Best Dating App in India of 2020

Best dating app in India is mentioned here. Dating apps are best suited for the singles. Dating application  is the new source of  finding your soul mate. Internet has made the life easier for everything. If you are not able to find your partner, don’t worry there are various dating apps that will help you find your partner. Dating apps offers you to set your relationships but dating on these apps may  also have drawbacks too. As everything in this world has pro and cons. Finding your partner from the dating app may bring change in your life but you never know the intents of the other person, it may be right and it may be wrong.

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Be careful while talking to any stranger, know them well and then go for a meet.  But these dating apps provide security measures to keep its users safe from the fake accounts. You can report or block that account. Furthermore, these apps track the accounts and delete the fake accounts. You have choice to choose your match and start talking. Here is the list of best dating apps in India.

10 best dating apps in India

Here are the best free dating apps in India discussed below:

1. Tinder

Tinder has become popular among every age group. You need to make an account and find your matches according to  your choice. It becomes difficult to make friends beyond our friends circle but here on tinder you can easily socialize your life.

best free dating app in indiaIt’s a great way  to find your match or  a friend. It is not mandatory to find only your partner, you can also find a friend. Only those profiles will be able to message you, to whom you’ve given like can contact you. It is easy to access and makes good matches.

2. Happn

Sometimes we find strangers cute and sweet and want to talk to them but we know that we cannot meet them again. There is a solution for this, Happn app. Here you can catch up people you met someone in the metro or a bus stop. You can open the app, catch people around you and give them heart. Here matches are called crush.

best online dating app in indiaIf two people heart each other, it’s called crush and not match. After crushing you can talk. You need to careful, as the one who looks good by face may not be good by heart or opposite may happen. Be careful and make smart decisions.

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3. Bumble

Bumble app is easy to operate for new ones. There is no complications in using this app. If you like someone’s profile, swipe right if you don’t, swipe left. It is simple to use. You need to connect your Bumble account with your Facebook account or link it with your email id.

which is the best dating app in indiaBumble even ask you to access your location, to find people nearby you. You can pay for premium subscription if you want to  match up your profile quickly. And don’t forget to upload an eye catching picture so that you receive many hearts and a good match on bumble.

4. Trulymadly

To operate trulymadly app, you need to set up your account with some basic details about you like your name, age, occupation, hobbies, etc. This app also provide some amazing games on the app, you can play games and can use funny and amazing stickers while chatting. You need to link your trulymadly account with Facebook, LinkedIn or with your email-id.

best dating app for married in indiaConnecting your account with Facebook will be more beneficial as it gives you more rewards. You’ll come to know about your friends who are using trulymadly app. Just like other dating apps, you can mark a cross or right on the profiles that you like. And after that you can make contact easily.

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5. Woo

Woo is the dating app which mainly focuses on the interest of the people. This app provides voice calls, it is an advantage for girls to net share number. Both can use voice calls for talking instead of messaging each other.

online dating apps in indiaThis app is focuses more on the educated personalities. This app creates a good match for the partners. If you like someone’s profile, swipe right and if you don’t like, swipe left. This app also needs to connect with  Facebook to access the woo account.

6. Okcupid

Okcupid is a dating app which allows you to go for your preferable matches. You can use this app both on mobile as well on desktop. And for further step connect your okcupid account with Facebook or email-id as per your preference.

top dating apps in indiaYou need to provide your basic information about you like name,  occupation, likes and dislikes, age, gender etc. After that, okcupid will ask you certain questions and you are provided with the skip option, if you don’t want to answer that question.

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7. Badoo

Badoo is an excellent  dating app to chat and meet new people. This app provides you to track how many badoos liked your profile. You’ll get to know how many profiles voted for yes and how many for may be.

top 10 dating apps in indiaThis app even notifies you when there are new badoo user. You can even rate the pictures of badoo user if you liked their profile or picture by clicking on “rate this picture’’.

8. GoGaga

Gogaga is a dating app which  focuses on serious relationships. This app will help you and your single friends to find their partner.

popular dating apps in indiaSign up your account with Facebook or with your mobile number, upload your pictures that must be eye-catching so that you get the match easily. Make your profile attractive and funny. Be specific as per your needs.

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9. Hinge

Hinge is a dating app which allow two people to interact and find their soul mates. To find your perfect match, you need to sign up with Facebook or with LinkedIn account. Dating on these apps is so affordable. You can give a heart if you like the profile of the hinge user.

best dating appsIt is easy and simple to use and make contacts with different people. This app will save your time in finding the right one for you. This app is free but for the premium subscription you need to pay.

10. Coffee meets Bagel

Coffee meets bagel is a great free dating app which finds perfect matches. This app is best suited for women. In this app, bagels are send instead of hearts like other apps. It is easy and quick  to access and within a week you can find your match.

free dating appsThis app focuses more on quality rather than quantity. You can add at least 9 pictures on your timeline. This app provides tutorial to the beginners.

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