How to get a girl to like you?

How to make a girl to like you? : The best way to make a girl to like you is mentioned here. Opposite gender attraction is common in nature. In this era, it is not so complicated to attract a girl. However, there is no universal formula to apply. Preferences, circumstances and environment are the factors which may vary to allure. Most of the guys want to date many girls as he can. The person who enjoys the company of women is known as playboy. On the other hand, some boys are reserved and resist to express their feelings. They won’t understand the sign of love. After all, it is not easy to understand a girl. Read this article till end to understand “How to get a girl to like you?”.

how to get your crush to like youIn real life, there is no filmy drama or love at first sight. You can’t enter in her life like a hero like a movie. It takes time to impress,  interact, communicate and express feelings. Don’t imagine yourself in a fantasy world. In school, institute or at work place you start liking a girl. After reading this, it would be easy to execute the first step of making a girl tempting towards you and become the centre of attraction. According to survey, usually girls get attracted by appearance, money or status. However some believe in true love story. If crush is from both the sides then it is okay but if it is only from one side then you have to learn some tips and work on it. Here are few tips or techniques to make your crush to like you.

How to get a girl to like you?

To understand “How to make a girl to like you?” read the below mentioned points:

1. Make her comfortable

This is the most important thing to remember when you are with a girl. Always make your girl comfortable. Choose a right place where she can sit and talk with you for a long time without any disturbance. Don’t touch her without her permission. Open the door of the car of her side. Ask her for a hand and go inside. When she is going to seat, pull the chair for her. Start some small talks. Know her priorities, hobbies and her preferences.

how to make a girl to like youTry to generate some interest from her. Don’t discuss about boring things. Make her laugh by good jokes. Give her good vibes. Let her know that she is in the best comfort zone with you.

2. Take care of her emotions

Girls are sensitive and emotional while boys are little bit egoistic. If a girl is crying and a boy gives her a tissue paper rather than mocking. It signifies kindness, sincerity and shows that he possesses soft corner for her in his heart. Girl will start thinking about you.

how to make a girl like youIf you will take care of emotions, your girl will get attach with you emotionally and mentally soon. Go shopping with her, this is the best way to pull her heart and understand her choices.

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3. Show some attitude

Well! Girl is  attention seeker. It would hurt their EGO if a guy ignores her. And they become desperate to talk him and think how he could do that. Now she is seeking your attention. Start moving around you or will ask you some irrelevant questions. Somehow, conversation begins. But never play with her emotions. Attitude some be limited to certain point or else it would show that you are arrogant. No girl would get attracted to such person.

how to make a girl want youKeep yourself clean and tidy. Appearance do matter to drive attention. Keeping attitude and a little bit ego will pull the girl to you and hurt their ego. Then the question arises in their mind why is he not paying attention? Am I not looking good. Suddenly she starts feeling like butterflies in her stomach.

4. Catch her by surprise

Everyone loves surprises. A boy needs to understand what her girl wants. Amaze her with some attractive and customized things. Ask her for notebook and return it with some surprises like movie tickets. Bring her some beautiful gifts. If she is looking for a date, then go ahead. Play some romantic song. Lit scented candles over the dinner table. Propose her in a different manner in public. Order her favorite cuisine without letting her know. Spend some time alone and stretch it as you can. Fetch her to her home or else where she wants. More surprises, more memories.

5. Make her feel special

Your girl is special because you are with her all the time. Let her know that how lucky she is. You possess good qualities, many girls are after you but your eyes are only on her. The things you can do for her, no one else could do that. And of course, you are also very fortunate to have her in your life.

how to get a girl to like you over textLet her know, how precious you feel spending time with her. Why she is important in your life? Tell her, how your future would be like without her. Listen to her attentively while she is talking to you. Profess your love with confidence.

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6. Showing respect

Respect is what girls are looking for. If a boy respect a girl, she will feel the luckiest person on this planet. In public, always support her and if she is wrong correct her in privacy. Respect is the other term of love. It shows that you are understanding her culture, her perspective and her feelings. Honour her culture, tradition and family. These are  the common etiquette.

how to make a girl like you over textNever compare her with someone else. She is yours so respect her. When you enter into a classroom or a workplace, give her a smile. She would definitely love that.

7. Give her Compliments

It is equally important to compliment your girl time to time. Start complimenting with her eyes, heart and beautiful soul. Say her about the outfits she is wearing. And obvious, her lipstick. Your compliments are going to play in her mind on a repeating mode.

how to get a girl to like you backShe will start mumbling your name. Thinking about you would bring a pleasant smile on her face. And smile indicates that she is interested or attracting towards you.

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8. Loyalty

Girls want a genuine person. Loyalty is the most precious trait which they are looking for. If you speak truth to your girl always you are earning her trust in you. They feel insecure with other girls so clearly state her if you talk some one else and what were you talking about. This tip is not binding you with such compulsion but you will gain her trust this way.

how do i get a girl to like meUsually a Lie and leave are complementary in boy’s life. If you are a liar, so one day your girl will catch you and leave you. Never make fake or unachievable promises and don’t lie about your past. Never ever play with her feelings. Provide her the knowledge and facts of your background. If you would be loyal, she would remain loyal for you forever. You will have the best one if you will remain loyal to your girl. This lead to long term relationship.

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9. Give freedom

Just like birds, girls also want to fly high in the sky. They don’t want any restrictions in their person life. Freedom make their heart tied with you. If you don’t let her free, she would feel boredom and start disliking you. Freedom is the only things which she always wants in her life. Let her wear what does she want. Don’t let Outfits be a part of conflicts. Let her do if she wants to do some kinda job. Support and encourage her.

how to make a girl like meGirls really seeks for freedom and she wants a man who doesn’t put any obligations. She can go for night out with her friends. Bounding her for silly things should not be the subject matter of separateness. Don’t be over possessive or else she will run away.

10. Work hard to fulfill her dreams

Boys always make promises to her girl. But are they really putting their efforts to have future together? Are they keeping their promises? Are they still loyal to her? Girl wants a hard and smart working man to fulfill her desires. Tell her, how many efforts you are going to put to make her life partner. How will you earn to satisfy her? Money is the important aspect.

how to get a girl to like you through textYour six figures salary or handsome amount of revenue will impress her. Without money, she won’t like to be with you . Every girl loves luxury life. Let her live with that comfort.

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If you have money, luxury car and a good heart then it would be easy to make a girl yours. Or else work hard to bring or add luxury. Nobody would decline to have precious objects in their life. After all, they are going to tell their friends that her boyfriend has a luxury car.

how to make a girl like you in high schoolGirls have plethora of desires. They want outing, long drive, and want to go on a world tour. Understand her what she wants. Apart from these tips, many other facts also matters a lot. To impress a girl she wants a thing from you i.e, your precious time. How much time you are spending with her. Are you giving her priority over busy schedule?

If she is giving you time, sometimes showing you tantrums means she is expecting something from you and really interested in you.

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Overall, these tips would definitely work. For long term relationship or successful relation there should be a contribution from both the sides. If it is not working, never pressure any girl. It all depends on the basis of her situation, mind, choice, mutual understanding, or any preference. Her life her choice. You have only a chance to steal her heart by doing these few things. You must respect her decision and give her your time. Your girl will start paying you attention. Your creativity or pleasant surprises and gifts will steal her heart and make her feel special. Don’t talk silly and never give  absurd answers. Be the first person who could help her when she needs. Be humble and kind for others too, this would be admirable by your girl. Take care of her sentiments. Never compare your girl with any other girl. And remember make a right choice.

Dreams come true when you see dreams and give your cent percent to accomplish it in limited time. Make your dreams come true with our dream girl.  Now I hope you have understood “How to get a girl to like you?”.

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