Today’s current affairs : Top 10 websites to read latest current affairs of 2020

The best websites to read today’s current affairs are mentioned here. Learning about the current affairs of one’s country and the countries abroad is one of the key responsibilities of a modern citizen. Whether it is business, politics or finance staying updated about current issues will always keep you one step ahead of people around you. Moreover most of the competitive exams ask questions on current affairs. Today I will talk about 10 such websites that will keep you updated about any recent changes made in cultural, economic or political fields in the country.

10 Best websites to read today’s current affairs

The best websites to read today’s current affairs are mentioned below:

1. The Quint

People who are interested in Bollywood gossip or issues pertaining to the field of politics or sports can explore this website to stay in touch with any hot topic. The website accounts for more than a 150 posts per week and brings to you interesting and entertaining facts about the on-goings in the country.

current affairs

2. TOI

TOI website is one of the topmost online news portals of the country that will enlighten you about recent updates. Hundreds of columnists work hard to bring the latest news to you so that you can browse through upcoming events quickly without any cost.

daily current affairsBe it sports or any youth movement, TOI is always there to keep you informed.

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3. Deccan Chronicle

One of the most efficient online news portals that will help you with trending news about actors, artists, politicians or sports persons. You can always have access to an archive of images and statements from experts that will help in understanding a topic alien to you.

latest current affairsLearning about current affairs is a responsibility. Deccan Chronicle also posts its updates via Facebook and Twitter handles.

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4. Scroll

The online news portal can come in handy if you are looking for news that don’t feature on mainstream news channels. Starting from minority reports to communal riots, Scroll makes us aware of current issues in and around the country.

new current affairsScroll is the home to hundreds of journalists who toil day in and out to bring the best reports to you.

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5. Business Line

If it is the field of business or finance, Business Line is the best of its kind. The website is popularly known for its advanced research works in the aforementioned industries. The website analyzes the market, does statistical survey of shares and even keeps you posted about latest innovative gadgets and technologies.

business current affairsPeople willing to pursue a career in these industries should keep an eye on this website whenever possible.

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6. Outlook

With a rapidly growing country one needs to be aware of the concerning spheres that revolve around it. With the help of Outlook one can gain enough knowledge to understand the current scenario of the nation. Be it related to Kashmir or the Adivasis of Bastar, Outlook is omnipresent.

most important current affairsThe website uses vivid images and intimidating reports to satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

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7. Daily Excelsior

This news group is one of the leading online news portals of today’s era. Their reports mainly revolve around political and judicial functions of the society, bringing in hundreds of reported news every week.

national and international current affairsThe website does a critical study of issues that go unnoticed and develops the reader’s mind to ask questions about today’s society. One of the best portals in the market, the Daily Excelsior attracts a major portion of the youth community.

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8. TechGenYZ

Keeping its perimeters closely around the sphere of technology and gadgets, TechGenYZ is surely one of its kind. Its global outreach will help you to compare with the innovations and inventions in the countries outside.

current gkThrough this website you can learn plenty about social media platforms, digital marketing opportunities and hundreds of startups. If you have a knack for the virtual world and microchips, this is definitely the site you are looking for.

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9. NDTV News

The popular news TV channel launched its website for effortless scanning of current affairs. The website does widespread research on all fields including fashion and entertainment. Its content includes pictures, video clips, articles, etc. on numerous recurrent affairs of the country.

gk current affairsNDTV News” also covers international news updates and delivers intriguing contents like live video feed.

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10. The Indian Express

Much like other online news portals The Indian Express has gained popularity in the recent years. The site will present you with critical reviews on more or less every field alongside editorials. If you want news headlines on world affairs this website will also bring updates to you in much less time.

best website for current affairsPeople appearing for competitive exams can keep an eye on this website for an endless supply of news updates on areas like finance, sports and even religious affairs.

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Hope you will find this article useful as learning about current affairs will make you a better citizen!

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