’s greatest hotels. You can even go through travel experiences of others so as to make an informed decision.

travel sitesIts website keeps you updated with information about exclusive deals that are up for grabs. Jetsetters’ magazine provides you an insight into various travel articles, itineraries and interviews so as to help you choose the right destination and plan for you.

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6. Skiplagged

This is another powerful search engine to book flights at a very cheap rate. They claim to give you travel that you can’t find anywhere else. All you need to do is to enter your location and then search for best deals.

best travel search engines

7. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is a company based in Scotland that enables you plan your perfect trip.You can compare millions of options so as to choose the cheapest flight ticket, best hotel and easily hire a car on the go. This website informs you about daily flight deals and allows you to set price alerts.

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8. Trivago

Another popular website much loved among its customers is Trivago! It allows you to compare hotel prices and get great deals. You can save your time and money by making the best decisions after going through numerous customer reviews.

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9. TripAdvisor

At TripAdvisor, just choose your vacation destination and then learn about most popular hotels, things to do, Restaurants, flights, holiday homes and so on. It is an American company founded by Stephan Kaufer in February 2000.

cheap travel sites

10. Expedia

Launched on July 16, 2001, Expedia looks forward to help you book air tickets, vacation packages, car rentals and get hotel reservations at the best rates.

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So friends, this was all. Hope you find this article resourceful and do plan to go on a trip soon. Live your life to the fullest by grabbing these small opportunities.Thank you.

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