How to improve communication skills?

How to improve communication skills? : Here is the answer. Communication is one of the most important skill that one must possess. The Communication skills can be improved with efforts and time. Communication is an integral part of everyday life. People have to communicate with each other every moment. Each and every person must try to be very careful with their actions and how they communicate. Communication skills are required in all the organizations and at every stage. Effective communication helps in easing out tedious works and helps in the overall development of the organization. Communication involves a sender, receiver and a message transmitted through a media (medium).

10 Strategies to improve communication skills

This article helps you to improve your communication skills by keeping some simple steps and suggestions in mind. The following are certain ways that might help you improve your communication skills.

1. Be a Good Listener

A key part of a good communication is ample amount of listening skills. To improve your communication skills, you should constantly work on you listening skills alongside. Listening skills are equally important and necessary in one’s life. Plato once said that Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.

improve communication skillsTo be a good communicator you need to be an excellent listener so as to reply according to the needs of the situations. Listening carefully will always give you an edge and offer a better way of learning. Always listen before you speak and think if whatever you are going to say is important enough to be said.

2. Communicate your Ideas Freely and Precisely

While engaging in any communication, you do not know if your receiver is in the correct state of mind. If your listener is tired or not in the correct frame of mind, they might not be able to understand whatever you communicate. Hence, to be a good communicator, keep your message and ideas as precise as possible. You must be clear and concise so that you are understood. Being understood is another integral part of a good communication.

how to improve english communication skillsNever keep yourself bottled up with any thing you might want to say. If you know, you are not crossing any lines of limits, communicate freely and don’t hold back on yourself.

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3. Correct Body Language

Whenever communicating face to face, always keep in mind that communication is not only restricted to the verbal part that is your conversation. It is made up of many small and equally important factors such as the non verbal communication. Whenever you are in conversation with your senior you must always be formal with your conversation and use a single language medium. When going for a interview you must never be lazy but keep your posture upright.

how to improve your communication skillsYour correct body language, posture, personality and attitude are all parts of non verbal communication that matter a lot.

4. Face to Face Communication

Whenever you are communicating face to face, always remember whatever you need to communicate. Keep notes and flashcards so that you don’t forget the important things you need to communicate. You must also ensure that you communicate the most important things precisely in the beginning.

how to improve communication skills in the workplaceAlways keeping your listener engaged and interested in your conversation is of utmost importance. When you are a listener always try to be careful with what others are saying and give honest feedbacks and replies.

5. Communications through Technology

Technology is a boon unless it starts hampering your real life. People these days tend to chat a lot and due to extensive chatting they include absurd acronyms in their day to day lives. While communicating through technology, one must always keep informal chatting and its acronyms out of the conversation. There is no space for assuming that the person you are communicating to knows all the meanings and keywords.

how to improve my communication skillsWhile communicating through technology always ensure to read before you hit the send button. Always check for spelling mistakes and grammar. Whenever on calls, try to be in a quiet environment or avoid making haste calls.

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6. Feedback

After you are finished with your conversation, it is advisable to take honest and short feedbacks or replies. Replies and feedbacks. Feedbacks and replies are the only way that will tell you if you were being understood or not.

how can i improve my communication skillsA good communication is incomplete without a proper reply or a feedback. Never keep your conversations unfinished or delay them. Take feedbacks regarding the way of your communications or if you need any improvements.

7. Keep in Mind the Communication Barriers

There are end number of communication barriers. Some of them are semantic barriers, linguistic barriers etc. When you are communicating always ensure that you are away from all the noise and are in a peaceful environment.

strategies to improve communication skillsWhile engaging in a communication, try to communicate through a language that is understandable by all the people involved in the conversation. Apart from this, always ensure that a smallest noise can cause a hindrance in the communication.

8. Practice

If you are a new learner of a language or are going for an interview always practice. Make situations that might come in front of you in the future and try to practice them. This way you will be able to improve your speaking skills and communication abilities.

tips to improve communication skillsPractice makes a man perfect and it will surely help to hone your communication skills and will also help you boost your self confidence.

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9. Avoid Digressions

While communicating try to always avoid digressions and mini conversations. Try to stick to your point and communicate one thing at a time. Never over communicate and give away too much information that might not be needed.

best way to improve communication skillsAlways keep your voice as shortly and as politely as possible. There is nothing worse than ten conversations and not even one of it complete. Always try to move in a sequence so that you don’t mix information and miscommunicate.

10. Check who is your Audience (The Receiver)

While communicating, try to always keep in mind who is your audience. Communicate according to your audience and their needs. They must be your priority. Always think yourself as a receiver and think if whatever you are communicating is worth their time and energy.

steps to improve communication skillsSo always try to “break the fourth wall” which means to communicate perfectly enough so that the audience understands and comprehends with what ever you are saying.

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Each and everyone has always tried to make the best out of communications. You always try to be perfect when you are talking to someone. Hence, through the article we try to impart the basic and easy methods that you can use to make yourself a better version of your own. Now I hope you have understood  that “how to improve communication skills?”.

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