How to become an IAS Officer in India in 2020?

How to become an IAS Officer? : Here is the answer. Every profession is respectable as long as you respect it, it is entirely upon that person how he/she thinks of their profession as.  Some people have this fire inside them to serve for the country, and for such people, there are posts of IAS, IPS, IRS and other civil services. When a person thinks of getting into any one of these civil services he has to have a brave heart and great determination.

One of the respected profession under civil services is much popular among the youth today is getting selected as an IAS officer. The journey to becoming an IAS Officer is hard, one who aspires to be one has to buckle up from an early age as possible. IAS officers are a bridge between the public and the government, who listen to the grievances faced by the public and help to get the solution with assistance from the Government.  Few of the tips and steps that can help become an IAS officer are given, but they are only helpful if one truly has that zeal to become one.

How to become an IAS Officer?

To know “How to become an IAS Officer?” read following points:

1. Time Management

Being an aspirant of becoming an IAS officer, you should firstly keep in mind the tactics of time management. This one technique just not only helps to be one officer but after that too. The work of an IAS officer is never-ending, they have to manage time for everything as you decide to serve for the country you cannot ignore the responsibilities of your families after becoming an IAS officer.

how to become an ias officer after 12thTime management helps up while you have to prepare for the examination of Civil Services as well. We have to give in the hard work and smart work to crack the examination, and time management is under smart work because there is a lot to study to clear the Civil Service exam.

2. Eligibility Criteria

You must know the basic details of who can be an IAS officer, the foremost requirement is to be a citizen of India. The exam to be an IAS officer is conducted by the UPSC. The appearing candidate must be of 21 years on 1st August of the year of examination and not more than 32 years of age possessing a Degree from any Indian University or an equivalent educational qualification.

how to become an ias officer after 10thIf you are a candidate from General category you have maximum attempts of 6, if a candidate from reserved category maximum attempts of 9 or unlimited to appear in the exam till the limited age period.

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3. Knowledge of the Syllabus

Thorough research on the syllabus for the examination is a must. One must be knowledgeable of what all will be coming in the UPSC civil service exam. The syllabus is all about current affairs, history, geography and English up to 10th standard level, Science and Technology.

how to become an ias officer after graduationThere are websites all over the internet which provide the instructions that must be taken care before appearing in for the examination and how many exams will be conducted as well. If knowing the syllabus then only you can manage your schedule.

4. Read Newspapers Everyday

The best way to increase your knowledge on the current affairs relating to politics, law, Economy is to read newspapers. There isn’t any better mean to increase your knowledge by reading newspapers. Newspapers deal with all kinds of news all over India, and that too giving out the true news nothing is elaborated or from their side mixed-matched news.

how to become an ias officer step by stepTo crack the UPSC civil service exam you must know what is happening in your surroundings and by surrounding the area is extended up to the whole of India.

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5. Be Practical

Being an IAS officer is a tough job you have to deal with situations where you cannot just be emotional about it but rather apply your brain and think and then come for a solution. Being practical towards situation helps in thinking towards a broader scenario and not just narrow.

how to become an ias officer after engineeringTo enhance this up you should give yourself or put yourself certain situations and then think of how will you solve it out, this will help you think more towards practically.

6. Strengthen Up Your Concentration Level

To study well full your exam you need to have a good concentration power, you shouldn’t be able to get distracted easily. Having a focused mind is necessary as it will help a lot in grasp a lot of things and even the minor details as well which are often neglected.

how to become iasMeditation is a very good exercise as it helps in focusing at things well. Always try to create a study environment when you are preparing for the examination.

7. Practice Mock Exams

Mock exams are effective when you want to give exam for IAS. The question papers of last five years are easily obtainable all over the internet and also some self-made mock questions by different tutors online are too available.

how to become an ias officer after 12th commerceGiving out such mock exams helps you manage the time that you have to spend on each question, understand the pattern of questions, along with the difficulty level. Practicing mock Exams will help in getting into the flow of giving the exam and you will not feel new when giving for the first time.

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8. Keep Your Hopes High

Sometimes, it is not important that you clear out the exam in one go. It is quite possible that you might have to re-appear for a few more times and in such process, people tend to lose hope of ever getting selected. But always remember that more and more you practice it makes a man perfect.

how to start preparing for iasSo all those previous exams where you were not able to clear up are your practice exams and the finale is yet to come.

9. Understand and Value the Profession

This is a really important step that should be understood by the one who chooses this profession. IAS officer is a respectful civil servant having the duties that make a district, city-run smoothly and effectively. You need to know what your part and duties are after becoming an IAS officer.

how to prepare for ias examIf you have the zeal inside yourself to work/serve for the country then nothing will be taken away from you. Respect the profession it will respect you!

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10. Prepare A Mind Map

Mind map is a representation of what all you have to do in order to achieve your goal. Since you are goal oriented of becoming an IAS officer then your entire mind should be on becoming one. Start up with your preparations on an early stage probably one year before, distribute your syllabus and focus on which exam has more weightage than the other.

steps to become an ias officerAlways have day wise targets to achieve and do not procrastinate upon anything. A mind-map can be placed in front of your eyes so that you can easily remind yourself what all have you missed during the day.

These were the few of the ways which can act as a guide to become a successful IAS officer. It is a difficult path for sure but then more said is the right path to grab upon everyone’s attention. It is your focus, hard-work and Stamina to achieve the goal should be high. Have good morals, and you will be able to find out the way through everything and anything. No matter how much people criticize you for being into this profession it is your choice and thoughts and chose it yourself so be proud over whatever you are doing.

The future of this Young India lies in the hands of this young youth who have a lot of energy to go through everything, but what is required is bit more of maturity which grows with time.

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