The Most Interesting things to read on the internet when feeling boredom in 2020

What are some interesting things to read on the internet? : The answer of this question is well explained here in this article. Many times our readers feel boredom in their life and they ask us to tell about some interesting things to read on the internet. So, today in this article we are going to tell you about some top 10 interesting websites to visit when feeling bored. The internet is a vast network providing you with all types of information, knowledge and many other things and it is not limited to only few websites but many. Sometimes just sitting over the internet you can browse through different websites offering you fresh interesting content.

Gather all the interesting websites and add it to your browser’s bookmark list to check it during your free time. You can simply become a treasurer while sitting back at your chair and exploring the web.

Top 10 Most Interesting things to read on the internet when feeling bored

The internet being so vast and deep it is sure to get confused as to which are the top websites to read on the internet. Here are the top interesting things and websites to read on the internet in your spare time. Have a read.

1. Bored Panda

When you are keenly interested in discovering new content and also have a look at some of the visual content then Bored Panda is the right place to visit on the internet. The content found here are really visually appealing. This blog publishes updates daily based on travel, photography, illustrations, DIY, technology, designs and various other cool topics on different categories.

i want to read something interestingYou can create an account for free here and become one of the pandas in this website and also up-vote or down-vote the contents published here.

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2. Brain Pickings

When you are bored it just does not mean that you have got to read only cool things or funny things on the internet but also have a look at some of the knowledgeable facts to gain more knowledge and sharpen your brain. Brain Pickings is a very popular website which is run by MIT fellow Maria Popova. You can expand your knowledge through the contents posted in this website. The content in this website are amazingly useful and though provoking.

give me something interesting to readThe owner of the website Maria Popova herself does all the researches and writes each post. You just need to subscribe to this blog after which you’ll be able to add some good books to read in your collection.

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3. Vsauce

Vsauce is a popular and common YouTube channel run by Michael Stevens and currently has 13 million subscribers which is really a good amount of subscribers. The main focus of the videos is to show educational content.

something interesting to read on the internetFrom the videos we get to know about different amazing topics mostly similar to the modern day science guy Bill Nye. On this particular website you can browse through the videos and select accordingly across all the vsauce channels.

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4. Oddee

If you love to read about weird stuff then this website is right one for you. Oddee is one of the largest and popular website which features all the crazy, strange and bizarre content probably the ones you can’t just find anywhere. The blog contains a number of lists, photos and videos.

something interesting to read about lifeThere are so many categories to look which are art, signs, places, objects, ads, science, medicines, home, design, names, people, gifts, stories, technologies and much more.

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5. 9GaG

Known to be the visual content of Reddit. It a community centered blog where the members of the community up-vote or down-vote posts and the post with the most votes get pushed up to the top. You will find mind blowing posts at each section of this website.

interesting things to read onlineOnce you sign up to become a member of the community then you can start up-voting or down-voting posts and also comment on posts and upload your own content too.

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6. Mental Floss

Visiting and reading content on mental floss will actually make you feel useless even when you are bored. The website focuses on answering the life’s most interesting questions. Here you can read articles, check lists; play quizzes and take a review on some of the interesting facts by mental floss from science to pop culture.

i need something interesting to readSo, if you are eager to learn and explore more then make sure to visit this website during your free time.

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7. Laughing Squid

This laughing squid blog is famous for presenting all the wacky, interesting and amazingly weird content. Here you will come across all types of highly visualized posts regarding art, culture and technology but it contains mostly photos and videos. The website is update regularly with freshest content and new topics.

cool stuff to read on the internetFor a casual browsing or if your schedule is busy and you want to have a relaxed free time then make sure to visit this website as the posts are published in short to attract the viewers.

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8. Buzzfeed

The most popular term heard among the teenagers and youth and is viral over the internet mostly on Twitter and Facebook. It focuses on contents which are viral, newsworthy and pointless. This company is one of the first companies which took inspiration from the onion.

something interesting to read onlineThis blog even offers quizzes, listicles made of GIFs, breaking news, long format journalism, humorous and funny GIFs and articles. In addition to this you will also come across funny photoshopped pictures. This site is the best distraction and the perfect blog to waste time even when you are bored.

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9. Little Alchemy

This website is really fun time killer. This website mainly focuses on the process and transformation of various things when we mix it all together like starting with earth, fire, water and air. The objective is to create as much objects and different materials as possible.

interesting things to readFor example if you mix air and water then it will create dust. Just mix and match according to your wish there are no certain rules and regulations to follow. When you do such stuffs you won’t even come to know where your time flew off.

10. TED

It is a powerful organization which spreads knowledge and ideas. “TED” is a non-profit organization hosting conferences across the world where all the people share their different ideas and experiences through short speeches.

most interesting things to read when bored at workIt is recommended to check out this website while wearing headphones. You will mostly find subjects here on which you are interested and you can choose accordingly.

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