Best flight booking app of 2020 : Top 10 Apps to book flight tickets online

The best flight booking app is mentioned here. This article is about best app to book flight tickets online. The reason behind making apps to be installed on your phone software is to make access on the go, without any much longer process. Booking out a cab, hotel, rooms and even flight is all just made to happen in one go. Many apps allow all these things in just one place whereas there are certain specialised apps for certain purpose only.

Apps can be installed on mobile phones and can be used by just adding your account details for once by signing in and then you are good to go. However, there are many apps to serve one purpose only and cause confusion in the minds of the people as well. To get over the with the confusion below is the list of best apps to book flight tickets on the go.

10 Best apps to book flight tickets online

The best apps to book flight tickets are mentioned below:

1. TripAdvisor

This app is good to just make a mind map of your entire trip. This best app to book flight tickets can be installed freely on any mobile phone through their play store or google store. The users can easily compare out the fare of the different flights thoroughly.

best app to book flight ticketsIt even allows you to compare out the prices of different flights for the type of your destination, and also gives us an entire route and nearby places to visit and save them. The saved map of the places can be used while travelling and not get you lost for sure in an unknown place.

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2. SkyScanner

This app has a lot to give out travellers around the world. It plans out the entire trip, makes sure that you get the flight which fits and saves your budget as well. In case you don’t get a cheap flight at the moment, it gives out the alerts whenever there is a cheaper flight available even from a different review yet merging into your selected one.

best app for cheap flightsThey do not take any booking fees or neither though any cancellation charged are added.

3. Kayak

This app organizes the travel plan by giving around hundreds of searches relating to flights. It gives out all the possible sites prices which are cheaper from the other one. This app gives out the full details over the flights, like what time will the security check begin, how much time for the travelling and all these services are for free.

cheapest flight booking appYou even have an option of creating a price alert on the flights and whenever the rates fluctuate, you will be notified so that you do not miss the deal.

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4. Kiwi

Flight tickets are usually really expensive and not everyone can afford them even if compared prices are given down. This app gives out a much cheaper price as compared to the other websites. Their policy is to make flying affordable for everyone and everyone must be able to see and enjoy the comfort of being in a flight.

best app to find cheap flightsIf there is any connectivity issue from the app site then give out all free services to the user as a compensation reward from their end.

5. EasyJet

When someone is travelling alone for the first time in their life, family usually has this fear of they being okay in the flight. This app takes care of this tension that develops in the mind of the concerned families by having an option of being able to share out the flights travel status via Facebook, google+ applications so that the concerned families can be tension-free.

best flight search appThis app allows you to add on your passport details as well to have a hassle free security check-in.

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6. Hopper

As the name suggests hopper app is best for hopping around the world via flights. The best thing about this app is that gives out a full month coloured calendar, this coloured calendar is made to help distinguish between which time of the month will be the best time to book tickets as they are at their cheap rates and at which time it is most expensive.

best flight ticket appBooking your flight tickets in advance is usually a very good option because you book at low rates and can even get good offers as well.

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7. Momondo

There are people who prefer categorization of cheap flights, expensive flights and the best top rated ones in separate lists. This apps gives the flight list in this way only, segregating the flights as per the requirements of the users by having a filter option where the user can choose out the preferences and the list will show up on the app accordingly.

best app to book cheap flightsAlso if you cannot decide on where to go then it gives out a map of all the destinations that you can be at with their airfare mentioned as well.

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8. CheapOair

This app helps out in managing the itinerary, choosing out the seat and meal type on the go of booking out the air ticket. It also has the option of the filter if someone wishes to go for cheap flight tickets and comparing it with what other sites and other flights have to provide.

best flight booking app for android mobile phonesIt has a record of saving 65-70% of the airfare as compared to other flight booking apps. However, they do have offers during vacation times to make more users fall on their app.

9. Hipmunk

This app understands what are the needs of its users and accordingly sets out the plan for their trip. They inform the about how many stops are going to be there in their overall journey along with how long will it be with having a special filter option names as “agony” filter.

best app for booking flights and hotelsBecause when in flight especially in a long one people do get irritated with long flights and cannot decide on what to do. So keeping this in mind they have developed this filter so that one can gather out his/her mental strength.

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10. OnTheFly

This app doesn’t allow you to book your tickets on the go on the app, but gives our a proper search on the available tickets as per the users preferences. This app sets out what you require during your journey with how many stops to be included, what type of seat/class you wish to travel in, how many adults, and what all offers are available as well in that particular flight.

top flight booking appsWith a thorough research done you can then book out the admired flight with the affordable airfare of your choice and enjoy your journey. However, booking of the tickets can be done through the website of this site.

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With the mentioned list of the apps you can easily access to your tickets on the go. However, most of the apps are supported by both kinds of software be it Android or iOS. Sometimes depending upon your region of the country the “Appstore” has certain apps that have to be paid to be used. This list of apps have been used by many users and with their ratings only have been in the list of best apps around the world for booking out flight tickets. Hope you find out the best/affordable/comfortable flight to travel on. So, now download the best flight booking app to book flight tickets online in advance.

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