Sites Like Locanto of 2023 : 10 Best Locanto Alternatives of 2023

Sites like Locanto can be used as Locanto alternative option or in replacement to Locanto. Well Locanto is among the top free classified websites that people use to post free classified ads online on internet. There are some best Locanto alternative sites that you can use as replacement to it. If you are not getting much response on your free classified advertisements. Many other similar sites like Locanto are also running very good on internet. People often use those websites to buy and sell things online just like Locanto. Here in this article I am going to tell you about some best free classified sites like Locanto that are popular worldwide for posting free ads on internet.

What is Locanto ?

Locanto is a free global classifieds website that is also popular as free local classified site in the world to buy and sell things in local areas. This top classified website was founded in 2006 by the Yalwa (Owner of Locanto). It is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers meet on internet to do trade. Sellers post advertisements of the products and services that they are willing to sell. Whereas buyers visits to the posted advertisements and contact the seller if they are interested in the offerings. Locanto offers users to post classified ads on their website in various classifieds categories. You can place free classified ads in below categories:

A) Fashion and Beauty

Fashion and beauty section is for the fashion lovers and beauty lovers. You can buy and sell fashion related products as well as beauty products in this free classifieds section. Sellers sell fashion accessories, jewelry as well as men’s clothes and women’s clothes in this fashion classifieds category. You can also buy/sell the health products and beauty products here.

B) Baby and Kids

This category is dedicated to the stuff related to baby like baby clothes, baby stuff, toys and games. So,if you have a baby in the house and looking to purchase some baby products like kid’s clothes then you can find some best kid’s wear here in this category.

C) Personals

This is a free personal classifieds category that is made for adults only. Here in this section people posts free personal ads for fulfilling their personal needs. For example ads related to dating, hookup, friendship and marriage. The personal classifieds ads section have some sub categories that are mentioned below:

If you are looking for a partner in your life then you can post personal ad describing about your personal needs. So, if anybody is interested in becoming your partner can contact you.

D) Hobbies

Now remove boredom from your life by involving in some activities related to your interest. There are many hobby classes that run around you where you can improve your skills in various areas. For example: cooking classes, music classes, art classes and sports. You can join hobby classes as well as can buy hobby equipment.

E) Home Equipment

To buy home equipment like furniture, home appliances, office furniture, pet supplies and other items you can visit to this classifieds category. People sell new and old home stuff by posting free classified ads in this classifieds section. So, you can purchase new and used home equipment from here.

F) Real Estate

Are you willing to buy or sell a plot, home, apartment or looking for a place on rent? Then the real estate category is made for you where you can find homes for sale, houses for rent, lands for sale, apartments for rent, rooms for rent and office for rent in this real estate classifieds section of Locanto site.

G) Electronics for Sale

The electronics classifieds section is for those who want to buy and sell electronics equipment. People mostly reach to this section to find below electronic equipment for sale:

  • Phones for Sale
  • Cameras for sale
  • Laptops and computers for sale
  • TV for sale
  • Music system and video games

H) Books for Sale

Do you like reading books? Well it is not possible for all to buy new books every time when they read books a lot. Many of book readers prefer to checkout used books for sale. So, they can purchase cheap books and can again resale them on internet. You can buy text books and novels, etc in this book classifieds section.

I) Vehicles for Sale

To move from one place to another vehicle have became our part of basic needs. Some people buy new vehicle whereas other buys old vehicle. For buying a second hand vehicle the best free classified sites is very helpful as they have vehicle classified section inside them. Vehicle classifieds category comprises of following sub categories like:

  • Bikes for Sale
  • Trucks for Sale
  • Cars for Sale
  • Bicycles for Sale
  • Boats for Sale
  • Motor parts and accessories, etc

J) Services and events

The service providers advertise their services on service classifieds websites like Locanto where they can reach to the targeted customers. A person needs to take many kinds of services in their life. For Example:

  • Automotive Services
  • Career Services
  • Computer Repair Services
  • Construction Services
  • Creative & Design Services
  • Event Services
  • Health Services
  • Beauty Services
  • Home Services
  • Insurance & Financial Services
  • Legal Services
  • Moving & Storage Services
  • Office Services
  • Pet Services
  • Real Estate Services
  • Travel Services
  • Web Services, etc

To find a nearby service providers in your area for above services. You need to visit the free classified websites like Locanto having service classifieds category.

K) Jobs

Job seekers often visit to some best job search sites and best job portals for job hunting purpose. But along with these job platforms they also check for latest job vacancies on some best job classified sites like Locanto where employers post job ads for free. Those who are looking for a job can find jobs near them in following sub categories of jobs section:

  • Administrative Jobs
  • Bank Jobs
  • Call Center Jobs
  • Training and Internship
  • Engineering Jobs
  • Government Jobs
  • Hospital Jobs
  • Travel Jobs
  • Marketing Jobs
  • Sales Jobs
  • Teacher Jobs
  • Cook Jobs
  • Driver Jobs
  • Accounting Jobs
  • Work from home Jobs
  • Part Time Jobs and Other Jobs

So, visit the best job classifieds sites now to find current job openings in your area.

Best Locanto Alternative Site

Craigslist is the best Locanto alternative classifieds website having almost all free classifieds section similar to Locanto. It is the most popular classifieds website in the world. In fact, craigslist have many more categories where you can meet buyers and sellers on internet. It is the oldest online classified site on the internet with having millions of active users making it the best Locanto alternative site.

10 Best Free Classified Sites Like Locanto

Here are some best free classified sites like Locanto that are popular worldwide in all countries to post free classified ads for advertising. People reach to these best online marketplaces to buy and sell products and services online on internet.

1. Craigslist

Craigslist is the oldest classified website in the world. It was founded in 1995. This free classified site is devoted to jobs, housing, vehicles, services and electronics. The website was very much popular for it’s personal section before that is now no more. But the other sections are running very well.

2. Nearby Me 2

It is the global classified site that is a new Locanto alternative site operating worldwide. The website became very popular in the first year of incorporation. This website have categories like pets for adoption, used cars for sale, jobs, used mobile phones for sale, services and homes for sale etc. Millions of user rely on this free classified site like Locanto.

3. Bedpage

The name sounds similar to Backpage. Isn’t it? Well this is an new Backpage alternative site on the internet that is quite similar to Backpage. Let me tell you that Backpage was one of the most popular free classified site in the world that got shutdown in past time. This gave rise to a new classified site like Backpage i.e Bedpage.

4. Olx

With the tagline “Olx pe bech de” this is another famous classified site for buy, sell, rent and hire all most everything. Olx was founded in 2006 and is running across 60+ countries in the world. This website allows buyers to send messages to seller to show interest in the advertisement posted on their site. The Olx enlists verified items and verified profiles also. So, that customers can rely on the products and services for sale on this website.

5. Oodle

Oodle is the fastest growing online classifieds website where you can post free ads by following some simple steps. You can do free sign up on this local classified site like others explained here. After doing sign up if you are a buyer then you can search for the product or service that you want to buy whereas sellers can post free classified ads in different sections according to the product type that they want to sell.

6. Gumtree

The Gumtree have sufficient gum to make you stick to this another classified site. The best thing about this free local classified site is it’s easiness to use. It is very simple to use this site and not only adults but kids can also use the website to find products and services enlisted for their use.

7. Quikr

The tagline of this website is “No fikar bech quikr”. It is the fastest classified site in the world that was started in 2008 and is a good competitor of Olx classifieds. If you are planning to buy used furniture and don’t want to travel outside for it then Quikr is a nice website to use because they delivers you the second hand furniture at your home by charging you some extra amount for it.

8. Free Classified Ads

The name of website is sufficient to explain the nature and work of this website. To post free classified ads on free classified ads site is very much easier. All you need to do is just do a sign up using your social media accounts and then click on submit Ad. Fill the ad details and add some photographs to make your classified ads attractive and then publish it.

9. Ebay

Ebay is the most popular online marketplace in the world where you can buy almost all things as it sells everything on internet. Visiting to this website is worthy because it can help you in getting products as the cheapest prices on the internet. It is a giant player among all the best online marketplaces present on the internet.

10. Hoobly

This is the last among all best free classified websites like Locanto that I have explained here. As I am explaining it in the end doesn’t mean that site is not good. Well it is an excellent free global classified website that you can use to post free ads online on internet to do trade. You can buy/sell/rent/hire old as well as new stuff from this site at the cheaper prices.

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