Which fruit is good for health? : Top 10 Fruits with their health benefits

Which fruit is good for health? : Here is the answer. Fruits and vegetables the both are important for our health, as each fruit and vegetable has its own nutrient speciality that is required by our body. Fruits and Vegetables are important as they both help in support in our life cycle. There are many people around us who just have vegetables as a part of their everyday meal, but forget to consume fruits. If you are unable to have Fruits as in it’s original form then you can have Fruit Juice as well, but a fresh Fruit Juice is much beneficial than having out the tetra pack one. Fruits are essential as they give a lot of glow to your skin and make you feel young and look young as well.

Fruits have natural sugar in them which is really important for our body, especially for all those who have sugar problems they need to have sugar in some sought as bones require sugar. So having fruits is equal to taking natural sugar so that your body is able to give you some amount of energy to work your life.

Top 10 Fruits that are good for health with their benefits

The top 10 Fruits that are good for health with their benefits are mentioned below:

1. Grape Fruit

A fruit belonging to the citrus fruits family, highly recommended for those who wish to aid up weight loss, cholesterol and decrease in the insulin levels as well. Comparing out with the studies made by other people, the ones who eat half of grapefruit before their meal have lost 1.4 kg of weight as compared to the others who don’t in just 14 days. It has a major hand in killing out the kidney stones as well as preventing to have one as well.

why are grapes good for you

2. Pineapple

This tropical fruit has one content termed as bromelain which is used to treat cancer and the growth of the tumour as well. The taste of the pineapple is munch simple nor much sweet nor that sour. Pineapple however are very much difficult to cut out but then once done this is one fruit that every fruit eater actually enjoys out. The pineapple juice as well is really good in the taste and is liked by majority people around as well.

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3. Avocado

Avocado is a very unique fruit, on tasting it may taste a bit tasteless but then you have certain people who do eat as well with their own ways. This fruit is highly rich in potassium, magnesium and fibre. However, almost all fruits have high carbs in them but this one is just the opposite of all the others.

why are avocados good for you

4. Blueberries

Blueberries are high in antioxidant nutrient that is really helpful for our body as it takes care of the chronic conditions such has the heart diseases, diabetes and Alzheimer. The Blueberries fruit help in building up the immune system more powerful by creating natural  killer cells in the body that fight against the viruses that try to enter into our body. They create a defensive shield around the brain, thereby protecting the brain as well.

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5. Apple

Apple is one fruit that has all the important nutrients that a body demands to have. The amount in which the body demands for the nutrients is also apt, containing a large amount of Fibre, Potassium, Vitamin C & Vitamin K and a bit of Vitamin B as well. Apple takes care of the metabolism present in a human body.

why are apples good for you

6. Mango

Mango is said to be the king of the fruits, one fruit which is highly appreciated by everyone. It is this fruit that everyone waits for it’s season to come and then wish to have a lot of it for the time they can have. Mango is rich in Vitamin C and has soluble fibre as well. It reduces the risk of heart problems and pushes away the term diabetes from the Human Body as well. The sugar content in this fruit is sufficient enough to have the good whole sweet taste.

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7. Papaya

Papaya is said to have when you wake up in the morning empty stomach. The Papaya fruit is considered to be the youth making ingredient for all the people especially women. Papaya has been said to be really good for all the heart patients. It controls the blood pressure within the human body and is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Anti-oxidants.

Why is papaya good for you

8. Banana

Banana is rich in minerals and Vitamins, and is highly rich in Potassium. It is the creator if sugar blood cells in the human Body. Due to the property of having high carbonates and minerals in it, it is highly considered to have been consumed before going out for a heavy exercise. It boosts up the Stamina of the body making it feel like it is re-fuelled again.

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9. Guava

This fruit is remarkably rich in Vitamin A, Fibre, Folate, Potassium, Copper and Manganese.it helps in the prevention of colon cancer. Highly nutritional rich fruit that is a must have along with the seeds that are inside the fruit that is the anti-oxidants are present nearby to the leaf only.

Why is Guava good for you

10. Cherries

Cherry is one fruit that I can never ever miss, I can miss having my food but no cherries. They are highly rich in vitamin , Potassium and fibre. Cherries have been my personal favourite of all times, no matter how many boxes I finish while just in car. The intakes of this either is good or bad. It can be a good and bad decision both, depending upon how I had wish to do down. One of the good thing about this fruit is it aims at the study of providing seat to the other author. Cherries are really unique in taste.

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Fruits are good for health

In my view all fruits are equally important to have but these are such fruits which have to be taken as the amount of vitamins and proteins they contain cannot be compared with any other meal. Fruits are much easy to eat and drink in the form of fruit juice, it is just that you need to remember to have fruit. Fruits help in keeping your skin light weight and youthful, and this is what everyone wants to have as well. The best way to intake fruits for the entire day compensation is by having a bowl full of fruits or having out some fruit chat with addition of tinge of something nice and tasty to your tongue. There are so many Fruits that you can probably do not even know about there existence on this planet. To stay healthy one must take care of their Health.

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