Best Lipstick Brand in India of 2020 : Top 10 Lipstick Brands in India for Dry Lips

The best lipstick brand in India is Lotus Herbals. There are many lipstick brands that have awesome shades and can make you look more beautiful. So, here I am going to tell you about top 10 lipstick brands in India that have became the most popular lipstick brands in India. Make-up Brands are one thing that no one girl be it married or unmarried likes to compromise with. Make-up is something that will be treated as paint over the skin, so one has to be very careful about it. Choosing a good make-up brand involves a lot of testing at first instance and the most healthier ones are almost likely to be out of our budget as well.

We can say out of all the makeup things available lipstick is one category which is used most of all. Lipstick is almost used by every single female on this planet. To begin with all the brands one must always see out the budget they have because it is good to spend money wisely.

Top 10 Lipstick Brands in India

There are many brands under lipstick, which causes a double confusion as there are many shades as well to chose out while buying a lipstick. But mentioned below are the best lipstick brand in India that you can rely upon when it comes to buying a lipstick.

1. Lotus Herbals

This brand has been in India when our mom’s got married. So you can eventually see the difference between the kind of product they make and the product we see from the newly made companies as well. There pricing is not at all expensive, it is affordable by anyone.

best lipstick in IndiaLotus Herbal is famous for having that herbal ingredient in their product and that is the reason it still in use. Lotus Herbals is the best lipstick brand in India.


Avon company is a British set-up, known for the quality product that it has. The “Avon” has been in direct contact with the sellers or the markets, it doesn’t believe in selling out the product through a third medium.

top lipstick brands in indiaAvon has been able to expand its business in India in the very initial years of the launching. It does provide up with genuine quality and many vibrant shades of lipsticks that can match up with your skin tone.

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3. L. A Girl

With the motto of- “Beauty for All”, they plan out to stand on it as well. Presently L.A Girl is the most trending lipstick brand in the market as it is affordable, provides up with good shades and makes sure that they do not damage out the lips just for the sake of giving the customers the colouring effect.

best lipstick brand in india with priceL.A Girl has all the latest design of the lipsticks that come into market be it matte or metallic. This brand has been recently used by many customers and no as such news has been heard off.


Sugar has been a US-based cosmetic and is in the list of my best buyers as well. This brand has the perfect soothing eye colour shades that do not pop out much to the eyes and stay for long hours as well. Sugar has it’s best ranges in the category of matte lipsticks.

best matte lipstick brand in indiaUsually the Matte lipstick at point of time makes your lips much dry, whereas you will never face such a problem with this brand. It maintains the smoothness of the lips along with the colour applied.

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5. MAC

Makeup Art Cosmetics, earlier this cosmetic brand of Toronto just focused onto the makeup products for models and professional makeup artists. Later on, it expanded its growth over making the products avail to the public as well. However, this a bit costly brand as compared to the others but it maintains it’s standard and surely proves to be one that is definitely worth buying.

top 10 lipstick brands in indiaThe makeup product offered by this brand focuses on Cruelty-Free beauty. MAC was not sold in India initially, it has got it’s popularity recently as the new generation grew up.

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6. Lakme

Lakme is one brand that has been much affordable and appreciated by many people around the globe. The “Lakme” is one brand that has been used in India since the old times, and probably it can be said that once it was the “MAC” of its time.

best lipstick brand in india for dry lipsBut now the situation is reversed, however not everyone broke their relationship with this brand but its popularity did decrease. With the launch of a new category underneath it as Lakme Absolute it has tended to get its popularity back.

7. L’Oreal Paris

One brand that has been in India for a long time. The journey that has been done by L’Oréal Paris is unmatchable. However, not all of its lipstick tends to be the perfect and suitable of the exact shade for the skin tone but they somehow manage to at least get some profit out of their products.

best organic lipstick brand in indiaThere are many other tough competitors to it, and due to this as well people are more attracted to other ones as they are much cheap than this one and offer a variety as well.

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8. Faces Canada

This brand came into India very recently with the first of its product as nail paint and later introduced its other make-up products. None of the cosmetics with the brand name of Faces have been tested over the animals, they are made from nourishing proteins and enriched in anti-oxidants. However they do cause out a bit of allergy over the sensitive skin.

the most expensive lipstick brand in indiaThey have lipstick as smooth as crayon and then getting into the liquid form as well. they offer out way high pop colours but have a good pigmentation of it.

9. Maybelline India

This one Brand is the one you will never regret to buy. I personally enjoy buying lip shades of this brand, they are not even of many high prices but are in the affordable zone as well. The shades they have carry a wide variety and hence the texture as well is really good as well on applying.

top 10 best lipstick brands in indiaThis Brand gives out the best lipstick products as it is gluten-free. You can surely be blindfolded and trust in this brand for your lipstick collection.

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Revlon was the pioneer in setting up the beauty industries in the New York City, with its grate and successful reviews it now has its products range expanded to health care, hair accessories and much more that can be explored. The lipsticks under this brand have the perfect shades as one can wish for.

top ten lipstick brands in indiaThey have the best combinations of red shade as compared to any other lipstick brand. Choosing certain specific colours is a tough job to do however, through all these years we actually are able to get aware of it.

Ending the brand journey of lipstick, I am pretty sure you will find at least two shades from the above list that can mesmerize you with their uniqueness. Else the option of trying out is always open for everyone. If you surely know to test out the Lipstick Brand then you can choose up with the above-mentioned list, and you will not feel bad about putting your money in wrong hands for sure. However, you must have to be particular about the type of shade you want to have because that is common mistake that girls make out while buying the exact shade. So, these were the top lipstick brands in India. Hope you find out the correct shade from the list and dress up accordingly.

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