How to book bus tickets online in advance?

How to book bus tickets online in advance? : The best way for booking bus tickets online has been discussed here. Answering to this question, how to book bus tickets online in advance? It just takes few minutes to book a ticket in 10 easy steps which I will mention in this article.With the updated technology and market automation, work can be done while sitting at home in less time. But some people still go to the ticket counter to buy tickets or they need an agent to book tickets and they find it easy just because they are not familiar with the changes or they are not able to adapt with technology.

Book ticket from anywhere and anytime. Online booking is always hassle free, convenient and simple. It saves our time and money. Now a days, huge family book their own bus for their comfort and privacy. They are available on time and comfortable for travellers.

How to book bus tickets online in advance?

In case of emergency, just open the app and check your seat and book the tickets anytime (24*7 service available) after learning the steps.  This article will  guide you, how to book bus tickets online in just 10 easy steps.

1. Planning

There are few components which matters a lot before buying tickets. First thing and activity of every step is planning . It is a process of setting goals. Good planning reduces the cost. Without planning you cannot execute any action.

how to book bus ticketPlans made at the last moment makes everything mess. You will be confused or stuck in many things  if you won’t plan in advance. So in order to avoid the higher price of booking at last minute, you must plan for the place you want to go.

2. Financial Budget

It is necessary to look at your budget while choosing conveyance. You want to travel by which class like Ac bus, non ac bus, sleeper bus, mini bus, double decker bus, hybrid electric bus, etc. The fare of each bus varies according to the facility provided. It depends on you by which bus you want to travel to make your trip better. So why to pay more?  No need to spend out of your budget.

how to buy bus ticket onlineNever make more payment for the service which is available at lower price on other site. For instance, hotel. Some apps give 10% discount for the same room of the hotel and some apps give more than 10%  for the same.

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3. Mark on the calendar

Whenever you make plans, you must see the dates and upcoming events on your schedule. Choose your free time slot or weekend for your journey date.

how to reserve bus ticket onlineAfter deciding the dates and marked on the calendar, choose the timing for travelling according to your preference like morning or evening or night and the availability of the bus at that time.

4. Choose an app

There are so many applications to book bus tickets like RedBus, ClearTrip, Abhibus, MakeMyTrip, Travelyari, TicketGoose, eTravelsmart, paytm bus booking, etc. They are not only online travel organisation of bus operators but also an authorised influence.

how to buy online bus ticketSome of the apps gives 10% or 20% cash back offer. Check the reviews of each app and install the app which is suitable for you.

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5. Sign up

Sign up or Log in to your app through any of these devices named as mobile, computers, tab or laptop. Choose the language then it would be easier to operate. Fill the required blanks with your details such as name, mobile number, address, email, pick up point,  location where you want to go, etc. Select  the date of arrival and departure from the drop down box and match the time of the bus.

how to book cheap bus tickets

For example

(If you open the RedBus app then)

A small dialog box  “20% off upto ₹ 250 for first time users  and coupon code : FIRST” will appear. Tap on ‘book now’ . New page with the route sign appears. A blank is given near word ‘From’, choose the pickup point from the cities and choose the drop point from  the option  ‘to’. A journey day page will appear. Select the day (today or tomorrow or any other from the calendar). So many options will come in the next screen along with time, class description, how much time will be taken and fare of the buses. Select according to your convenience. Suppose if you choose super luxury Non-AC 2+2=push back, picture of seats will appear. Some seats will be shown like shaded or darken means they are already books and others are available. Select your seat by tapping on it, description of  fare will appear. Tap on done then a new page will appear for passenger information like mail Id, mobile number, name , gender, age, tick on bar of travel  insurance. On the next page apply offer code if any, and choose your  payment mode. Then your request will be proceeded. Type user name and password if they ask you and wait for OTP. Type the security password and tap on confirm. Payment confirmation message will be there.

6. Accommodation

You must have to choose hotels to stay when you are going out of the town. Since, you have already selected the dates of your journey, the hotels which are available on those days will be appear in your option.

how can i book bus ticket onlineMany websites brings offers, deals, and huge discount, so wisely choose your hotel according to your budget. And you can’t carry heavy luggage with you for a long time, so keep in mind while checking for the hotels nearby the bus stand or nearest to the dropping point.

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7. Travel Insurance

Life is uncertain and full risk. It is always recommended to check the insurance policy offered by the app or website. In case of any emergency, this will help you in medical benefits.

how to book ticket online for busIt will pay for losses that may occur during your trip. Travel insurance includes medical expenses,  trip cancellation for any reason, lost luggage, bus accident, etc.

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8. Meal service

You may ask for the food service provided by the bus or the hotel. If you prefer only vegetarian, then express it clearly while booking.

how to book bus pass onlineAfter all, you are going to some unknown place, you are not going to search for food/ hotels after travelling a long distance. So it is their responsibility to serve the meal on time.

9. Choose your seats

It is important to choose seats wisely.  It is easy to check the availability of seats online. If you want to book the seat in front or back or near window or with your friends, then confirm it by checking the seats number.

how to book private bus tickets onlineIf you won’t feel comfortable on your seat, then you will feel tired  all the time and brings irritability. Then your journey would be like a horrible experience.

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10. Payment confirmation

After planning and checking dates, accommodation, and choosing seats, you will taken to the last page that is payment confirmation page. There are many options for payment mode like debit card, credit card, paytm, net banking, Mobikwik, etc. If you have any coupon code, then apply it. Further, for payment confirmation, an OTP number will generate on your mobile to verify that it is not fake or hackers are not using your online wallet.

how to book government bus tickets onlineAfter typing the OTP (one time password) make the payment and wait for confirmation message. Take a screenshot or print your ticket. Don’t forget to carry your ID card.

This article has covered the 10 easy steps to book the bus tickets. Hope, it would really work for you.

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