Top 8 Websites to learn something new everyday in 2020

The best websites to learn something new everyday are mentioned here. Are you looking for a platform to learn something new?? We have an answer for you. All these websites provide skill enhancement courses and other courses for free of cost. Make every day count. You have a treasure to hunt from in this list, its your call to choose which platform to learn from. So why holding on?…

8 Best websites to learn something new everyday

The best websites to learn something new everyday are mentioned below:

1. Quora

Quora is a website we use almost everyday. It as answers to almost everything. It is an American operated questions- answers website. People can post their queries, and anyone can answer the unanswered question. It is a very big platform, to contribute,communicate and consolidate information.

learn something newThey have an application for both iOS users and Android users. Whatever be your question- history, general knowledge, politics, English, Mathematics, arts, cinema, pop culture… anything and they will have an answer to your query. I have personally come across PhD scholars, professionals, teachers, students, post graduates..a wide variety of people using the source as a resource to them.

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2. Curiosity

This is one of the sorted information apps ever. They need just a few minute of yours¬† and you will know the world. They help you learn with a mix of text, images and other techniques. Curiosity is a growing app. The “Curiosity” have a website as well as app for both iOS users and Android users. They come out with their user journals which is free for their subscribers. They have premium services facilities.

learn new things everydayJust a few minutes of your day, it could be while you are travelling to or from your workplace, during breaks, at subway stops or when you are getting bored, try curiosity app. It is a good way to keep up with current affairs which otherwise you would have missed out. Keep yourself updated with curiosity and feed your curiosity with curiosity the app.

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3. Blinklist

Sometimes we are not updated with what is happening around us due to our busy schedules and work stress etc. Blinklist is a apt recommendation for them. They curate news according to personalized information of the users and other customization. They boil-it -down to almost 15 minutes of news.

learn something new todayBlink List have free as well as paid facilities for the customers. They have premium services facilities as well. hope, you use it.

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4. Quiz up

Quiz up is a free app where users can connect with other quiz up players worldwide. They have different levels for different users, starting from naive to expert level. They can choose their desired category  and start playing. Users can customize their account to their choice. They can play with a friend or with the computer or play with a virtual user from another country.

i want to learn something newThere are various categories to choose from and provides new information to the users. Through constant quizzes, users can test their knowledge too and learn something new everyday.

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5. Trivia crack

Again a quiz app where in a trivia like style quizzes are taken. This is a app for all ages. They have quizzes for users of all ages absolutely free. There are various difficulty level and it is up to the users on which they want to start.

new things to learn everydayTrivia crack can be your best friend when you are alone at home and bored, or in a sleepover night this could the game you want to play, or trivia crack can assist you in your pizza nights too. You just need to know when you can use it!

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6. Yousician

Who said you need to own an instrument to learn how to play an instrument? You don’t need an instrument to learn an instrument. If you bought one, don’t throw it away. If you don’t have you can use Yousician. You can learn guitar ,piano, bass and various other instruments here.

learn something new onlineThey have different difficulty levels and the teaching method is easy to follow. Give it a try this weekend. You can up your level at your own pace as you feel comfortable. There is literally no rush. No pressure no competition.

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7. Dictionary

This is filled with information generally we do not know. There are innumerable words to learn. Start with probably one word in a day and move ahead. It would really help you with your communicating skills, writing skills and more. Learning a new word every day and then using it in your day to day vocabulary will bring you confidence in your speech.

best way to learn something newYou can learn any language in this way. Learning even few new words would take you a long way, and your slightest effort in learning few new words will take you a long way.

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8. Health IQ

Learning and knowing about our body and health is important and it is equivalent to a life skill. This is so because, we would be having proper knowledge on what to eat, how to take care of our body and what to do when the need arises. Schools should make it a point that students learn about real life through knowing better about health care, nutrition etc.

best websites to learn something new everydayIf this is not a service you received at school ,then “health IQ” is at your rescue. They will help you with all the doubts, tips and give you a lot of information about health and wellness. In this age you need to know what you are, what you are made of.

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