Best Hotel Search Engine : Top 10 Hotel Search Engines of 2020

The best hotel search engine is mentioned here. This article is about Top 10 hotel search engines that you can use to search nearby hotels and for booking hotel rooms online. We all have been to different locations in our childhood at the time of our vacations and still need to go to different places for meetings and occasions. The first thing that comes to our mind while thinking of going to some place other than home is a nice hotel to stay. Earlier there weren’t a lot of methods of booking hotels and stuff. But, now we can do that with just a few clicks over our mobile phones.

So, today I have a list of some of the best websites which you can use if you want to find a good hotel at reasonable prices in literally any place of the world. These websites compare the prices of different hotels and show you only the best deals for you. So, let’s begin.

10 Best Hotel Search Engines

The best hotel search engines are mentioned below:

1. Trivago

Trivago is India’s most used online hotel search engine and is ranked at number one on the basis of its popularity. The Trivago got famous because of its interesting ads on Television between matches and other serials. I have used Trivago and personally feel that it is the best website to search for best hotels at very low and reasonable prices.

best hotel search engineThis is the cheapest hotel search engine that compares online the prices of different hotels as per your location and price range set by you. You can even find luxurious hotels too and many a times, at the seasonal time, you can get high discounts also.

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2. Booking

It is a part of Booking Holdings Inc. and offers a lot of options to its customers to choose from. Majorly all the hotels are registered in this website and hence you can easily select the best one out of a pool, as per your preference. Te best part about this website is that you can book even hostels and apartments too through this website.

cheapest hotel search engineYou can book hotels at any time and also, the services of this website are great. At any given point, you can compare the prices of any hotels and then select the best option as per your preference.

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3. Hotels

This website is really famous and easy to use because of its numerous filters for the category of hotel rooms that you would want. provides tons of filters lie, room with pool, centralized AC rooms or non-AC rooms etc. and that too after comparing the prices of all the hotels serving those types of rooms.

best hotel search websiteIts direct searches provide you moderately priced rooms with good ratings and if you want, you can always specify your range in the filters. It even provides the facility of booking flights for you and making trips for you.

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4. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is mostly famous because of its best ratings at each place, whether it be play store or app store or even the website too. It is among the top hotel search engines that provides the best hotels as per your preferences and timings too. You can easily get access to the list of hotels that would be the best ones for you.

best hotel booking search enginesThey provide you even those hotels which would be the best for just staying indoors and click great pictures too. After entering your destination, you would get a full list of all the hotels available in that area and can even put on the filters to choose the best kind of room that you want.

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5. Expedia

Expedia is an all rounder website that features not only booking hotel rooms, but even booking cars, cruises or event tickets too. This website is better as this is a website that you can not only use to book the place of your stay, but book even all the tickets and bookings of your whole trip.

best hotel room search enginesThis website is usually used to book a whole trip, from taking the flight to coming back home, each and everything. Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz are all owned by Expedia Inc. so, you won’t be looking at much difference among the pattern and display of these websites.

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6. Agoda

Agoda is a new name and provides you with options of booking hotels rooms as well as homes too. The Agoda homes are said to be the best at cleaning and providing the best accommodation to its guests. The best hotel search engine has a list of one of the best luxurious hotels too that you can book easily and also at some good discounts.

top hotel search enginesThere are many times when Agoda provides much better deals on same hotel than any of its competition. This most popular hotel search engine provides a good selective list of hotels as per our filters and the prices are also very reasonable.

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7. HotelsCombined

The Hotel options in this website are shown much clearly and the procedure is also comparatively very easy. You can easily book hotels on last minute too using and this is also good for family trips as well as college friends group too. This website gets approximately 9.1 stars on play store and app store which is really remarkable for any app in this market.

best cheap hotel search engineThis shows how great they are at customer satisfaction and also at helping their customers 24/7. You can even book a hotel room in the morning and within an hour, your room will be ready, this website is this good.

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8. Priceline

Finding a Perfect hotel for your trip is a really straightforward work for this website. The prices are not even a penny higher than any other website of this scale. This website even has an option of showing the prices after adding the tax amount on the price too.

best hotel price search enginePriceline has its express deals where you can easily avail high discounts on your bookings. And if any discount doesn’t work, firstly, you will be charged with that amount but within 24 hours, it will be refunded back to you. If you are flexible with booking any hotel in the place, then you can easily get very cheap hotel rooms too.

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9. Orbitz

Orbitz started something new in the market that on every hotel room booking, you will get 1 Orbuck which is equal to 1 dollar but these orbucks can only be redeemed in hotel booking, not on flight tickets. So, this too attracts a whole lot of customers. Orbitz is also one of those websites which is very easy to use and can be used to book online rooms as well as hostels.

best search engine for hotelsThis top hotel search engine compares the different prices from all the hotels and shows you the best deals that are easily available to you at reasonable prices and also as per your preferences.

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10. Travelocity

Travelocity” is like a full package website that can be used to book everything for a big trip of yours. This best hotel search engine offers bookings of flight tickets, hotel rooms, homes, car renting, cruises and other travelling activities. And you can even save money on booking all the things like tickets, car and rooms, all at the same website.

best accommodation search engineYou can even save 10% more by creating an account on this website for absolutely free. Only a few hotels provide more discounts to members, but something is better than nothing. Package rates are expected to be lower but sometimes the rates may be a little higher too, as per availability.

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So, this was all for the list of 10 best websites to be used for booking hotels online. I hope that this list will help you find the most suitable hotel as per your choice and also help you to book other related facilities too. These aren’t the only websites in the market but they surely take care of your needs and are customer friendly too. So, the next time you are making bookings for a trip, make sure to use any of these websites and compare a few deals before booking.

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