Health benefits of drinking beer : Is beer good for health or not ?

What are the health benefits of drinking beer? : In this article I am going to tell you about the health benefits of drinking beer. When we think of beer, we always think about the alcohol content present in it. A beer contains 8% alcohol and in some beers there is 4% of alcohol. We know about the antioxidants present in wine but beer has the same antioxidants too which are of benefit to our body. Beer contains high protein and Vitamin B.

Better versions of beer contain more of iron, calcium, phosphates and sulphur. Even if you think that drinking beer is unhealthy science has proven many facts about beer being healthy. But it is recommended to consume only a limited amount of beer like one or 2 glasses per day rather than consuming in a lot. Many studies claim that drinking beer reduces the risk of stroke, diabetes and might help you live longer.

10 Health benefits of drinking beer

As, written above beer has a lot of surprising benefits which might shock you and you might start drinking beer. Here below are 10 surprising health benefits of drinking beer, have a read.

1. Beer protects your heart

Many studies claim that person drinking beers are likely to have less heart attack and heart disease than compared to the ones who don’t drink. A study research was conducted at Fondazion di Ricerca e Cura in Italy, where the study results revealed that people drinking a pint of beer daily have 31% less chances of heart attack.

health benefits of beerAccording to Pennysylvania’s University of Scranton, a research team concludes that the dark ales and stouts from beer reduce the chances of heart disease. Beer also contains a natural antioxidant called phenols which protects the heart. A moderate consumption of beer also results in the lower rate of cardiovascular disease.

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2. Prevention of kidney stones

The risk of kidney stones decreases with the consumption of beer. According to Dr. Tero Hirvonen of the National Public Health Institute of Helsinki, revealed that people who drink a pint of beer everyday have 40% less risk of developing kidney stone.

is beer good for healthThe mixture of water and alcohol present in beer increases the flow of urine and dilute urine, which in turn reduces the risk of kidney stone. Beer contains 93% of water which helps to flush out harmful toxins from the body and let the kidney function properly.

3. Lessens the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

According to a study back in 1977, regular beer drinkers have 23% less chance of developing cognitive impairment, alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Drinking a moderate amount of beer has many beneficial effects such as increase in good cholesterol, improvement of blood flow in the brain and metabolism in the brain.

benefits of beerContents of silicon present in the brain protect the brain against aluminum in the body, the root cause of alzheimer’s disease. Beer is more effective than any other medication for alzheimer’s.

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4. Less risk of diabetes

People consuming beer for once or twice daily have 25% reduce chances of developing diabetes. Considerable amount of alcohol present in the beer increases the sensitivity of insulin thus preventing diabetes. In addition to this, beer is a source of soluble fiber, which helps the diabetes patients to maintain a healthy diet and also helps to control blood sugar level.

benefits of drinking beerSo, if you’re a diabetic patient then it is recommended to drink a pint of beer everyday to keep a control of your blood sugar level and if you are not a diabetic patient then also you can drink beer to avoid the chances of diabetes.

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5. Keeps the bones healthy

Contents of silicon present in beer helps in the growth of bones. One or two glasses of beer per day reduce the risk of bone fracture. Also, beer helps in the growth of connective tissues and fights against osteoporosis, a bone deteriorating disease. In addition to this, beer contains hops and malted barley which are of benefit to the bones in many ways.

advantages of beerBeer which contains high level of hops is mostly recommended because more hops means more silicon content. But drinking too much beer can weaken your bones and cause the risk of breakage, so drink beer up to the limit of only one or two glasses.

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6. Helps you live longer

Studies prove that drinking a moderate amount of beer daily can help you live longer than usual. As per report from the American Association of Science, the lives of beer drinkers are reduced to 18% less chance of death at an early age. The effects of beer are more than the effects of exercise.

advantages of drinking beerAs mentioned beer helps in the prevention of many diseases, heart attacks, diabetes, etc and help your heart, brain and bones. When these are ignored then it’s the best recipe for you to lead a longer and healthy life.

7. Less risk of cancer

Beer contains acids named humulones and lupulones coming from the hops present in beer, which stops the growth of bacteria and diseases. These compounds are also extracted by the scientists to use in lab for developing active agents for cancer pharmaceuticals. Also, beer contains another antioxidant named xanthohumol, an antioxidant containing powerful anti cancer properties which kills off enzymes in the body that are the root cause of cancer.

health benefits of drinking beer dailyConsumption of moderate amount of beer helps in the prevention of prostate cancer in men by eliminating a certain chemical causing it. In addition to this beer prevents the risk of breast cancer in women.

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8. Helps in weight loss

Researchers from the University of Oregon reveal that beer helps one to lose weight. Xanthohumol which is commonly found in hops lowers the chances of the development of metabolic syndrome; it is a condition indicating obesity, high blood pressure and high blood sugar and high levels of bad HDL cholesterols.

is drinking beer good for healthBut drinking too much of beer thinking you will lose weight by only drinking it will let you gain more of weight rather than losing it.

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9. Prevents cataracts

Consuming a limited amount of beer can really benefit your eyes. The antioxidants, ales and stouts present in beer protect the eye from the damage against mitochondrial bacteria. Mitochondria are responsible for causing cataracts in the eye. It is cell which converts glucose into energy and thus many a times damages the eye’s outer lens.

health benefits of drinking beer everydayAles and stouts protect the eyes from such damages and study says the common phrase, one beer a day can keep the doctor away. In addition to this beer can let you have a clear vision and reduces the risk of many eye diseases.

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10. Cures insomnia and improves memory

Ales, stouts and lagers present in beer stimulates the production of dopamine, a compound that is usually recommended by doctors for insomniac patients. When one drinks beer, the level of dopamine increases, as a result making one feels calm and relaxed. Although this means you need 15 milliliters of paltry which is equal to one pint of beer.

how beer is good for healthHops present in beer improve the cognitive function and Xanthohumol is responsible for the slow down process of degradation of memory. The chemicals protect the brain cells against oxidative damage connected with dementia.

So, these are some top health benefits of drinking beer. I hope now it’s quite clear to you that “Is beer good for health or not?”. Well it is good for health if taken in a limited quantity.

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