Most Visited Websites in India of 2020 : Top 10 Most Popular Websites

The most visited websites in India are mentioned here. All thanks to the internet, easily accessible to everyone from anywhere at any point of time. With the development from independence time if compared, India has shown radical changes and they are working absolutely fine together in harmony. Internet nowadays is a basic necessity for everyone because, when you need to search something out you use internet and go ahead. With all these developments in technology and everything, our 50-60% survival is based on the use of internet.

There are certain trustworthy websites which you often open and blindly trust on the information that they provide, thus these websites become the most visited websites on the internet. Following is the list of the most visited websites in India.

10 Most visited websites in India

The most visited websites in India are mentioned below:

1. Google

Google is the search engine of not just Indian users but around the globe as well. Whenever we start using the internet our search box has its first search of google only. The one place that is a bridge for all our connectivity and other services.

most visited sites in indiaGoogle has been liked by the majority population in India, and we often end up saying that let’s google it when we want to know about something we don’t know of.

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2. Facebook

The social network connecting platform which has been in use since it’s appearance in the world of internet. Indian have got an addiction to the use and surfing of Facebook so much that it is hard for them now to get rid of it, however, some people do have control over themselves.

most popular sites in indiaFacebook is being trusted by many Indians, allowing them to connect with their friends and family even if they are far off from them at the moment.

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3. YouTube

The hub for everyone to listen to their desired music videos. Mostly YouTube is used because it gives out the whole video of the music they like. With so much use of YouTube now we have Youtubers having their channels and performing out their interest and making money out of it.

most viewed websites in indiaYouTube has it small stories, shows and gives out LIVE news as well. With all these kinds of services, it has reached heights of success in the market of social media.

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4. Amazon

Most trusted shopping websites by Indians is No other website has much competition as much as this has value in the hearts of the Indian users. A most important part of this website is that it keeps its users respect above its respect, it cares about the satisfaction of its customers.

top trending websites in indiaAmazon is one site that gives out all in budget items to its users and makes their online shopping easier without any complications.

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5. Yahoo

Being in tough competition with the google, Yahoo somehow has been a favourite of few of the major population in India. Yahoo has been desired by people for its site having all in one thing in a single open page like a newspaper feed.

top 10 most visited websites in indiaYahoo mail has been mostly used in business purposes as seen. Those who do not find google as that user-friendly surely switch to yahoo as their search engine.

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6. Wikipedia

The encyclopaedia for anything that you search over the internet, starting with an introduction and adding the history than its advantages ending with its criticism and conclusion. The timeline with all the brief information about the happening and person’s conduct or whatsoever is mentioned correctly over this site.

most accessed websites in indiaIndian users blindly trust in the information that Wikipedia provides to them. The option that allows converting the given information into a different language, helps to easily access the information.

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7. Hotstar

The entertainment site with in collaboration with the renowned channel that telecasts on the television. Hotstar has all its Popular Indian TV-Series that has been played on the television on the channel Starplus.

top most visited websites in indiaHotstar gives out free membership as well as a premium membership too, to access to smoother shows which require payment. It has movie uploads as well as giving out the users all sought of Indian Cinema Entertainment.

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8. IndiaTimes

The news website that provides the news all over India with very quick updates and along with International News as well. They give out the customization option to the users reading the use to read the preferred news first and then follow up with the remaining.

most browsed websites in indiaIndiaTimes provides with quality information on its website and not just for the sake of giving or posting up the news. With the policy of quick updates, it has been preferred across India.

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9. PrimeVideo

In partner with the amazon, they have taken a further step of introducing prime membership under them. This Prime membership has the benefits to the amazon users with one-day free-delivery along with the prime video access as well.

most famous websites in indiaIt has been admired by the majority of people in India, as it is the best movie hub available at a low cost in India. It comes absolutely inside the budget and gives more easy access to Indian users with its user-friendly profile.

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10. WhatsApp Web

The working class opens its WhatsApp on their laptop while working with the help of the WhatsApp web. It is much easy to check on the updates on WhatsApp when you are working on the laptop rather than checking the phone every second to see if there is any update regarding anything.

top websites in IndiaWhatsApp web has been very easy to use and gives out a huge screen rather than a small one to put their message over. “WhatsApp Web” is really helpful when you have to chat and work at the same time, just to see if there isn’t any important addition into the work, which in most cases happens.

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There are many more websites that Indians visit while surfing the internet, but these have been considered and as per the surveys as well have been shown to be the most visited websites on the internet. These websites have a record of visiting more then 50-60 times a day approximately or probably can even be more. Certain websites in this list are so that they are open on the browser 24X7. People who have addiction to certain sites need to find control over it, as addiction is not good for health. India is in the pool of using the highest internet usage with comparing to other developed countries and India being a developing country on it’s side.

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