How to become a fashion blogger and earn money online?

Know how to become a fashion blogger by reading this article here. Fashion is not all about showing your outfits, accessories, makeup and hairstyle.  It is about how you show your personality and attitude to others. It is important to adapt fashion your lifestyle. Fashion blogger is not limited with sharing images on Instagram. It includes many steps, skills and hard work to become a fashion blogger.

When people see an actor or actress wearing stylish accessories customized stuff or outfit then it becomes trending fashion. It reflects our culture, feel confident organized and updated. Fashion keeps changing. It is a blend of trend, utility, values, lifestyle, creativity and innovation. It is all about imagination and executing it to attract people through any medium. Teenagers, youngsters are crazy about fashion because of tactics used by fashion industry which is known as promotion of their products usually done by the television, social media and advertisement. Everyone likes to dress well. People prefer to wear comfortable and convenient clothes.

They follow famous celebrities on the social app in order to make people aware regarding different brands. According to economist, it is a boom period for fashion industry and the reason behind it is that consumer has different culture and trends which are based on changes and ultimately influence the consumer and have maximum sales and turnover.

Fashion blogs gives information about latest trends in fashion

The latest trend need to be adopted as soon as possible by surveying market to target majority of consumers. Bloggers see fashion as a source of attraction and inspiration or motivation. People analyses a person by looking his/her outfits and behavior. And people follow the trend because they believe that the first impression is the last impression.

Most of the people buy expensive clothes or designer clothes to attract people around them.

Blogging really helps people by providing some health tips, clothing tips, know the trend, etc. To become a good fashion blogger it is important to understand the consumer, analyze the market and be creative in writing.  It is true that if you are not updated, you can’t survive in the market for a long time. You must be creative, hard working and innovative to make your blog successful.

How to become a fashion blogger?

To understand “How to become a fashion blogger?” Just read the 10 steps written below:

1. Planning

At the initial stage, you need to plan keeping in mind some facts about the fashion. It is not easy to enter in this crowded niche for writing blogs pertaining to travel, music, health, sports, product, etc. You have to struggle a lot. Always keep few things in mind before starting this that what are you doing and why? How much you can contribute? And how creative are you? How long you can take this? This competition is endless.  You really need some guts to represent your imagination.

how to become a fashion blogger on instagramYou have to think differently to go longer. A fashion blogger must have the knowledge of business etiquette that is the practice of being polite and act with appropriate behavior in a business setting. You must set goals which are realistic and attainable. Fashion bloggers must make a schedule when to post, when to announce for sale, etc.

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2. Understanding the fashion niche

It is important to understand the niche because your blog is an asset. In order to make it successful and fabulous you must let the people know that why you are different from others and it depends upon you that how will you utilize the niche and attract many readers through it.

how do you become a fashion bloggerThat is the place where you can publish or launch your blog or a post and promote it.

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3. Learn digital marketing

Digital marketing is the powerful tool to reach maximum people. You must know how to use social media apps. You must know how to write, edit, using text, uploading images, and how to write introductory statement. How will you start selling online and make a website, how will you receive order, how will you deliver, how will you get feedback and solve consumer grievances. How will you go on? How will you attract customers, what strategy you will implement? All are included in digital marketing. There are 10 important things in digital marketing.

how to become a successful fashion bloggerSearch engine optimisation also known as SEO, social media marketing(SMM), search engine marketing or (SEM), content marketing, online marketing, email marketing, landing page marketing, smartphone marketing, viral marketing and affiliate marketing.

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4. Buying a good camera

This is obvious that a quality of picture will allure customers. For good quality images you need a good camera like DSLR and a good photographer. Write the blogs according the image and description regarding the same. It would not be easy to attract customers without beautiful images. As we know image speaks more than words.

how to become a fashion blogger and get paidHigh-quality photography is essential. In order to capture high-resolution images you have invest good amount for a good camera. Using graphics and images to your content will influence viewers and readers.

5. Starting a website

Getting your own blogs may sound complicated. But for beginners a bluehost company is preferable. Buy your domain name on the first page which should reflect your services and products and you can choose a cool name.

how to become a fashion blogger and make money onlineFurther, fill out your all related details and purchase the package and hire a web designer to design your web page.

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6. Creating accounts on social media platforms

This is the next step. You have to create your account on social media like Facebook, Instagram, whatsApp, YouTube, pinterest. You have to post something attractive with some amazing content but not sporadically.

how to become a famous fashion bloggerMake sure that whatever you write, it should be your own content, not copied from another sites. Without these apps you can’t attract customers. They would not be aware of your brand.

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7. Searching for sponsors

Sponsors are the advertisers. They will support your business by promoting your products or service. Look for the companies who sponsor the events. Then, make a list of sponsors and do research for each sponsor. Ask for the details, offer value and be clear about your purpose. Tell them what will you do and how they will be benefitted.

how to become a fashion blogger and earn money onlineTry to build the relationship, If they are ready to sponsor, then the next step is follow up. You will become a professional athlete from an amateur blog by their support.

8. Writing blogs in fashion niche

Niche is a subset or a segment of huge market. It is composed of a clear range of products or service focused on aimed group. Choose a topic and start writing. Publish the content as amazing, best, unique and stylish as much as you can in order to make blogs different. You have to take risk and do a lot of research. No plagiarism is allowed and don’t use dangling and euphemism expressions. Use jargon terms, mechanism, non discriminatory language.

how to be a successful fashion blogger on instagramYou must keep “you” attitude while writing that is a viewpoint that emphasis what the reader wants to know and how the reader will be affected by the message. Edit the content which relates to revision of the content that writing conforms to Standard English before posting. Check the guidelines and deadlines to know where to submit the article and make sure it is profitable.

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9. Promoting blogs with followers on social apps

All you need is Network; it is the only key for maximum sales. It expands your brand/ logo. Social media plays the crucial part for assembling readership. In absence of this, you cannot get likes or followers. Once the user becomes your follower after reading your blog, he will purchase something and repost it by tagging you. Then the user’s followers will also buy some stuff and this will go on, which leads to maximum sales and revenue. And ultimately, it creates network. More people know, maximum sales and revenue is expected. All of this process is done online which saves time. You can have your business card for your blogs to create network.

how to start a fashion blogKeep promoting and advertising on media. This is chargeable but it reaches to maximum people. You can set up google analytics, it will help you to know that how many viewers have visited your site, and what are they searching, and what did they like. Another way is to make email group or list and make large number of following on “Twitter“. Increase your likes, comments, and number of viewers. Send your blog and content or post to attract customers. Don’t forget to get feedback from customers. If you are getting any suggestions to improve, you have to implement that.

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10. Increasing followers

Your quality and your content should be attractive to get maximum number of followers. For example- put a story “tag your five friends with this post and get 10% off or a surprise”, such strategy will definitely work and influence customers to buy your product. People will keep posting and you like get maximum likes and followers ultimately.

how to start a fashion blog on instagramYou can also post of the feedback you get from customers. If customers are satisfied, then only your company will run for a long time.

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All you need is hard work. Just read and write as much as you can to become a professional fashion blogger. I hope now you have got understood that “How to become a fashion blogger?”.

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