Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Platforms

Advantages and disadvantages of social media are mentioned here. What is social media?: social media means the websites and applications used for social networking, it is now becoming one of the largest means of communication and is gaining popularity rapidly and essentially social media incorporates the online technology and methods it enables you to share ideas, content information and news etc, it has captured millions of users around the world, a few examples of the social media network are Facebook etc.

5 Advantages of using social media platforms

The advantages of using social media are mentioned below:

1. Interacting with people

social media helps us to communicate with others in a seconds we use Facebook, yahoo, snapchat, what’s app, and hangouts etc to interact with the people. In some websites and applications we can interact directly with professional for any help or information for job opportunities in website.

advantages of social mediaSome People meet unknowingly and are still a part of us we can say that long distance relation and friendship exist. Distance makes people bond  more stronger between each other. They share everything and can talk or convey their feelings about each other through video call, chats etc.

Social media made so many relations through few websites to interact with the people who are far way from us in distance but not from heart.

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2. Free to sign up

we can sign up for free not only few websites so many websites are free to start we no need to pay any amount to sign up this is one of the big advantage for us so that we can go through the more number of platforms to know more or to startup any task, course etc.

This is the biggest opportunity for us to know or learn about something in free of cost their are so many websites related to knowledge and helped so many people to use according to their needs. Some websites are open source anyone can learn and develop the knowledge they just need to install and follow the instructions according to the site’s.

advantages and disadvantages of social networkingHere the only thing we have to follow  is submission or timeline, course to apply etc this are available and must follow it.

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3. Knowledge about the surrounding

Through the social media we can know what is happening around the world through the medium like computer, mobile etc there are so many apps to know about the world through just by a notification this social media helps us in many ways. If we have no idea about the surroundings world then we can’t achieve anything.

Knowing about surroundings may help you to be unique, if you are going for any job then knowing about the company is important you can know through  the social media by ratings and reviews, vision of a company or any website.

benefits of social mediaYou should always be aware about what is going on around you so that it can help you to what to talk or how to react to the other people.

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4. Popularity

Social media helps you to connect too many people through the world wide network if we have a account and signup then we will have our own profile this social media helps to share information if you have a unique content then people get attracted to it and share the information to their own followers because people love sharing through this the content becomes viral and you get famous among all.

advantages and disadvantages of social media for studentsSo many people became famous because of their hidden talents people came to know and recognize the people who are talented and made them famous.

Social media is so instant that it can spread the information faster and people can become famous in one night.

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5. Helping the needy

This social media helps the people who are in need as we saw so many stories that social media helped their life. The person called Mr. Towers has created a Facebook page and he helps the needy people and their are so many people like him around the world that is still helping the needy through the social media.

Social media helped people or still helping people by some campsites by denoting blood etc, helped so many people’s life and also helped to encourage people who gone through their difficulties  just by sharing.

advantages and disadvantages of social media essayIf any incident happens around us we can help them through social media by spreading the information around the world to get any kind of help.

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5 Disadvantages of using social media platforms

The disadvantages of using social media are mentioned below:

1. Fake information

The false information spreads very faster than the true information on social media. People gets attracted soon to the fake news emotionally and usefully then they share the information with others and those people share this with some people this process continues and then this finally creates a problem. Some incidents happened because of fake information so, don’t trust easily because it may lead to anything you must know which is correct and wrong then only support the information.

Sharing the information is not only a advantage it also has  disadvantages we must share which is really important and think this is helpful or not.

merits and demerits of social mediaSo many fake information will be than the true information the fake information spreads faster than the true information so must be careful think before whatever you do because you are not just sharing, its related to public and it may lead back in many ways.

Some people for their personal gain they pass the wrong information and gets profit because of us because without knowing we share the information and it spreads throughout the world.

2. Privacy issues

Because of social media the people are involving in hacking also. By doing this kind of activity they will know all information about you. The Personal gain motivates them to do so. By knowing our mail id and password also they can theft the data and can also pass the wrong information which leads to bigger problem. So, we should keep our data protected and secured.

explain the advantages and disadvantages of social mediaSecurity by connecting your account to many media helps you to know what’s going on by getting the notification.

3. Time waster

Because of social media many people are wasting their time by checking their social media accounts like twitter, facebook and integral etc, checking how many followers you have or how many likes your latest post got it is not important to check the social media for every few minutes. Limit your time if there are very important things to do. The younger generation is wasting so much time on social media instead they can use the same time on other websites which are beneficial.

short paragraph about advantages and disadvantages of social mediaDon’t everytime spend time In game websites etc the online games attracts many people and the people waste their time on this type of social media network where their is no benefit.

Time is so valuable so use your time in smarter ways.

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4. Relationship problems

Online and offline are the two major roles in an social media networking which kills the relationship if one is online and other is offline and liking and commenting on other pictures then they think in a negative way about their partner. Social media can cause tension, stress etc. Keep your relationship private and don’t spend unnecessary amount of time in social media keep your personal conversation personal.

disadvantages of social mediaIn long distance relationships or any kind of relation the social media is so important for them they expect many things to spend more time with them and if they be offline and don’t contact each other then the bond between them cause tension. Always think about your partner positive true love is not always talking with each other be true with heart not by thinking in negative way.

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Comments also have advantages and disadvantages where as advantages helps to encourage the people where as negative comments leads to lack of emotional connection, feelings. Keep in mind that negative comments will show that you are honest say sorry if it’s your fault. Comments are used to give suggestion and feedback so that they can do it better than before.

Some people get mentally and physically, emotionally so depress and this make their interests and expressing their feelings towards others will be hidden and may not ready to share their thoughts and knowledge.

disadvantages of social media for studentsSo never judge people by negative comments be positive and share positive your comments should be encouraging so that the people can do happy. Comments are the way to succeed the people in social media. Comments are not only comments it’s an happiness of others so never comment negatively.

So, these were some top advantages and disadvantages of social media for students, business and families.

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