Best Laptop Brand in India of 2020

Best laptop brand in India is mentioned here. Laptops are those portable devices that can be used in workplace, educational institutions, for playing games, internet surfing etc. it is definitely better than computers as computers have various components interconnected with each other whereas all those components are stored in a single laptop only. They contain both input and output components. It is portable in nature as we cannot carry computer as well as its components at each and every place. Laptops have good battery life than components. They have better performance than the computers. Size of laptops are observably smaller and because of that they can be kept anywhere in the drawers also. Laptops make comparatively less noise than computers. Computers are slower than laptops in terms of keeping data up to date and backing up things.

10 Best laptop brands in India

Here are the best laptop brands in India mentioned below:

1. HP laptop

It stands for Hewlett Packard and is one of the widest varieties of laptops used in India. This brand provides both regular and gaming laptops as well. Some of the important HP laptops sold to thousands of customers are HP pavilion, HP OMEN, HP gaming pavilion and many more. About thousands of customers are linked with HP.

best laptop brand in india under 40000HP provides windows 10 home single language 64. By providing 8 GB DDR4- 2666 SD RAM, it is quite popular all over the world. Since they are quite latest laptops so their price ranges from 50,000 to 95,000. HP is very trusted brand among customers. It is available on many sites like Shopclues, Amazon, Walmart.


DELL is quite popular all over the world. This brand provides 8th generation Intel core processor. Not only regular laptops but gaming laptops are also available for customers. DELL laptops have almost every component in it that’s why their price ranges from 30,000 to 62,000. Some of its popular laptops are DELL inspiron, DELL XPS, DELL Alienware etc.

best laptop brand in india under 50000Due to its attracting features more than lakhs of people are connected with DELL as customers. They produce quality laptops which can satisfy customer’s needs. To buy these laptops one can visit sites like Amazon, Walmart, 2gud etc.

3. Lenovo

One of the major priorities of customers in terms of laptop is Lenovo. They provide high quality laptop which is in our budget. Price range of each laptop can vary from 30,000 to 52,000. Lenovo provide all types of laptops which includes regular, gaming, business etc. These laptops are provided with Intel core processor in it.

best laptop brand in india under 20000They sell best quality laptops you have never seen before. These laptops have powerful discrete graphics and overlookable CPU. These are available on sites like Amazon,, and Walmart etc.

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4. Apple-Macbook

One of the most desired laptops in India. It is a type of operating system that lets you do things that you simply can’t do with other computers. It works hand in hand with icloud to keep photos, documents and other stuff up to date on your device. Apple is quite expensive among all the laptops and their price ranges from 30,000 to 80,000. You can ask Siri to find any file or update them automatically.

best laptop in IndiaSiri is also a good source of entertainment for customers. It has some advanced technology built in for encryption, crash-safe projection and data backup. You can easily transfer your data from windows to Apple-Macbook. This laptop brand have enlisted it’s laptop on sites like Amazon, EBay, shopclues, Walmart etc.


Another best company whose reliability is high and price is good. ASUS sell regular, business and gaming laptops. Some laptops that ASUS produce are ASUS Zenbook, ASUS Vivobook, and ASUS TUC gaming. These laptops are quite popular among India as well as US, Mexico, Canada and many more countries.

best laptop brand in india under 25000ASUS provides 8th generation Intel core processor. If you are interested in by their laptop you must know that their price ranges from 30,000 to 70,000. These laptops provide powerful performance and portable perfection. These are available on sites like Amazon, Newegg, laptopmag, Walmart etc.

6. Acer

One of the best laptop producers at mostly affordable prices. You can choose any laptop because Acer produces both regular and gaming laptops. Some of its best selling laptops are Acer Aspire, Acer Predator and Acer Nitro etc. Their laptops have proved to have powerful performance in competition with other laptops. Its price ranges from 20,000 to 75,000.

best laptop brand in india under 35000Acer provides 8th generation Intel core processor for its customers. It is quite popular and is highly preferred by the customers all over the world. These laptops are available on sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Shopclues etc.

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7. Samsung

One of the major laptop producing companies which is very popular in India. Samsung provides interactive touch screens in their laptops. These laptops come with windows 10 already installed in it. Samsung let you browse faster and for longer life. It provides their customers with 8 GB RAM which is a big necessity nowadays.

best laptop under 20000If you are looking for a Microsoft laptop then you must know that its price ranges from 20,000 to 60,000. Today lakhs of customers are linked with Samsung because of their laptops. These laptops are now available on site like Amazon, EBay, Walmart, Shopclues etc.

8. Toshiba

Another quite popular company for manufacturing good quality laptops. It provides their customers with Pentium dual core processor also upto 5 GB SDRAM. Some of the important laptops sold by Toshiba are Toshiba Satellite, Toshiba L-50 Notebook etc. In India Toshiba laptop’s ranges from 25,000 to 65,000.

best laptop for studentsThese laptops are available in vibrant colours like red, ice silver, black etc. lakhs of customers who have brought Toshiba laptops are quite satisfied with their choice. These laptops are available on sites like Laptopwala, Newegg, LaptopMag, BestBuy etc.

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9. Google

It is impossible to imagine someone who doesn’t know Google. Now Google has launched new chromebooks which update automatically in the background.  It has the best of Google built in, Google playstore and multiple layers of security.

top 10 laptops in indiaYou can add mobile apps also on these chromebooks. Its price ranges from 40,000 to 70,000. You can choose between different shapes and sizes available. It is all rounder as it can be used for education, business, gaming etc. It is available on sites like Amazon, Walmart etc.

10. Sony

One of the highest selling Laptops is made by Sony. They provide their customers with at least 13.3 inch of screen. Customers can choose between different colours available for laptops like red, black, silver etc. The price of Sony laptops can vary from 30,000 to 95,000.

best laptop under 30000It provides excellent performance and portability for customers. Sony provide upto 4 GB SDRAM. These laptops can be found on sites like Amazon, Indiamart and Shopclues etc.

So if you are looking for new laptop and want to forget your old laptop or if it is your first time laptop buy then what are you waiting for choose any of the brand from above mentioned list and you will feel satisfied with your choice.

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